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Connie Whitman

Architect of Change – Rational Living Helps Fight Depression

When things go wrong in your life, whether big or small, do you react with calm and poise? Or do you react as if the sky is falling? Do you know people who seem to get, what I call, scary calm when literally their house is on fire, and they remain in control and pulled together? How do they do it? While in movies when have seen a character that is going nuts and out of control because something bad has happened, another other character will slap them in the face to snap them out of their crazed state.

The two reactions are so extreme…why do different people react so drastically different?

Today your host, Connie Whitman, speaks with John Vespasian. John is going to provide some insight as to why it’s difficult for humans to remain calm in the face of adversity. John is also going to give us some tips as to how to live a rational, focused and motivated life.

John is the author of seven books about rational living including “When Everything Fails, Try This” (2009), “Rationality Is the Way to Happiness” (2009), “The Philosophy of Builders: How to Build a Great Future with the Pieces from Your Past” (2010), “The 10 Principles of Rational Living” (2012), “Rational Living, Rational Working: How to Make Winning Moves When Things Are Falling Apart” (2013), “Consistency: The Key to Permanent Stress Relief” (2014), and “On Becoming Unbreakable: How Normal People Become Extraordinarily Self-Confident” (2015).

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