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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Mom Summer Survival: Strategies for Summer Sanity (& Fun)!

“It’s summer again!” This phrase usually brings excitement to kids, but for moms? It may bring a mix of emotions. “How will I entertain the kids all summer?” “What about our routine?” “How do I keep my sanity when the kids are ‘bored,’ the house is a mess, and I haven’t had a break?” Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In today’s episode, I’m talking with one of my favorite fellow “moms of many,” Nancy McGuire. Nancy has been my “summer mom survival” mentor over the years, and we’re sharing our best secrets for how to not only survive summer, but enjoy it. With practical ideas like setting up summer rules and goals, establishing daily quiet time, and when to just let it all go and have some fun, this episode will get you, and your family, ready and pumped for summer! And be sure to check out 7 Strategies for Summer Sanityfor more ways to keep summer fun and chaos-free.