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Architect of Change – Energy Medicine Healing

You’ve heard from scientists and doctors that our mind is a powerful thing and has the capability to heal and improve our bodies.  First, do you think you have the power to heal yourself?  Second, if you do think you have that power, do you know how to tap into your brain to help you create the optimal health you desire?

We are a society of quick fixes, and we all look for that magic pill.  We all know that this magic pill doesn’t really exists and actually causes more distress to other areas of our body as it fixes the one ailment we were looking for help for in the first place.  Is there an alternative or a resource to help us gain access to our brains potential to actually have the power to heal ourselves?  What if I told you there is such a resource.  Would you be intrigued?

Today, your host Connie Whitman speaks with, Dr. Gary Kersey.  Dr. Kersey has a BS in Psychology and in Human Biology.  He has a doctorate from the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago and he has been holistically oriented private practice for over 35 years helping others heal: physically, emotionally and spiritually

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