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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Healing Through Angelic Communication

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Joanne Brocas

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares a look at personal stories and insights into Universal Energy Healing and Spiritual Communication offering ways to awaken to your true human and divine potential and to reach a level of higher consciousness and awareness of Self and Universal life, welcomes Joanne Brocas, a well known angel expert teacher and author of her new book The Power of Angel Medicine: Energetic Exercises and Techniques to Activate Divine Healing.

Sheryl and Joanne will explore how angels help with health challenges, life complaints and spiritual progress and how to effect immediate positive changes and alignment with divine truth and love. Joanne received a beautiful endorsement from Larry Dossey MD author of One Mind who wrote “Angels are mediators between the Divine and human realms, standing ready to intercede for the benefit of humans. Joanne Brocas’ new book will help anyone understand and invoke angelic intercession, and draw closer to the Transcendent.”

What a beautifully expressive way to simply share the range responsibility and the important job our Spiritual friends do for us in the name of love.

During her childhood, Joanne communicated with her guardian angel and has kept her connection to the angelic realm throughout her life. Joanne began her study into afterlife communication angels and healing from her early 20’s onward and became a professional platform medium and mediumship teacher. In her early 30’s Joanne became president of the Center of Spiritual Light, in Aberdeen, Scotland and later on the head of healing for the American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation. Joanne is passionate about teaching people how to connect with the angels, how to develop intuitive awareness, and how to develop their own healing abilities so they may learn more about their spiritual anatomy—the body’s Aura and Chakras so they can take charge of their own energies to gain a greater level of health and vitality in their lives.

The Archangels each are concerned with a major chakra and the related life issues related to each chakra.

  1. Archangel Jophiel (Crown Energy Center) Top of head Physiologically concerned with the pineal gland. Divine light frequency is golden yellow Works at correcting our false and limiting beliefs.
  2. Archangel Raphael (Brow Energy Center) Physiologically concerned with the pituitary gland. Divine light frequency is emerald green Divine light works at correcting our false perceptions
  3. Archangel Michael and the Throat Energy Center Physiologically concerned with the thyroid gland. Divine light frequency is royal blue. Divine light works at correcting anything in our self expression that is out of alignment with divine truth.
  4. Archangel Chamuel (Heart Energy Center) Physiologically concerned with the thymus gland Divine light frequency is rose pink Divine light works at correcting anything opposing divine love.
  5. Archangel Uriel Located above the navel (Solar Plexus Energy Center) Physiologically concerned with the pancreas..Divine light frequency is purple/gold/ruby Divine light works at correcting our negative thoughts about ourselves and our indecision and lack of belief and confidence in our own personal power
  6. Archangel Zadkiel (Sacral Plexus Energy Center) Below the navel Physiologically concerned with the gonads Divine light frequency is violet Divine light works at transmuting our repressed and painful emotions
  7. Archangel Gabriel (Base Energy Center) Base of Spine Concerned with adrenal glands Divine light frequency is white Divine light works at correcting and repairing dysfunctional patterns of energy in the etheric subtle body so energy can be metabolized properly and our physical body vitalized

Joanne writes…”The angels may assist us to free, regulate and metabolize your energies, to initiate deeper core levels of healing, emotional psychological and spiritual, to balance your brain chemistry, balance both hemispheres of the brain…calm your nervous system…empower your cells…balance your hormones…empower your immune system…increase your overall spiritually heal and ease any aches and pains…help spiritually repair any physical health issues, illness, and disease. Our subtle energy bodies process many different aspects of us as human souls, so we may build spiritual insight increase our spiritual power or light and evolve continuously Our bio-auric field is the energetic system that contains our entire spiritual and energetic anatomy—body and soul and there are 7 main subtle energy bodies and energy fields. When in balance our soul can express its state of divine being and co-create our dreams and fulfill our life purpose….We can however interfere with the electrical energetic connections of our aura, drain our vital life force and weaken the creative spiritual power of our soul when any aspect of us is consistently our of balance…Our destructive thoughts, our false beliefs, our emotional mood swings and any toxic behaviors and actions we regularly employ will knock us out of energy kilt.”

Joanne writes… “Whereas the seven main energy centers are thought of as power stations for the body the meridians can be thought of as our energetic bloodstream carrying a mixture of electromagnetic energies subtle energies and light to support our organs tissues and bodily systems to influence our biological processes.” The meridians are most commonly attributed to traditional Chinese Medicine with its complex acupuncture system dating back thousands of years Acupressure points located on the surface of the skin are the energy outlets that connect and influence the meridian system All these energy based modalities can maximize a healthy flow and support a rhythm that supports health and increases vitality.”

It is possible to boost vitality with angel medicine exercises for common complaints by starting with a divine action and prayer… First, bring hands into prayer position with your index fingers in alignment with your bottom lip but not touching. Say I ask for the white light of the Holy Spirit to surround and protect my body and soul. Thank you God, Amen or it is done. Now rub your hands together and use your right thumb to press the center of your left palm a few times to activate a minor energy center and then do the other hand. Put your hands at the Crown Chakra and say… I ask Archangel Jophiel to add his divine light to my crown chakra for my greatest and highest good …. When you move to the Brow Chakra ask Archangel Raphael to add his divine light for your greatest and highest good…and so on to each Archangel at each chakra…This is a self healing treatment that can help you in many ways…at the end shake off excess energy and thank God and his Archangels for your healing blessing.

