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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Re-Aligning to Who You Truly Are

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Stephanie Banks
In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of her newest book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, which offers stories and methods in relationship to Universal Energy for personal inner development and improving relationships to manifest a joyful prosperous healthy and purposeful life. Joining Sheryl is Stephanie Banks author of A Soulful Awakening whose message is” Complete Faith in the unknown, lack of concern for tomorrow, and undivided attention to today will bring you to a place of pure joy.”
Stephanie will share an event that happened in August of 2012 amidst the magnificent mountains of Whistler British Columbia Canada where she had an accident with her bicycle, lost consciousness, had a Near Death experience and returned to her injured body and a recovery that lead her down a path of self-discovery, aligning to who she was really as opposed to what society expected her to be. Stephanie shares simple beautiful and powerful messages from the non-physical world which may aid you in the awakening of your own soul sense development.
Stephanie was born into a family of intuitive thinkers who encouraged fostering faith in accepting guidance from within. Nevertheless she lead a life directed by modern day terms that lacked depth and clarity. Following her encounter with death her life transformed to that of an awakened soul. She has dedicated her life to mastering ancient wisdom and writing candidly about all that she learns through this process. Stephanie is living in British Columbia, Canada.
Stephanie wrote, “I later learned that I had died upon impact hitting the rock wall. My heart stopped briefly as trauma built up and created blockages. But as quickly as my heart stopped, it resumed again as my soul made the final decision to return to my life on earth—but with a renewed sense of self. I chose to hold conscious thought and intent in my heart in such a way that it would drive my existence here on earth. I returned to my body as though my death did not I did not have any recollection of the experience.”
On the cover of Stephanie’s book is a black bird and Sheryl wonders what it may represent for Stephanie. Sheryl Says “I have a book that is called Animal Magic by DJ Conway which is described as the art of recognizing and working with Familiars and when I do a reading for a client if I visualize or sense an animal I go to the description in this book and it always seems to offer more information about the situation or questions my client has. The raven which is on the cover of your book applies to a number of species of large crows and is connected with prophecy and wisdom. Also represented with divination and represents the upset in life necessary to create something anew…wisdom eloquence, magick and change of consciousness . Messages from spirit: something unforeseen but special is about to occur. Seems the Raven was a good choice for the cover of Stephanie’s book.
Sheryl says “Years ago at a convention in Mexico one of the presenters was a young healer Adam. He was from Canada and told us that in dreams he was called to a certain Island where he went with his family and had an encounter with a large black bird and his healing abilities to see disease in a hologram of the body was developed after this encounter. I felt his energy and the selfishness of his intentions and work…..” Sheryl thinks this bird is a spiritual guide for some people.
It seems that Stephanie’s spiritual awakening was triggered by this traumatic experience. Stephanie responds that a trauma may create an opening for us to listen and see what is around us with new ears and vision. Sheryl, as a Reiki Master Teacher and medium who went from skepticism and no awareness of a soul life or afterlife discovered life is not random, we are and never have been alone and are guided through our interconnectedness to our Higher Self and Source to experience life at a higher level of consciousness. She is often asked what lead to this awakening …was it a great trauma? Sheryl believes either a great love or great loss may be the catalyst to remembering who we are as spiritual beings having a physical life and it can come early on for some people or later on for those most active as she was in living life in a primarily materialist life style unaware of spiritual guidance though she was always following that inner voice of love and good will.
Stephanie says she doesn’t remember her Initial experiences with her guardian Ruby. But later wrote “Many guides come through like Ustro and Sal who stand close by. When we allow ourselves to tune into the frequency of the non-physical realm and begin establishing relationships with our guides or the guides of others an astronomical amount of wisdom is available. Each guide is different: some messages are eloquent and elegant, some gentle, and some straight and right to the point.”
Stephanie wrote, “Don’t resist. Just open yourself and listen to my words. Go with what is happening. You have lessons here to learn—you all do—from one another. Some will be clear and easy to see, so stay focused and in tune. The world is full of judgment, surprises and hatred. Your mission amongst others is to teach the contrary. There is a lesson in everything. Everything. Everything we touch and smell and see. You are on the road you have chosen, so do not be afraid—be excited. You have so much time left and experiences yet to come.”
After interviewing and reading about people who have had near death experiences Sheryl is aware that after the experience they are greatly changed and many experience new spiritual gifts …from a near death experience and find new found gifts of channeling as did Stephanie. Stephanie mentions her first downloading of spiritual information by her Mother who had passed came after her near death experience and was a special gift and joy. Other gifts may include clairaudience clairsentience clairvoyance automatic writing telepathic communication….reading people’s minds, hands on healing work, musical abilities, or artistic work.
