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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – LoveHuman

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Betsy Otter Thompson

In today’s episode of “Healing from Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to go within to find your True Self, welcomes Betsy Thompson a former guest on “Healing From Within” and author of her newest book LoveHuman. As author of Walking Through Illusion, The Mirror Theory, LoveParent and You Are What You Think, Betsy has discovered her passion for communicating the Universal Laws of Spirit for people to have the opportunity to know themselves better, move beyond blame and assume personal responsibility for creating a life that is human and humane.

Betsy shares a most descriptive and clear view of Where You Come From and Where You Are Going…Often in life we are so concerned about our physical and emotional survival that we find little time to ask these important questions but when a challenge trauma or event shakes up our belief that we are in control of our lives, we may begin to see that we are more than we appear to be and life is more than merely surviving our daily issues.

Betsy tells us what LoveHuman is all about. LoveHuman is the attempt to answer these questions such as: “Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Am I doing what I came here to do? Where was I before I got here and where will I be when I leave? Are we alone in the cosmos? If we aren’t alone, is our universe similar to other universes? Do they have human beings and, if they do, are they more evolved than we are or less evolved then we are? Is their cosmos older than ours or younger than ours? Will we ever meet face-to-face” The gift of LoveHuman is guidance regarding how to find comfort in a world where uncomfortable things happen. Perhaps the peace we seek is only possible on a large scale if we live it on a small scale; one person at a time finding resolutions they hope that others will find.

LoveHuman also deals with many topics around the give/receive concept: our universe, possible other universes, transition, rebirth, our presence here, and what it’s all about. LoveHuman speaks to the subject of health, dreams, peace, and miracles. The purpose of the information is not to differentiate between fact and fiction, but to help us embrace the world as it is and the people around us as they are—and love whatever that is. Not because it’s a perfect world but because, as we love and accept life as it is, love and acceptance grow.

Betsy says while writing LoveHuman, “I had to trust that if the message pleased me and offered common sense answers to the age-old questions, it would appeal to others as well. I also had to trust that the book didn’t have to be formulaic to be readable and enjoyable; it just had to satisfy a need in the reader. As you turn the pages of LoveHuman, keep an open mind. Be willing to look at preconceived notions from a slightly different angle. When I shifted my perceptions, I found new ways of seeing the past— new ways of seeing the past brought resolution to old and painful heartache. As new perceptions brought healing into the present, they created new feelings. New feelings encouraged new actions, and new actions created new results.”

Betsy as a child, was told to treat others as she wanted to be treated, but no one ever explained why that was so important. She knew she had to be nice because nice behavior was correct behavior. But neither niceness nor correctness was sufficient motivation when times got tough, so Betsy starting second-guessing the people around her. She believed that if she could only understand their motives, she could adapt her behavior to make their behavior bearable. Those who confused Betsy the most—spiritually and emotionally—moved on to live their growth as she moved on to live hers.

“It seems that the so-called “truth” about everyone is a never-ending font of ever-changing information. Because it was impossible to get others to behave as I wanted them to, I stopped looking for happiness from understanding their psyches and started searching for happiness from understanding my psyche. That turned out to be a never-ending study, too, but one that led to a lot more satisfaction and, more importantly, was possible. The process of getting to know myself only worked if I remembered that the information I needed for the timely resolution was available to me in the people I faced each day. They offered me a mirror of who I was and what I valued in any given moment. This premise of facing myself made sense to me. It meant that if I valued self, I faced others valuing self; if I valued love, I faced others valuing love; and if I valued honesty, I faced others valuing honestly. The kicker was that, if this premise worked, I could live it in every scenario possible. And that was the motivation I needed.”

In this book, “The word God indicates the all-inclusive energy of the whole; all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be. The word is. God is. You are.” Sheryl wonders where imagination comes from. Would God, whose very existence is based on an everlasting imagination, have only one idea for expansion? Energy lives in multiple opportunities. This is how all fantasies birth. Betsy goes on to tell us “comfort” comes in remembering that you are a Divine spark of God with the power to create love, goodness, health and anything else you desire.

“God is in every heart because God is all-inclusive.
God has whatever God needs since God lives to expand.
God expresses individually because God is diversified.
God knows that to give love is to receive love.
God knows that abundance is and, therefore, lives in everyone.
God knows that disrespect is only felt when given.
God knows that uniqueness is the definition of God.
God knows that power comes from within, not without.
God knows that respect for others makes you feel important.
God knows that every part of self makes up the whole.
God knows that releasing hate makes more room for love.
God knows that honesty sets you free forever.”

