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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – A Path to Personal and Spiritual Truth

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Shavasti

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, which is a book that shares a look at Universal Energy , Healing, Spiritual Communication offering ways to awaken to your true human and divine potential. Sheryl welcomes Shavasti author of Embracing The Power of Truth. Shavasti gives us a candid and personal account to offer readers a doorway into the simple powerful truths that may have eluded them in the course of their busy physical daily life experiences.

Shavasti takes us on an intimate journey as he discovers all the pitfalls, illusions and delusions we can easily become trapped in on a journey of spiritual and personal development. Shavasti is a healer and spiritual teacher and his work spans many disciplines including Energy Medicine, Shamanism and Satsang…For a decade he has been considered as an authority in the field of Family Constellations and Ancestral healing. He has authored four books under the name of John L. Payne.

Shavasti thinks back to his early childhood and an experience that stands out which may have been a sign of events interests and goals that he would follow throughout his life. Shavasti tells us his memory… “Ever since I was a young child around 7 or 8 years old I wanted to speak of the things of God. I had wanted to be a Catholic priest at that age. I was very devoted to that path. However life circumstances and a little bit of a run-in with the church for asking too many questions sorted out that career decision. It wasn’t going to be.”

Embracing the Power of Truth starts with an armed robbery.. Shavasti writes, “After 3 men entered my home, blindfolded me tied my hands behind my back and secured my ankles with cable and threatened to shoot me along with shouting racial slurs and mockery at me and with a gun to my temple I heard a very deep male masculine booming voice that called me by name and said “Do you want to live?” I looked at my life in that moment…I was 45 single with no children and there was a part of me that was tired…. And then my spiritual longing re emerged and I learned that it is not we who awaken, but it is within us which has always been awakened that calls to us. I realized my authentic longing to be directly in contact with the knowledge and experience of the divine whilst being grounded in the longing to have that union and to share that union with others emerged in that moment. I heard a voice. I hesitated to answer. I then responded and a miracle took place….someone or something reached me, touched me, appealed to me, asked me and a bullet or the loss of my life was transformed, and my old life was over and a new one begun…all because of a robbery, a voice and a remembrance of my soul’s essence and how I wanted to live the rest of my life. John the little me seemed far less important, but my greater self the part of me who was connected to that voice who knew deep down what the voice was and the journey of souls, the journey of my own soul and my contribution to the world and to my own life in a more meaningful and soul driven way was what became important to me.”

What emerged as a greater awareness of this traumatic frightening event was my heart has a greater awareness of nature and spirit and the ability to much more clearly see and feel energies, and also the ability to speak to those who have crossed over, working as a medium for some of my clients. I am no longer reluctant to show my so called psychic abilities nor feel the need to defend them Paranormal was normal and normal was strange and foreign. It seems many people have great spiritual gifts and connections to the world of the Unseen but often as they grow up they disregard this intuitive connection to the wisdom of Universal Source as it is seen unacceptable by some religious beliefs and to fit into the mores and patterns of everyday life in a materialist world the values of spirit goodness love and compassion are pushed aside to produce and survive in a physical world..Sad but true it often takes a great love or tragedy to remember this inner source of our life force and to begin to focus on the inner world once again.

Shavasti tells us about his travels and studies in places like China and about shamanism and Shatsang. “My time in China re-awakened the magic of being the psychic child with the ability to see into the world of subtle yet very present energies where the longing for the Divine were felt by me as a child. The love of nature and a love of photography was discovered in China and I studied Tai Chi there..the longer I remained in China the more I questioned the fundamentals of beliefs and of reality itself. China is a vast and populous land whose people had not been touched by western philosophical thought and belief systems..I suddenly became aware of how deeply I was controlled by Christian principles and how far I had traveled from my original feelings of Self and Universe…I began once again to look through a clearer lens of life, myself, and possibilities for my own potential and to reconnect to humanity and see the beauty of people’s being..feeling a unity and oneness to life.”

Shavasti discovered as we journey deeper into the power of truth and our authentic heart wisdom, we realize that much of what we thought was true about ourselves, our families, life and goodness may be just a story and one that does not serve us. This path of awakening and positive thinking require we bring the light into the shadows and this might be uncomfortable. The human condition is fraught with generations of undervaluing one another and belittling ourselves when we find our way to our heart this changes.

