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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – What Does It Take To Make Nesting Successful?

Usually it’s the kids that move between their parents’ homes after divorce. With nesting, the kids stay put and the parents move in and out.
A few celebrity couples have famously tried this. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin of the “Consciously Uncoupling” fame, and Jon and Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate Plus 8. Now, with eight kids, having the child stay put is clearly much less work but most of us don’t have that challenge.
Still, nesting can mean fewer changes for the children and that can make the transition through divorce much easier. Is nesting something you and your STBX should consider? What does it take to make nesting work and does it really help the kids?
Joining Mandy for this show is writer and child of divorce Alana Romain who wrote about nesting on You can follow Alana on Facebook and Twitter as @AlsoAlanaRomain.
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