Sheryl says “This sounds like a Reiki Healing Session an ancient Japanese healing art connected to Universal or Divine energy or Source which works with releasing imbalances and negativity at the subtle energy body… Sheryl feels all hands on energy systems including Reiki, Craniosacral, Polarity healing, Zero Balancing, Chakra Balancing etc. and Spiritual healings tap into the healing energies all around us and within us that are the basis for life and all systems are assisted by the Angels.

The simple act of praying is one of the greatest abilities we have as human souls to help us connect with the divine power to activate spiritual assistance. We are already an integral part of this divine power because the Holy Spirit of God dwells within us no matter what our religious beliefs or disbeliefs are……the power of prayer is even more magnificent when said with an open heart expectation faith and a sincere desire for divine intervention. Prayer need not comply with a system or religion only for each person may in earnest simply talk to Spirit and download the love and guidance that is there for all of us.

Prayer frequencies will help you align with divine truth and divine love—removing the error and illusion that interfere with your true divine nature. When illusions are removed healing and remarkable life changes can be expressed.

Joanne shares that at a young age she felt a strong connection to a higher power and this was strengthened by reciting a beautiful prayer she learned in school which mentioned the angels..

Lord keep us safe this night, secure from all our fears, may angels guard us while we sleep till morning light appears, Amen (John Leland)

Sheryl shares that she somehow learned a similar child prayer and said it each night also.

Joanne wrote… “Many people have different reasons why they don’t prayer Some believe praying is religious and they don’t consider themselves to be religious..some don’t believe in God although they believe in angels.. However prayer can be a path to Go and divine love without going to church or a specific religious group…You can talk to God anytime anyplace Anyone can prayer whether they are religious or not..Prayer is free and prayer is your own personal connection to the divine powers of heaven.”

Joanne tells us about the 7 Lamps of God, also known as the Chakra System which helps us receive a steady flow of Universal Energy or God’s divine light.

The seven main energy centers known as chakras are the remarkable spiritual centers to receive and hold Universal Energy to nourish and sustain our body mind and soul Each energy center corresponds to one of God’s divine light frequencies and to one of the magnificent Archangels who embodies them. Each center is associated with dominant color and sound frequencies and by balancing our chakras we can affect significant changes in health and how we relate to the world and relationships. The Archangels can transmit a certain portion of God’s divine light to our energy systems. By working with an energy center that directly relates to a specific body part, organ or system that is suffering you can help direct God’s life force to where it is most needed.

Joanne mentions this flow from the Christ Consciousness maintains the magnificence of our Higher Self—the highest spiritual aspect of our soul that is in constant alignment with God…. Sheryl wonders if this Christ Consciousness is part of Catholicism or the religious beliefs of that religion or something else.

“Our higher self is the most glorious spiritual aspect of our soul that is in direct alignment with the Holy Spirit and the Christ Consciousness. It constantly send us an energetic stream of spiritual nourishment from these 2 magnificent divine forces. The light of the Christ Consciousness the most powerful divine light that exists within the heaven realms and in the entire Universe is the most revered by all of the Angels. The Holy Spirit and Christ Consciousness work in spiritual harmony with the Archangels and supply your soul with enough spiritual power to receive retain and anchor light frequencies within your energetic anatomy and physical body. “

Joanne writes, “I want people to know when we reach out for help from above it is the angels who respond to our call: to bless us, protect us, guide us, heal us, and light our way through the challenges of our daily life experiences and the refinement of our soul journey. I want you to know that when you align to and work with these forces for healing and divine love you will find ways to strengthen your auric energy, subtle body and know simple and specific ways to help with many common health challenges to heal faster and to stay healthier longer.”

Joanne Brocas has shared an integrated view of physical and inner soul life and how we may by connecting to our Higher Selves and the higher Universal Source of Divine Energy begin to know the Archangels who work with us silently lovingly and tirelessly as they guide each of us to heal and to remember our true eternal nature and our connection to Source.

Joanne Brocas has shown us that there is most definitely a spiritual hierarchy and it is all connected to Universal Energy… Divine love and a Creative Force or what some call God that is ever expanding and evolving. Whether we think of this force in terms of religion metaphysics science spirituality art or music it is the inspiration for all that is good and loving in life and beyond, and by simply connecting to this force we may be encouraged to know the deepest and most courageous expressions of kindness and love that are possible either from a soul or human point of view…Joanne has shared the story of our connection to the Archangels through an understanding of the Chakra centers of our physical body and the seven main etheric bodies and energy fields that blend and are the expression of our consciousness.

In her book The Living Spirit Sheryl expresses discovering this higher world of eternal creation in the following way…. “We have many spiritual guides. We all can walk in the world of Spirit and at the same time have a foot touching the ground in this world. This can be done by recognizing the gifts and blessings of life itself and your life in particular. All great Masters—St Francis of Assisi Jesus Moses and the Buddha and others have learned to quiet the drives and cravings of the physical body long enough to free the mind. In doing so they were able to awaken to inner peace and to messages being given to them from Spirit. Through this connection they learned how to improve the quality of their daily lives as well as to engage others with empathy love compassion and kindness.”

Joanne and Sheryl would have you remember a quote from CS Lewis “You don’t have a soul. You are A Soul. You have a body.”

Therefore, as Divine Soul Beings experiencing a physical life remember to focus your energy, time, and talents on finding true happiness, radiant joy, and keep your heart open so you may shine your uniqueness into the world and appreciate the wonderful gift of a human experience however it may unfold.