“Sheryl shares her view of “comfort” in her book The Living Spirit, suggesting that comfort or being grounded in your physical and soul being come from truly knowing that you are spiritual beings having a physical life for the purpose of refining your inner essence and CREATING vibrations of love acceptance and compassion and Sheryl wrote…. “There is a pattern and meaning to all things in Heaven and on Earth and for each human, there are people and events designed to guide us to face our fears and negative thoughts so that we can fully realize our most loving selves or the Divine Spark of God within. This is what metaphysical people mean when they say that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. When we are trapped in our three dimensional thinking of the physical plane we are concerned with the minutia of life. This life is often a continuous stream of difficult experiences . However the spiritual being transforms his/her human experiences—including the “unpleasant” ones—in order to increase their soul’s vibration. Thankfully our family friends and guides on the other side have placed people in our earthly lives that can help us make the transition.”

Like Betsy, opening our minds and hearts to the greater good for ourselves and others has brought us much comfort as we experience each day with hope for an improved self and world condition. Sheryl goes on to discuss with Betsy if life exists in OUTER SPACE. Betsy says that in some solar systems, entities have evolved to where they embrace science and spirituality on equal footing. These souls are studying our planet now but they see brother fighting brother and nation fighting nation. They see people who do share common skin color, language, and religion still fighting one another. Is it any wonder they have minimal interest in joining you? If you were from another solar system and surveying the Earth today, would you be so quick to come here without a heartfelt invitation from every nation of people? It isn’t your lack of technology that is keeping these entities from responding to your signals; it is the lack of acceptance they feel in your hearts. They will arrive when they feel confident of the greeting that awaits them. They are beautiful and loving like you, curious and inventive like you, and they long to share their knowledge with you. They won’t scare you because they are you. When you recognize your own identity, you will recognize and welcome theirs, too.

At this point Sheryl and Betsy discussed the increasingly frightening Radical Mid-Eastern Terrorist conflicts affecting the entire world population. Please listen to this show to get a clearer view of how to handle your concerns and develop the best way of thinking and behaving in respect to what is now unfolding in our personal and collective consciousness..

Moving along to another metaphysical concept we discuss “Rebirth. Betsy writes..”When you know that rebirth is the wise evolutionary choice, you research your possibilities in terms of what has promise. Each possibility represents a breakthrough, and each breakthrough offers a depth you seek. As you view your options, you ask yourself the following questions: What emotions do I hope to embrace? What lessons do I need for clarification? And what do I hope will happen if I succeed? When you answer these questions, you move on to the next decision: Is my evolution suited to life in-form or life out-of-form? If you decide that life in-form is timely, you ponder where that journey can best be experienced. Which universe within the cosmos suits my personal growth? What environment within that universe has the pertinent clarity? What situations will deepen my sense of self? Do I need warring times or peaceful times, abundant times or impoverished times, fast-paced times or slow-paced times? Each universe has its own unique offering and, therefore, the choice becomes obvious. The purpose of each union is to lead you deeper within to the love within yourself. You find that depth from appreciating your challenges and honoring those who pushed you to live them. Each challenge offers you an opportunity to live a breakthrough, and each breakthrough leads you inward to reveal the essence you are. Whether you investigate from the perspective of in-body or out-off body is of little consequence to the soul; the soul only wants you to grow from the choices you make.

Your soul comes here ready to deliver your heart’s desire every step of the way. Therefore, each time you act out your definition of love, your soul brings it back. Your mirror arrives quickly because your soul knows what instant manifestation is all about. Yes, your conscious-self may take a little longer to recognize your reflection, but the mirror remains steadfast until you do.

As a baby, you are encouraged to giggle and laugh, and enjoy yourself in any way you can. Then, of course, your reflection is the same: lots of giggling and laughing people thinking up ways to amuse themselves with you. How much of that giggling and laughing persona still remains? The degree to which you lose your memory of that joyful inner being varies greatly throughout your life. But you are always free to change it. The state of one’s heart is personal; you discover the state of yours by noticing the states around you. Before you arrived in the body you now inhabit, you hoped these reflections would keep your heart informed and encourage greater insight. What is your mirror showing you this moment? Who do you spend time with and how do they deal with themselves, the world, and you? Do they think independently? Do they respect others? Do they honor their priorities? Do they release, forgive, and move on?

