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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Three Steps to Rewire Your Brain and Access Your Highest Potential

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Marlise Karlin

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which offers stories insights and techniques to discover and use the Universal Laws of Energy for multi-dimensional healing spiritual communication and for personal development, welcomes Marlise Karlin author of The Simplicity of Stillness Method which is scientifically researched sound recordings of music and words that transmit advanced life Energy offered in three different formats which may help to rewire your brain and access your highest potential. As always we will focus on Universal Energy as Energy is everything and living in alignment to higher energy offers untold possibilities for greater awareness and higher consciousness. Marlise is an internationally renowned though leader and author who has shared the stage with visionaries Gregg Braden, Panache Desai and Dr Eric Pearl a former guest on “Healing From Within.” Converging 25 years of studies in Eastern holistic traditions and modern science including Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity Marlise developed The Simplicity of Stillness, SOS Method.

Marlise wrote… “For many people it arrives through the doorway of a challenge: a job loss, a death, an illness or major life crisis. Rarely do we consider these ordeals messages—but indeed mine were speaking too loud to be ignored. As the saying goes, “You can run but you can’t hide. Somehow I had gotten lost along the way, I applied the tools I had personally synthesized from the various traditions I had studied which now included setting a razor like focus of Intention with Making Requests and converging the potency of A Stillness meditation developed from energetic healings I had received…the answers soon arrived.”

It became clear to Marlise that certain traumas and events in her life were opportunities and also the catalyst for making profound and wise changes in her thoughts and life…Marlise wrote… “Spirals of shame and anxiety flooded my body…How could I have done so many horrible things in my life: I’ll never know what true freedom is…I’m not worthy.Everything I believed to be possible now seemed like a dream.

HOPELESSNESS WAS OVERWHELMING.” It was then she had a stream of indefinable Energy come through you like a form of liquid Love and negativity drawn out and old thoughts and images released…My perception of life changed and sadness turned to wonder and awe… the injury I had been suffering from turned out to be a gift that helped me to connect to this healing power or unified field of intelligence and my capacity for love seemed to overflow.

Sheryl says it sounds like a moment known as the Dark Soul..a point of surrendering control and old beliefs and perceptions being humbled and asking the Universe or source for help bringing guidance from your inner being or soul.

Marlise describes the difference between healing and a cure as it relates to The Simplicity of Stillness….Healings occur in many forms mental, emotional and spiritual as well as physical. For an illness to be cured the associated physical symptoms usually disappear. A physical cure can be dramatically evidential while a mental and emotional healing might not be—but it can have a long lasting effect on a person’s life that is dramatically evidential.

Many people express the desire to know what peace is and how to attain a state of higher consciousness. Sheryl and Marlise discuss their personal journey and search to bring peace happiness and well being into their own lives and to offer various insights into beginning one’s own path to renewal and health.

Marlise wrote… “Imagine an unprecedented future that includes the best modern medicine with methods that reconnect you to your innate power to generate self-healing in all areas of your life. There are many forms of healing that occur for people when they access higher Energy fields. This is where ancient wisdom the healing arts and science converge to assist you in having greater compassion for yourself and others and the insight of what is needed to accelerate more joy and strength in every day. It isn’t what you intellectually know that influences your health and wellbeing—it’s what you unconsciously believe and practice.”

Sheryl goes on to say peace is a state of being and necessary for health and progress. Peace may well be the recognition of who we are as spiritual beings having a physical life and the acceptance of life as it unfolds without judgment blame and self recrimination…a freedom to surrender to the goodness of life and to the best of our ability deal with the challenges in the most positive way we can…In The Living Spirit, Sheryl describes peace as follows…. We should aim to become a person who doesn’t find fault in others moving past personal obstacles with courage, hope and faith to find peace. Be free of any influence of others that take that state of mind-peace away from you. How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now, and that there will never be a time when it is not now.”

Offering insights into landmark research on Epigenetics Neuroplasticity, DNA and Subtle Energies, Marlise provides evidence from over a decade of case studies to demonstrate how you can release blocked cellular memory, imprint new neural pathways and activate vital life energy. An example of one of her clients include Katie. Katie was a ten year old who due to intense peer pressure at school from bullies, suffered from severe anxiety that prevented her from enjoying life in and outside of the classroom. After listening to the Stillness Sessions available as audio, she developed a higher sense of self and enough confidence to intervene when a schoolmate was being taunted…This was the development of her own sense of courage and wishing to help others which is in an innate drive in all of us…and might be the way to also develop a more conscious and human adolescent population which could lead to more harmony and balance in relationships as these kids become adults and can work on the many pressing problems faced by our world.

Marlise goes on to share how rewiring our brain or accessing different frequencies releasing old patterns of thinking and developing a positive view in time becomes a pattern that can create major changes in all aspects of life.

