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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Celebrating Fatherhood: How We Moms Can Better Understand & Appreciate the Dads, Husbands, Men in our Lives

Father’s day has arrived once again and it’s a perfect time to reflect upon all the good the men in our lives do—for us, as moms, and for our children. It’s too easy, as mothers, to be so caught up in our own experience of parenthood and family that we forget to notice the unique contributions and gifts fathers have to offer. Could we do a little better at respecting our differences and seeing the benefits dads bring to our families? I believe we could. How can we better appreciate the role of “father” and “husband”? How can we encourage the men we love to be their best as a dad and partner? My guest, Joseph Sanok, husband, dad of 2, counselor, and creator of the top podcast series Practice of the Practice,” is here to share his thoughts on the roles of a father, how we can better understand and appreciate the men in our lives, and a few tips on how to help them be their best. A great episode to invite the husband, partner, or father in your life to join you for, this one will help you celebrate fathers and fatherhood on Father’s Day and all year long. For more, check out, “The Best Father’s day Gift: 7 Ways to Show Dad How Much He Matters.