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Rock Splitting Politics – Hillary Clinton Is a Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, Her Stench from the 1990s Still Stinks Today!!

Join Doc Holliday on this week’s show as he has an exclusive interview with a person whose reputation and livelihood were battered by the Clinton assembly of character assassins in the 1990s. Hear the story of a great American who was targeted by the Clinton cartel of bought-and-paid-for evil deceivers to hang on to and propel their political power.  Hillary Clinton’s greed and thirst for power knows no bounds as you can hear as as you listen to this important show detailing how unethical, deceitful, and without any moral clarity bad characters such as Hillary Clinton seek to abuse honest Americans who love their country. David Henderson tells his compelling story in his book The Arkansas Project and  he is Doc Holliday’s special guest on this week’s show.  Many of you will recall the names of characters from the Whitewater investigations, but some of the Clinton cronies from the 1990’s are the very names that are very relevant in the polished Clinton political machine today. Should Hillary Clinton be our next president?  Listen to David Henderson’s story with Doc Holliday and then check out his new book and the answer becomes obvious to honest Americans!