Sheryl asks Shavasti, “Why might it be hard for many of us to forgive and let go of the past?” Shavasti responds, “ It might be hard for us to forgive and give up the past because this shatters our illusion that we are in control of our choices and relationships and forgets about our childhoods where we experienced living in truth until this experience was seen to be unwelcomed and unwanted by the adults around us and this triggered a great hurt that we internalized and hide and this memory of this great pain is locked deep in our core and we are afraid of losing relationships and love…our patterns and behaviors are so deeply embedded at the heart and cellular level that our body and of course our ego or mind, the place of illusion and fear, find it hard to let go of what it sees as the only way to survive emotionally and in our relationships. When we seek healing or forgiveness and a return to Wholeness we are seeking to remember who we are. Healing takes place on many levels not only healing the body, but also healing the psyche, the mind and the spirit.

Shavasti speaks about truth liberating us and the story of seeing a large angelic being in China and discussing with this being coming to terms with his own images of what is good and bad and his feeling that the forces of what is good may not be enough to stop all the bad stuff. What I learned in that moment was that all psychic phenomenon and all manifestations of God goddesses deities angelic beings and spiritual sages were but manifestations of the truth of who we are—one that is denied, one that is feared. The Guardian of this place was right just as Jesus had told his disciples, “You will deny me 3 times before the cock crows…We have all denied our true nature. I have glimpses of our true nature and had walked away from it….As a child I could see dead people who were very much alive. My childhood was alive with the other worlds unseen by most, felt by many and yet denied… How has humanity been able to separate themselves so completely from its true energetic spiritual energy and our divinity. When I speak of the truth I am not speaking of asserting the truth which is often the expression of an opinion but facing the truth is coming out of hiding from ourselves…..Coming out of hiding meant facing what is grief, fear, hatred, shame, blame, envy manipulation, control and self-hatred. It meant being willing not only to face the truth of all that, it also meant giving up the hope that grasping to understand “why” would ever solve any of this.

Shavasti makes some strong statements in his book about Christianity expressing some of religions limitations or lack of clarity in expressing the complete awareness of our true nature and relationship to Spirit and by enforcing views that allude to a patriarchial and demanding presence. Later in the book he clearly express a love for Christ or perhaps the Christ Consciousness. Shavasti says the legacy of the Abrahamic religions and Christianity focuses on a singular God who has a personality will and desires and is external and like our relationship with our Father and mother, we are either to be in or out of favor. Shavasti also writes… “Much of Christianity in its current and historical form is vey Paulist in nature finding its roots in the writing of Paul who was not one of the original 12 apostles and was converted from Judaism to Christianity some 70 years after the reported death of Christ. Paul for whatever, reason could not embrace the simple teachings of Jesus which are identical in places to the teachings of Buddha and Krishna. In effect what Paul did was to reestablish a more Levitical view of the world—God to be obeyed and feared and rules based on the teachings of Hellfire, Purgatory and Being Born in Sin that all amounted to controlling an uneducated population for the purposes of political power control and wealth.”

When we have culturally been trained for over a thousand years to believe that what lies within us is bad sinful and separate from God it is no wonder that self-hatred and hatred in general fills us with fear, anger, greed, jealousy and depression and the world we have now is riddled with lack of love respect and honor for our connection to each other and Universal Source as religions in their unknowingness have fostered separation from other religions each other and God..The time seems right for us to put aside some of the untruths held in past religious renderings and move towards a personal and more defined look at our soul life and ability to develop personal communication and an alignment to the highest Universal Laws of Energy God and Man.

Sheryl says, “In my view as a medium who connects to Higher Energy and feels the Oneness or connection to all souls and life, I know that God is around and within us and wishes us to know we are never alone or separate from his love.”

Sheryl wrote in The Living Spirit…. “There is a pattern and meaning to all things in Heaven and on Earth and for each human there are people and events designed to guide us to face fears and negative thoughts so that we can fully realize our most loving selves or the Divine spark of God within. This is what metaphysical people mean when they say that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

So if we are part of Universal energy of a loving God source than the religions as Shavasti suggests, were based on fear and negativity and do not recognize the modern day wisdom of those who have awakened to their own alignment and connection to this loving energy… Sheryl finds that in every Reiki session she conducts by channeling this loving energy to a client they may feel and remember the truth of their eternal source and being and be freed of the structure and false realties of past patterns or beliefs….this is an awakening…

Shavasti says…”Hateful communities that may be tied up in either a radical political ideology that breeds hatred or a religious racial or cultural dogma that likewise propagates hatred are full of families that project hatred not only to their perceived enemies but also on their children…The Original Sin Teaching Parenting and Society after 1500 years and between 45-60 generations has been raised with the teaching that they are born in sin, are sinners, and in need of deliverance from sin. This basic distorted Christian thinking is embedded in our cultural values and has encouraged a deep fear of God and of falling from grace and what is apparent is that when religion is dominant God is far far away. This deep and abiding religious wound in western culture is evident in self-hatred but also present in the way in which those who are centered in reason and logical approach, both spiritual and psychic phenomenon, are seen as part of the Original Sin. There are still large segments of the population that are unable to leave the primitive view of a Patriarchal and threatening God and experience a benevolent consciousness that pervades all things.

