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Julie Stiles

Being Well – Beyond Exercise

Many people equate fitness with exercise and working out in the gym, and struggle to set reasonable goals for themselves to become more fit. Josh Anderson, founder of, suggests taking more of a lifestyle approach. The more you can think about integrating activity into your day, even in very small bouts of movement, the more likely you are to experience benefits such as more energy, better sleep, and less stress.

If you’re just getting started, simply taking a walk is an underrated but important form of movement. Including strength training through basic body weight exercises builds muscle and helps burn calories. If you’re already used to activity, you might think about changing things up once a month, increasing intensity, time, or resistance, or even trying out something new. Most important, find activities that you enjoy doing so that you will integrate movement into your life.

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Today’s Good Bites Episode: Apple Cider Vinegar

Patricia Bragg, daughter of Paul Bragg, founder of Bragg’s Live Food Products, has been in the business of health for decades. Today, she shares with us the many benefits of apple cider vinegar, which her family has been making for over one hundred years. Learn how to use it both internally and externally for numerous health benefits.

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