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The Brain Broad Builds A Brain – The Ice Bucket Challenge, ALS, Caregiver Abuse and Living Despite The Truth!

Today’s guest is David E. Jayne an ALS sufferer and overcomer. True he is still extremely afflicted but David Jayne believes he is healing his condition. He shares the horrors, challenges and hopes of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). David is a force of nature despite the fact that he works in a chair and on a ventilator.

David founded: The National Coalition to Amend the Medicare Homebound Restriction, NCAHB. Bob Dole honorary chairman where he made some monumental differences in Medicare law. David lost his family. David gained a family. David suffered at the hands of a caregiver who is suspected of trying to poison him. David has lots of stories to share. He seen ALS discoveries come and go and though he is happy for the advances in awareness The Ice Bucket Challenge brought to ALS he still has to survive on a day in and day out basis.

Presently David has turned to crowd funding and is running a Go Fund Me campaign to help get beyond the devastation his caregiver challenges wrought. That is what brought him to Lynette Louise The Brain Broad’s attention and why he is on today’s show.

David is here because he knows how to heal despite the horizon of impossibility.

Finding a way to grow stronger anyway is the point behind every episode of The Brain Broad Builds A Brain. And David is the perfect first guest, on the first show, of the new location for this already established popular show.

Don’t miss a word.

The usual Brain Wave Based Neurofeedback advice is skipped today to make extra time for David E Jayne and ALS Awareness.

Todays ‘Brain Broad, Google Gods’ Search Engine advice teaches is life changing!

Today’s question “Is success found in healing or in being healed?”

Today’s answer: “In growing of course!”