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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Spiritual Steps for Weath and Abundance

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Rev. Michael J.S. Carter

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick Reiki Practioner-Teacher/Medium, author of The Living Spirit, which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication, healing energies miracles and ways to go within to find your true self, welcomes Rev. Michael J.S. Carter, a UFO experience or contactee as well as a member of the clergy and author of God Consciousness. Rev. Carter, who as a result of his experiences education and studies of metaphysics comparative religion, Reiki and other forms of energy healing for over 25 years, has chosen to lead a life of service devoted to the healing of mind-body and spirit.

Rev. Michael Carter who has a Masters in Divinity Degree from Union Theological Seminary, in New York City, is also a Board Certified Hospital Chaplain, and serves a Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Michael will share how one may begin to assimilate all the necessary ingredients to improve the quality of thinking acting and behaving which ultimately set up the conditions for a successful life journey and how to face the challenges of daily life…The hope is to take responsibility for creating our most purposeful set of experiences and improving our level of heath and functioning in our spiritual and physical developmental evolution.

Michael tells us about his initial contact with “off world intelligences” on December 28, 1989 and the journey of spiritual transformation that was initiated. “Ever since my initial contact with off world intelligences on December 28, 1989, I have been on this journey of spiritual transformation. I sincerely believe that my contacts, which continue to the present day, have accelerated my own spiritual growth. What I once thought was Reiki energy coming through my hands is something that I now refer to as, “Space Reiki.” The point I am trying to make is that one heals in many ways. One can heal with the hands, the voice, but most importantly the mind. The mind is the transformer as the Buddha reminds us, that all that we are and ever will be is because of our thoughts. The apostle Paul, the man who began Christianity as we know it today, wrote in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Reading this book is a step in the right direction. That being said, I believe that the reason that we are on this planet is to serve humanity and to learn to love and to forgive ourselves as well as each other. That being said, this is why I decided to write this book.”
The benefits of this book and how to use it as described by Rev. Carter are as follows:

  • Read a section each day for 30 days. (I’ve included anextra day if you would like to use this text for calendarmonths having 31 days.)
  • Practice the affirmations. Recite them with convictionand authority.
  • Earnestly attempt to put the ideas into everyday practice.
  • Take the suggestions at the end of the book seriously.

That is all that is required in addition to keeping your mindand heart open. In this way, your spiritual growth will be rapidand liberating. The fact of the matter is that a life-giving poweris always at work, nurturing the universe, and we can learn to beresponsive In response to that last thought, in Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit, she wrote this passage- “Throughout the amazing journey seeking the truth of why we are all here and our connection to what is beyond us I learned several truths..The first is there is indeed an afterlife: the second is that the separation between this world and the next is not a thick impenetrable wall but a thin veil that allows our loved ones in spirit to communicate with us and we with them. ……I also learned that everything in the Universe –including our physical bodies— is made up of pure energy, and that working with this energy can affect a healing that repairs our bodies and allows our souls to move toward greater levels of awareness and expansion.”

Michael defines some important words to contemplate before starting your transformational journey.

  • Conscious: From the Latin, consius: con, meaningtogether, and scir, meaning, to know. To be aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, and of one’ssurroundings or environment.
  • Consciousness: A field of awareness. Also the totality ofthe content of a field of awareness.
  • Ego: The illusional sense of self, which when dominant,causes one to forget their true essence of love. The egoover identifies with the personality of the individualespecially when triggered by fear. An egocentric ornarcissistic individual is not aware of his or her innatespirituality. Egotism is an exaggerated sense of self-importance.
  • God: Not definable. One way of describing God is by intentionally not using anthropomorphic definitions.For the purposes of this book, God is the unlimited field of Infinite Intelligence or Consciousness that emanates, maintains and regulates the Cosmos. It is pure existence or Consciousness. God is love.
  • Intellect: The faculty of discriminations and Discernment
  • Intuition: The innate ability to know directly, without the aid of intellect, or the senses.
  • Realization: Knowledge combined with experience.
  • Wisdom. Wisdom applied can be transformed into love.
  • Self: The authentic individualized unit of God’s being. Upper-case; Essence.

