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Thriving Entrepreneur – Living a Blissful Life as a Parent with Sharon Ballatine

“The Art of Blissful Parenting”

Yes, parenting is also an art. There is no specific how-to book on how you can handle or take care of your child. We all have a unique way of doing so. We need to come up with a creative response and way to deal with our children.
Important points regimen by Sharon:

  • We cannot be effective parents if we’re not in alignment.
  • You have a choice in terms of responding and reacting to things as a parent.

Practical things you can do to find your center as a parent:

  1. Being deliberate – know that you’re not going to be an effective parent if you don’t feel good at what you do and making yourself a priority.
  2. Setting Boundaries – setting expectations and having clear communication with your children

We need to trust our children. Never take full control, allow your kids to use their internal guidance system. Give them the freedom to make their own choices. Join Steve in this amazing interview with Sharon Ballantine on Thriving Entrepreneur.