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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – “It takes a village to raise a Mom”: Building Non-Shaming Support Villages

“It takes a village to raise a child;” we’ve all heard the saying; but what about “It takes a village to raise a mother?” It’s just as true, if not even more so. We need each other through this motherhood experience. We need safe, support villages that build us up and foster self-confidence in parenting. How can we build our support “tribes?” Where do we begin? I’m talking with Mercedes Samudio, LCSW, parent coach at, and we’re sharing our best strategies to help you create the supportive team you need as a mom. Mercedes is also sharing her empowering “new” vision for parents—including “shame-proofing” parents and how we can build villages that not only strengthen and uplift us as parents but teach our kids to do the same. Remember, we truly cannot do it alone! And for more ideas on building support, check out “Motherhood 101: 12 Realities and 12 Lessons.”