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Cheryl Nason

Inside The Writers Cafe – Concussion-ology with Dr. Harry Kerasidis

CONCUSSION – OLOGY by Dr. Harry Kerasidis

The concussion problem is pervasive in today’s society. Concussions are emerging as a new field within medicine known as “Concussionology”. This topic has massive consequences for the health and welfare of all athletes.

Readers will find the answers in this book. It is a comprehensive, easily read resource providing basic training about concussions for athletes, parents and coaches as well as more in-depth training for athletic trainers, and medical professionals.

In Concussion-ology, Dr. Harry Kerasidis:
• Outlines his own clinical-caliber concussion protocol
• Reveals who is more vulnerable to concussions
• Gives requirements for concussion baseline tests
• Provides neurological basics about the brain, injury and behavior
• Offers practical steps to handling concussions, and more