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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Homeschooling & Motherhood: Growing & Learning Along With Your Children

Homeschooling: it’s a hot topic in motherhood right now, and has increased in popularity in recent years. Moms want options when it comes to their children’s education, and for many, homeschooling is the answer. What does it take to homeschool your children? Is homeschooling a good option for you and your family? How can you get started? And how can we learn and grow with our children, homeschooled or not? Join me and guest Rachel Rainbolt—homeschooling and attachment parenting mother of three, author, and parent educator/coach with her company, Sage Parenting (click here for her free Homeschooling Book)—as we discuss how to overcome the challenges and reap the many benefits of homeschooling. Rachel says it’s really a lifestyle choice, a lifestyle of learning and growing together with our children. Her suggestions in this episode can help any of us be a more present, engaged, and adventurous mother, so tune in and get inspired with us on “Motherhood.” And visit my website and blog for more parenting and motherhood resources, strategies, and inspiration.