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Thriving Entrepreneur – Sell With Ease and Charge What You’re Worth with Jessica Riverson

Do you love it? Or like most people do you avoid it or even hate it?
What if you could sell with ease and charge what you are worth? How would confident selling impact your business?
Customers buying from us is one of the most central actions of our business. So why is selling the thing business owners like to do the least. Do you believe this because selling is hard? Or are you are afraid of the reaction? Or is it something else? Break through the mystery and emotion surrounding sales and discover an empowered new attitude that will impact the effectiveness of your selling permanently.
Learn how you can:
1. Discover why you dislike sales
2. Reframing selling into something that empowers you
3. Learn what is making you hesitant to sell
4. Become empowered to boost your sales this week.
Join host Steve Kidd and his dynamic guest Jessica Riverson of Permission to Charge™ Headquarters <> and let them release you into a whole new realm of growth in your company. Make more money; Sell with ease; and FEEL GOOD about it! Steve and Jessica share with you practical tips on how you can turn selling from a chore into exciting potential today on Thriving Entrepreneur