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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – How To Manage Your Money After Divorce

Today, we’re talking about learning to manage your money after divorce because it’s not easy, and it’s important.
For most of us, there is always less money after divorce and that means having to be more intentional about your spending. Even before you’re actually divorced, knowing where the money goes each month can help you make more informed decisions about your housing and since that’s typically the largest portion of anyone’s spending that decision alone will impact everything else.
If your spouse was the one who handled the household accounts, then learning to do this now, on top of everything else can seem a bit like learning a foreign language. Even if you did handle the bills, it’s still hard because not only is everything in a state of flux, there’s usually a whole of emotions and judgments mixed in with the money.
Joining Mandy for this conversations is Todd Curtis, Chief Customer Officer at – that’s You Need A Budget which offers software and education around managing your money.
Listen in to hear:
  • The difference between tracking expenses and budgeting
  • Why people find budgeting scary
  • How to make budgeting fun
  • Why downloading isn’t cheating, and
  • How to handle setbacks
Understanding your financial situation is a big part of preparing to divorce and you can find out more in Mandy’s free audio download, What You Need To Know About Preparing For Divorce. Find out more about divorce at Mandy’s blog Since My Divorce and follow Mandy on Twitter and Facebook as SinceMyDivorce.