Money and Success

Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

Thriving Entrepreneur – All about Success, Marriage, Life & Music with Will, John, Jasmine & Carl

We celebrate the release of 4 Best Sellers in this episode.
1st Make Your Own Bed by WILL WHITE
Will talks about life and achieving anything you want as long as you set your heart, mind, and soul to it. Success isn’t only about money; it’s about building relationships, and making an impact on other people’s lives.
2nd MARRIED TO A REBEL: 25-Years to Winning in Life, Family, & Love by JOHN GUIDRY
John shares his story of being blessed in life together with his family and his loving wife who never gave up on him no matter how hard the circumstances are. He continues to thrive by letting God take control of his life.
3rd Organize Your Life Create Peace of Mind by JASMINE ALEXANDER
Life doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful. One of the keys to having a peace of mind and stop overthinking is to have an organized life. Jasmine created this book to introduce you to a system that she created to help you with proven techniques to get your papers and important information organized.
4th 365 Hip-Hop: Daily Motivational Quotes by CARL MICHEL
It is easy to see the negative aspects of Hip Hop music that was why Carl wrote this book. He aims to change people’s perception on Hip-Hop music by compiling 365 inspiring and life-changing quotes from your favorite Hip-Hop and R&B artists.