Sheryl says, “In The Living Spirit, I do think a physical life is tremendously valuable and that perhaps not all souls have the opportunity to experience a physical life on earth. I wrote in my book The Living Spirit…”Coincidentally spiritual transformation also allows us to find our higher selves and a connection to universal energy. The ultimate purpose for a physical life and for seeking transformation is to be free of the negative or fearful mind-chatter that results from thoughts of imaginary obstacles and the voices of controlling relatives, friends and business acquaintances who may be enmeshed in physical pursuits related perhaps to the accumulation of material possessions and the survival needs of the root chakra. By seeking deeper knowledge of your soul, your heart energy, and your life’s purpose, you automatically begin to remember that you are more than your body: more than the material and physical world: you are part of a higher life force that is eternal and divine…….. The greatest reason for a physical life may be to remember our true nature as a divine spark of Universal Creation and to refine our soul energy so we may love ourselves and others fully.”
In one of Stephanie’s chapter “The Beginning of The End” Stephanie and her teammates experienced pressure from her headmaster that to remain on the team. Stephanie had to yell “I love Jesus”
A message Stephanie received that addresses this behavior by the headmaster and wife who demanded she and the others follow their rigid dictate or would be removed from your team was…”When you feel another’s ego is attempting to use this form of control on your soul, it’s advised to remove yourself from the reach of the ego that is attempting to harm your soul, mind, and physical body. Call upon those you trust if you are unable to find a way out of this dark and endless cave….This avenue may lead to a lie: it may be to use harsh and unkind words which under the perfect circumstances will deflate another soul—hence, ego gaining control…( Like Stephanie’s friend Christina who refused to yell out I love Jesus as ordered to by the headmaster…not because she didn’t love Jesus but because she refused to be intimated and controlled by an insensitive leader who should not have requested this of her.)
Those are simply actions of a bully regardless of the title they may hold..and as souls we should follow the dictates of our own heart and connection to Spirit.
When Stephanie says that she believed that these old ways of controlling through fear are beginning to fade away, Stephanie’s guides responded… “Times are changing Things are beginning to shift Movements of all sorts are underway. Some are natural, some are not. Nature will always prevail even when it seems like a losing battle……The authentic power of the people is very influential. The human race has lost sight but the universe is compassionate and patient. Understand that the way the world operates currently is outdated past its prime, expired. Our ways our traditional ways are still retrievable as long as we skim off the top the top layer of film and stir the pot. Engage in what you are drawn to. March to the rhythm of your own soul, value the opinions of others, but remember your path is directed only by your own intuition…no one else’s. Bear in mind you are on a journey to learn teach care and nurture. If you follow these steps in accordance with the lessons of self-love, you will find peace. This awareness is awakening and re-emerging in many during this time. Feel it and live it as it is all that is.”
Stephanie believes Under the umbrella of fear reside anguish, jealousy, negativity resentment, judgment manipulation selfishness and unkindness. Fear fears love. It fears love because just like water is able to extinguish fire love is able to extinguish fear and all else that fear represents. Fear appears to be strong and powerful but in true universal reality fear is easily disabled. When fear is disabled so is ego.
Stephanie says many people around the world are channeling and receiving and delivering messages to help others recognize their divine essence.
Stephanie would like people to take away with them after reading “A Soulful Awakening: “Allow for new doors to open as others close. Look for opportunities to present themselves in unconventional ways. Seek clarity in your heart. Connect yourself through vision and intentions to all the souls. Caress and nurture your spirit , believe in your intuition your strength, your courage your patience and your determination. Return to your roots that are intertwined with the rest of the world and Universe and draw from this endless vast source of Energy and wisdom..become a contributor rather than merely a consumer and with full attention on your inner self and the non-physical world all around..Believe in the wonders of the world and remember to stand tall in your own faith and truth.”
In regard to this thought in The Living Spirit, Sheryl wrote “ Donna asked me if it was worth staying in this life, with all its sickness and hardship. Without hesitation, I told her that I did believe life is a precious gift, no matter the challenges. I remembered the words my mother had said to me after her three month hospital stay and before her passing: “Life was good. I have known love.” Life, with all its challenges offers us endless opportunities to have relationships with others and to expand our understanding of love and Spirit. One can often find a moment of grace, courage, and love, even in a time when so much seems to be lost.”
Stephanie and Sheryl would have you reflect on these wise words she heard from Raphael, “Open your heart completely without judgment or expectations. Trust in love and your need to find true happiness and peace. Find others that will be receptive and encouraging to your spiritual growth. Open your heart and soul completely to the energy that surrounds you. Find solace within yourself and those around you. Reach out to those in need with a simple smile or touch. Feel love spread throughout the universe as we converse with one another in this fashion.”