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Thriving Entrepreneur – Secrets to Boost Your Online Reputation with Doren Aldana

Bonus interview with our FEATURED BESTSELLING AUTHOR Sandra Shipp about her new book entitled “Christian Dating is a Joke”
In this book, Sandra talks about the 7 dangers of dating and how we should not adapt our dating practices from the world. God has the blueprint the we need to follow so we can have a relationship that will last a lifetime.
Does your business have social media accounts online but you’re still not getting enough sales and clients?
The Internet is considered as one of the most powerful medium to market your business online. You have to know who you’re going after and how you’re going to go after them. Build your online reputation by gaining the TRUST of the people you want to serve by getting more referrals and positive reviews.
Strategies to get more positive reviews:
1. If it’s based on whim and motivation you’re going to fail so you need to have a system in place
2. Get reviews at the point of maximum satisfaction (MMS)
3. Know the right way to ask for reviews from your clients.
Know more about the Testimonial Engine and the killer way to convert positive reviews into referrals called the Magic Wand Letter by listening to Steve’s remarkable interview with Doren Aldana on ThrivingEntrepreneur.