Michael and Sheryl go on to discuss that we are not ever separate from the force of Creation or Universal Energy- the Divine or God though many have thought we are. Many people believe we are separate from the Divine or God Force and this mistaken belief that we are separated from “God”, (Creation, Universal Intelligence, The Universe, The Primal Cause, Allah, Brahmin, The Force, Your Higher Power, The All That Is, call it what you will) continues to be the cause of much suffering in the world; for if we are separated from God, we are separated from each other. In fact, even some of the UFO literature references Star People who have a concept of Creation, or what we refer to as “God” do not ascribe themselves the anthropomorphic concepts of the word. In my view, the Star Person’s concept of “God” is more mature, more inclusive, less personal, in the fact that everyone and everything can connect with this intelligence, this energy.
You see, in the extraterrestrial cosmology, “God” is not a Santa Claus type deity who rewards us if we are naughty or nice, but is more thought of as an energy, and intelligence, a consciousness that permeates all that is.

“There is a law of Oneness in the Universe as we know it. Why? Michael writes…. Because somehow the universe is set up wherein I cannot be who I ought to be until you are who you ought to be: and you cannot be who you ought to be until I am who I ought to be. This is just the way it works. We are all a part of the interconnected web of life. What I do to you, I do to myself. What I think about you I think about myself. In the East, this is often times referred to as Karma. In the West, it is sometimes referred to in scientific circles as cause and effect. Our United States intelligence services refer to it as blowback. That is to say that when our foreign policy decisions regarding other nations comes back to haunt us the adage “we reap what we have sown” is at work.

The mistaken belief that a separation exists between ourselves and God, or the Universe can result in irrational thinking, psychological conflict, behaviors which cause misfortune, and an inability to experience life in its fullness. In short, it sabotages or stunts our spiritual growth or evolution. Unfortunately people with this belief experience more …Fear, uncertainty, hopelessness, arrogance, mental perversity, compulsiveness, among other characteristics, as they are not aware of the God within. They often feel that they are victims of circumstances of which they have little or no control. This feeling of isolation and separateness causes them to have an illusion of selfhood, where they are insecure, emotionally immature, and in varying degrees, quite dysfunctional. Although they may be able to cope with certain circumstances to provide for their basic needs, and appropriately relate to friends and associates, they are neither really truly happy or fulfilled.

When the illusion of this separateness from the All That Is, is finally seen for what it really is—just an illusion, the following will take place in one’s life:

  • Thoughts will become more rational. (Please keep in mind that this planet is no model for rational thought and that what passes for sanity here is sending chills down the spine of the Powers of concentration and intuition will be greatly enhanced.
  • Personal behavior will be more life-enhancing.
  • You will be far more poised and centered through Life’s slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
  • You will thrive and prosper in all aspects of your life.
  • Your prayer life and meditation will be more receptive to the highest good of all concerned.
  • Your ego will be more in touch with the truth of what you are, a part of the God Consciousness.
  • You will find that as time progresses, you will place less emphasis on being right, and more emphasis on being at peace.
  • The clarity of your awareness and your selfless actions will beneficially influence the collective consciousness of the planet and be of benefit to all life on planet earth.”

Sheryl says that some people may think discovering this higher consciousness is not possible for them to achieve because it is too difficult. Michael also expresses that this self-realization, expanded consciousness, or God realization is often thought of as being extremely difficult to accomplish. This is not necessarily true. Yes, we will have to put the time in to cultivate this new world view with the tools of mediation, prayer, contemplation, etc. but this higher energy is already expressing itself in you, as you, right in this moment.

Michael says one does not have to find God because God is not Lost. “God is not hidden. You do not have to establish a connection with something outside of you. You and your Father/Mother are one. We
do not put old wine into new wine skins, and the concept of God being somewhere up in the sky and totally separate from us is an archaic and primitive concept that no longer works. The Kingdom of Heaven is indeed within you. It is within each and every one of us regardless of our personal theologies. The problem is that we simply don’t believe it.

