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Rock Splitting Politics – Doc Holliday Goes to the Value Voter’s Summit—And Hillary Calls Him Deplorable!

Politics are raging and rocks are cracking and polls are moving so this week you will want to hear what went on in Washington, D.C. at the Value Voters Summit last week.  Doc Holliday was there and he has an exclusive interview where he and Academy Award winning Actor Jon Voight share a niche of creativity about this presidential election.  How about Hillary calling Trump supporters deplorable?  She did that as the Value Voter’s Summit was in session, and we heard her loud and clear.  Does she really despise these tens of millions of Americans?  Donald Trump is moving up in the polls and Doc Holliday tells you why that is happening.  Doc also mentions Champion the Vote and what they are seeking to do for conservative voters.  Get ready for what you need to know about this 2016 election.  Click on now for this week’s show!