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Thriving Entrepreneur – Reconnect with God, Act on your Passion & Share your Greatness – Matt,Sarah,Fred

1st Got It, Get It, Give It by MATT GIL
You need to share your greatness with the world and the first thing that you need to do is to realize that you GOT IT. Reconnect with yourself and with God so you can see all your capabilities and start living a better life. Build yourself back up to who you really are by truly GETTING IT. Give your self credit for the good choices that you made and forgive yourself for the wrong paths you’ve taken. The final step is to GIVE IT. Once you were able to accept every negative and positive thing in your life, you have to share your wisdom and the lessons you learned with other people.
2nd Passion to Action by SARAH PAIKAI
All of us know that no matter how passionate we are about something, we won’t get anywhere if we will not do anything. However, there is a secret ingredient in between identifying what your passion is and doing something about it and that is “SYSTEM”. Follow a system and have the intention to follow a plan that will work for you personally, so you can find the freedom and joy that you need in your life.
3rd Overcoming the Voice of Condemnation by FRED HODGE
Condemnation manifests itself in different ways and the fact that we feel this is a proof that we have a heart of a flesh and not a heart of a stone. Experiencing no condemnation means surrendering yourself to God and truly believing in him. The 2 main sources of condemnation: SATAN and YOURSELF. Therefore, you must not let Satan attack and torture your mind because this will lead to you conflicting condemnation upon yourself.