This is the human reflector. Mirrors give no preferential treatment, nor do they pick and choose; they simply reflect. When you find new attitudes, you join those who share them. If your life is progressing beautifully, and you are comfortable in all that you do, say, and live, you have no reason to consider the nature of mirrors; you are already living in a state of grace. When you feel disgruntled and disappointed, this is when more honesty is needed. This is when you must ask yourself: Am I respecting everyone’s journey and believing in my own? If you find it difficult to recognize yourself in others, nothing real is lost. You are divine energy regardless of your challenges. When the rain falls, it remains water regardless of where it falls. And God’s energy is God’s energy, wherever it goes.

Judgments of good, bad, wrong and right flourish around the idea of war. But those who participate in war are no less wise than those who don’t. Each soul positions itself for personal insight. If someone is caught in cross fire, he is no less wise than the person who shoots the gun. If someone dies in a war, that soul believes in moving on through that particular vehicle. War exists because so many think it is helpful. When no one thinks it is helpful, it will disappear. Be tolerant of the need for war. Spirit puts no judgment on it. Spirit sees war as one more avenue through which energy is enlightening self. So again in reference to the Radical Islamic terrorists groups if it is happening it is a way for the world and all religions to come together in truth and love and to reflect that so the more dysfunctional views of some can fall away from our thinking and from unwanted violence.

.Another idea that gets the judgment of good, bad, wrong, right is aging and illness. Older people are often called victims because of society’s disinterest in them. How can a soul be a victim of what it has chosen to live? If people want to go through senility, why shouldn’t they? They still receive whatever they give; age doesn’t alter the power of give/receive. Offer your respect to the elderly, not your pity. They know what they are about. Another popular focus that receives the good, bad, wrong, and right judgment is sickness. Health depends on action-thoughts, not on doctors, genes, or medicine. Illness is a memory lapse; it means that you have forgotten what health is all about. If you are ill, you are not a victim; you are simply ready for more information. See your illness for the gift it truly is by figuring out the unhealthy thought it reflects. Once you identify that unhealthy thought and turn it into love, you move on to the next challenge that leads you deeper within.

“The dream state is the soul’s way of keeping you in touch with the choices you are making and the results they are creating. Dreams reveal the truth of what is—whether you like that truth or admit to that truth. You can’t stop the dream state from fulfilling its purpose; it exists independent of conscious deliberation. It gives you appropriate feedback and you can’t demand that it give you otherwise; you can only receive that information in good faith and look for how it is helpful.”

Betsy wrote, “Miracles exist in any country, in any language, to anyone willing to release, forgive, and move on. To create a miracle is to look for love where you didn’t think it existed; not as a gift that others give to you, but as a gift you give to yourself. When you release into a miracle, you gain the feeling that all is right in the world. Why? Because when you decide that worldly status has no power to create a miracle; wealth has no influence, education no tenure, social position no standing, and business no leverage. Only love creates the miracle, and that won’t change for as long as forever is. What is problematic in your life? Who upsets your plans? Who threatens your serenity? What ailment feels incurable? These are the miracles waiting to happen. Losers don’t exist in the presence of miracles; everyone wins. How could a situation be too difficult for God to handle? God is everything, and everything is love. No problem exists that can’t be resolved through love. And isn’t that a relief! You only have to know where help resides—and once you know where that is, you know where it is forever.”

Betsy Thompson author of LoveHuman has shared thoughts on ways to develop, new perceptions and attitudes for greater, healing and awareness of our inner Self and to bring this to our conscious life into the present to create new improved and life patterns that bring greater joy and happiness into our soul journey/ New feelings encourage new actions, and new actions create new results.

Sheryl and Betsy have discussed the ways our mind body and spirit guide us to remember the true nature of the “Wholeness” of life and of eternal energy concepts that relate to states of reality rebirth, imagination and manifestation and the state of love and grace that we may create through our thoughts actions dreams and using the magic of our spiritual awareness to create health miracles and learn more about the human and divine aspects of ourselves.

Betsy and Sheryl would have you remember to embrace yourself and others as they are in this moment and without judgment blame or expectation and to watch as change is invited through your hopes and remembrances of love and our eternal connection to the God-Source.