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Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers’ Circle – But it’s My Decision! How to Share Decision Making when it Matters Most – Your Health, Your Options

But it’s my decision!  I’m the one who’s been taken care of him!  What gives you the right to make a decision for me?  These are not uncommon statements made by families experiencing medical and health crises.  And what about the health care professionals caught in these family disputes?  How do they treat and care for a patient when the family is not aligned?  Shared-decision making is essential in preserving family harmony while simultaneously meeting the care needs of a sick and vulnerable individual. This week on Caregivers’ Circle Dr. David Alfandre M.D. and I will be reviewing the challenges inherent in decision making among families and health care professionals.  Dr. Alfandre will provide specific guidelines and tips for families and staff to follow in order to meet the needs of families and to serve the best-interest of patients.