In response to Sheryl’s question about how to describe and awakened heart Shavasti responds, “An awakening heart is allowing ourselves to discover the truth within us and can be a challenge as we have built many walls of defense around our often scarred or wounded heart. When we face the big bad wolf of self-hatred hope finally emerges and the light of truth and consciousness is shone upon our true nature and we can start to experience what Jesus Buddha and Krishna all have said in an open hearted and kind view of Self and God.

”The Kingdom of God is within.”Jesus

“You will find the Lord dwelling in your own heart.” Krishna

The way is not in the sky. “The way is in the heart.” Buddha

As each layer becomes revealed we begin to experience the voice of the heart as wisdom, its expression as love and its manifestation as beauty. Looking for God in the form of an outside Presence or commanding force of Judgment denies the above statements of the ennobled souls or the messengers or spiritual teachers throughout time and eternity who have sought to simply God’s message of Unconditional sustainable love and compassion.

Shavasti writes “Goodness is both our birth right, natural inheritance and the very nature of our being…The time is “now” for authentically reclaiming all that has been lost in the dogma and actions related to the concept of Original Sin…Once this is done we will fully realize that the one and only truly Original Sin is how we have denied who we truly are.”

Sheryl Says “I believe we come to have a physical life experience simply to remember our soul energy and the pure force of divine love that we are and in remembering our interconnectedness to Source and all of life we are freed from the structures and limitations of belief systems born out to fear hatred control and a separation from the truth that we are divine eternal sparks of God and love and our souls wish to refine and expand so we may reconnect to that wisdom and find peace.”

Shavasti further defines what truth is by writing, “We all pretty much know what a lie is. What might a liberated heart allow? How could it feel? We all have experiences of our heart being closed, either to an individual, or to a group of people, or even to ourselves. We have all equally had experiences of our heart being open—perhaps to a child, lover, pet a landscape, or a dear friend….I want to share parts of my own journey which might help you recognize that you are indeed on the same pilgrimage of a lifetime to awaken your heart—a pilgrimage that ultimately longs to arrive at the place in which your heart knows itself as love.”

Shavasti in his book and in the words spoken in today’s episode of Healing From Within shares his descriptive non-induced glimpses of the eternal and aligning to the truth of what many enlightened spiritual teachers and healers know or have found to be true as we explore human consciousness and the layers and layers of karma and the subconscious defenses of the mind which when released reveal the true nature of our heart based soul presence.

Sheryl has been pleased to share what Shavasti discovered and his wise words written with such clarity, eloquence, truth, and loving attention that resonate within her own heart as Sheryl also searched for the truth of higher Spiritual values which first called to her in childhood but were neatly tucked away as she pursued a physical materialistic life style not allowing for a time the voice and wisdom within to be listened to and to be honored. Sheryl’s own path of soul development like Shavasti, was finally recognized by moving out of the constraints of a world mindset which still follows ancient but not truly authentic forms of societal patterns and then broadened her mind, opened her heart, and allowed her to breathe in the eternal source of freedom from redundant fears.

As Shavasti wrote, “Most of us enter the world of healing meditation, yoga, new thinking and spirituality because we want to either feel better about ourselves or to improve our experience of reality. Some of us have a burning desire to know the truth of who we are or even the truth of humanity, our origins our purpose, the reason for our existence. However very few of us consciously want to know the absolute truth for truth always brings transformation and demands we relinquish control of our relationships and other people and that we relinquish control in the full knowledge that we had none in the first place….However when we value truth over and above our fearful attachments, truth then becomes our refuge, comforter and the doorway into that which we have long been in search of freedom and peace.”

Shavasti and Sheryl encourage you to simply allow yourself to trust your inner intuition and to begin to listen to the voice of your heart as it tells you you have been given everything you need within… to awaken… and to follow your path and destiny …Be courageous- be truthful- and know that all is as it should be in order to help you remember your true nature… our original essence…. the core of love…… and Spirit.