The 3 steps are to rewire your brain and access your highest potential:

  1. APPLY Explore/review knowledge…calm the mind…focus on a specific area…release self-defeating tendencies…Develop new life choices and habits..(Release and let go, Make requests, Expand Intuitive Abilities Transmit Conscious Communication Set Potent Intentions)
  2. ACTIVATE Energy Potential through Stillness Sessions Technology…Learn from the inside out

Marlise uses an analogy suggesting that living at your highest potential is not about climbing a ladder of success defined by an unconscious ego driven mindset…it’s about discovering a flow of life that is so rewarding it feeds your mind body and soul…
People have forgotten the relevance of connecting with this innate power because:

  1. The overwhelming challenges in every day
  2. The inability to find and experience peace
  3. The limitations of conventional mind chatter
  4. The belief of powerlessness to break negative patterns
  5. the limitations of linear mind thinking

Including the Simplicity of Stillness into your life to become Whole and aware of your true nature as a human and divine being moving past the information beliefs and patterns of earlier life allows one to expand into higher consciousness.

  1. To access deep peace and your highest potential for joy and well being in a simple experiential and effective way
  2. To consistently connect to inspired solutions and actions.
  3. To heal your mind and body from recent and past suffering
  4. To influence your brain physiology and neurotransmitters
  5. To release blockages in the cellular structure of the body

We have noticed that the digital revolution has given us many innovative elements for living but has also made life more difficult.
The way many people are trying to ease the pressure is through more pleasurable activities such as retail therapy, alcohol, drugs, sex and video games for those inclined but they cannot liberate the cravings to fill the emptiness inside or the search for one’s true identity and authentic Self. That can only come from this Knowing and inspiring your resilient intuitive creative and loving soul self.

Marlise’s father’s attitude for physical healing reflected the beliefs so many still have that chronic illnesses can only be cured through surgery and drugs In reality. Marlise actually practiced an ancient art of healing, Jin Shin Jyutsi and instead of the hysterectomy that was recommended, she was able to heal that chronic inflammation and much internal scarring was gone when you had further tests.

In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, Sheryl offers a way for us to realize multi-dimensional healing is more than curing symptoms with medicine or surgery and is a mind body spirit endeavor which leads to an improved quality of life on all levels of our physical and energetic being. She offers a quote from WH Auden at the start of a chapter entitled “Not Your Mother’s Doctor: The Growing Acceptance of Energy Healing.” WH Auden wrote. “Healing is not a science but the intuitive art of wooing nature” Then Sheryl began this chapter and wrote.. “This line like so much of Auden’s poetry captures an essential truth about life, love and what it means to be human. The human body is hardwired to heal itself, a fact that until recently was largely ignored by Western Medicine….These days however health is not just about the physical body. Technological advancements have brought wonderful things to the world; they have also meant less exercise for our bodies and more stress for our minds and has distracted us from our true nature as Divine beings. Perhaps that’s why mainstream magazines, websites and blogs now include methods for meditation yoga breathing exercises and relaxation practices for the body and mind….. Even some of the most traditional doctors and nurses now acknowledge that alternative health practices are a vital piece of the holistic puzzle.”

When the mind can grasp what is possible, it supports the adventure of our evolutionary journey, invites a deeper understanding from higher knowledge and answers begin to appear. Awareness is a profound experiential state of inner connection where there is no worry, anger or suffering. It is a depth of peace accessed through Energetic intelligence that has the power to rewire patterns in the mind and body to free you. Awareness is a practice to become more present to become mindful to observe when you act from an emotional or chemical trigger and to choose a new direction.

Marlise and Sheryl have shared Marlise’s discoveries travels and her evolving awareness that lead her to develop her own system for using words music and meditation to create an environment of stillness for her clients and listeners who can begin to find alignment to Universal Energy…There are many energy practices that offer this entrance into an inner view of life and Self and offer possibilities and the means to find peace healing and spiritual awareness but I feel that each of us is guided to have the experiences and meet the people who will broaden our learning experiences so we may once again remember and embrace the truth of our unique soul essence and finally realize as Marlise wrote… “Energy is not just an abstract conceptual theory, it is something that affects our lives, that can be worked with, and experienced. …We are surrounded and often bombarded by dense energy—from the electromagnetic waves that power our media and technological systems to people sending out unconscious negativity and from various other frequencies that drain and exhaust our innate abilities and these dense electromagnetic waves could possibly lead to various disorders…memory disruption, insomnia, hormonal imbalances and cancer. Connecting with a higher energetic flow that harmonizes nurtures, and fosters wellbeing in you is an essential element to combat this influence.”

Marlise and Sheryl would have you begin to open your minds and hearts further to realities that may exist beyond the structures and patterns or beliefs of your earlier life, many unclear or untrue which may have restricted and limited your view of your innate abilities and your ability to find peace and love and also to know that the Universe in its infinite wisdom provides for our evolution and personal growth if we allow ourselves to move past the fear of our mind and find the key to fulfillment and happiness lies within when you discover the innate intuitive part of yourself that is infinite loving compassionate and fearless.