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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – How To Make Sure Your Mediation Is A Success

We’ve all heard someone say they tried divorce mediation and it didn’t work. The challenge here is whether they were truly part of the small percentage of divorces that do need to be resolved by a judge or if they didn’t take the proper steps to ensure mediation was successful.
There’s a lot more to mediation than just showing up on a certain date at a certain time. It requires a commitment to being properly prepared and being invested in the process. And with the potential to save thousands of dollars in legal fees, mediation can be a very viable alternative to a traditional divorce.
Joining Mandy to discuss ways to make your mediation successful is Joe Dillon from Equitable Mediation. Based in New Jersey and Illinois, Joe and his wife and partner, Cheryl Dillon help divorcing couples complete all the steps to divorce peacefully, fairly and cost-effectively.
Saving money on your legal fees isn’t the only reason to mediate your divorce. Find out more by downloading Joe’s free ebook, 10 Reasons To Mediate Your Divorce.
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