  • From time to time observe your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Discern them as much as possible to see if they are really a part of your true essence, the part of you that is and always will be, or if they are part of your personality, your ego, your sense of fear and finiteness while in this body.
  • Do your best to think, feel, and live from the highest good and in accord with your highest understanding of who and what you truly are. You are, we all are, children of the Most High. Nothing more, and certainly no less.
  • Cultivate your thought with ideas and by right thinking. The Buddha talks about our thoughts creating our reality knew this and taught this five hundred years before Jesus. Thoughts are things and are powerful forms of energy. He says that all that we are and all that we ever will be is because of our thoughts Michael suggests some ways from your 30 day program he offers in his book for improving the quality of thoughts so new attitudes and perceptions may influence our thinking.
  • Try to spend at least five minutes in the morning in meditation or some form of thought-free awareness. Of course the more time you can spend in meditation, prayer, or contemplation, the better.
  • Be mindful of when, where, and how you spend your energy. Avoid discussions about philosophical, spiritual, or theological concepts with others who are confused about them or who are not willing to be open to other perspectives.
  • Maintain a consistent routine of nutritious diet, exercise, and constructive activity.
  • As much as possible, stay away from the “noise” and distractions of situations in order to connect with the underlying feeling of harmony.
  • Cultivate optimism and happiness.
  • Be compassionate with yourself and all other living< sentient beings. Conscious, God-centered thinking, and acting is much different than self-centered, delusional ego based thinking of the personality. The goal is to discover and to live life from essence and not personality. It’s not that personality is bad or wrong. It’s just that personality the self that we were told is really us before we began the journey as to who and what we really are. In other words, personality can be another individual’s or society’s interpretation of what others see us to be and not necessarily who we really are. The spiritual journey may require us to unlearn what we have learned in order to progress forward on the journey. This is the hero’s or hero’s journey.

Michael goes on to mention an important self help technique …the art of humor. The Art of humor will help us to deal with the many world problems we are collectively sharing. Michel reminds us that this is not to say that everything that is happening is funny. “For instance, you may find it difficult to get a chuckle out of a rapidly disappearing ozone layer and the petrochemicals we are drinking in every glass of water. From your current perception, I know it looks pretty bleak out there. To watch world systems in decay, ambulatory insanity at the helm, denial on a rampage, humanity down each other’s throats, and a dying atmosphere is probably not your idea of a good time. Yet humor has the effect of raising your vibratory level, and you won’t believe how high it has got to go to get through this one.”

Michael’s advice to us is to “Always keep your sense of humor. Keep laughing. It’s been said that life is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel. For the sake of the ecosystem and the new world that you are helping to create, remove your attention from the death process and place it on the process of birth instead.”

Remember that what you focus on you create. The goal, of God Consciousness is self-realization. Just remember that when it appears that our goal is getting away from us, remind yourself that the journey is the goal. For most of us self-transformation is a process, not an event.

Sheryl and Michael have discussed the world of Energy or Universal Creation and how we all are part of this evolving plan and not separated from what is already within us…the divine spark of God or the Universe.
“Your inward journey of self discovery begins with each new day…and Rev Carter wrote… As you go through your day, maintain an awareness of the main idea introduced in the day’s reading, knowing that you are
being changed and enlarged by it. Ask yourself how these ideas can encourage you to release an old attitude or belief, and then make a conscious decision to expand your thinking. Be alert for opportunities to practice and apply the new attitude or insight you have chosen. If this practice seems difficult in the beginning, remember that you are breaking entrenched patterns of behavior and that resistance to anything new is normal. Yet rest assured that your willingness and impulse to achieve wholeness and healing is more powerful than any resistance you might feel. Remember that your mind deals with the realm of causes and that you have
the power to introduce new causes, which in turn will result in new effects. Thoughts are things and new thoughts create new conditions.”

Rev. Carter and Sheryl would have you remember as Sheryl wrote in the conclusion of her book The Living Spirit-Answers for Healing and Infinite Love:

Remember a place, high above my home—a land of light which reflects the bright colors of the rainbow

Remember teachers of divine beauty love and wisdom and hear their thoughts which sound like music to prepare you into your physical life with the finest preparation to succeed in all you do.

Remember the peace joy laughter and smiles the encouragement and love in the glances from their bright inquisitive minds.

Remember as your heart beats and your feet tap and you dance to music only you might hear from your guides or angels in an eternal place of true love, that you are never alone.

Remember you and remember me as one together in unity and love for all time in life, and yes in death.