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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Candace Talmadge And Jana Simons

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, which shares an in depth look at Universal Energy Laws, Healing, Spiritual Communication that offer ways and possibilities to awaken your true divine and human potential, welcomes Candace Talmadge and Jana Simons authors of The Afterlife Healing Circle – an approach for contacting souls on the other side. As a leader of such a group for many years which Sheryl has called an “Unfoldment Group” or a way for the souls or participants to remember and align to their soul energy consciousness, rid themselves of fears and limitations reach a higher level of conscious and communication with Spirit while they reflect on the reasons they have chosen a physical life and attain a higher level of awareness and love for life and also a greater awareness of the Afterlife.
Candace and Sheryl will discuss whether an intense interest in the afterlife may lead to finding out what happens once the physical body dies and whether it is possible to communicate with the dead. Many mental health professionals are beginning to realize that after-death communication helps alleviate grief to a greater extent than just counseling or bereavement groups. Candace believes that our society’s entire definition and understanding of life and energy is too limited and while after life communication is possible…. it is also possible to have pre-birth communication with the soul energy consciousness of those not yet born. Candace Talmadge is a professional writer syndicated political columnist and has appeared on the Edge of the Unknown radio show with Mark Henry discussing psychic abilities, the afterlife, pre life and other paranormal subjects. She has co-founded the Sattva Institute and is a Sunan therapist.
Candace grew up suspecting something survives the physical body at death. She also describes herself as skeptical about many of the beliefs and attitudes she was expected to embrace and was curious and open to many possibilities for exploring life in its many forms. Then in 1986 Jana Simons the co-author of this book helped Candace to meet her spirit guides who are what might be regarded as “dead.” Yet they were very real to Candace..soon after Jana conducted the first afterlife healing circle and this experience deepened Candace’s conviction that an afterlife is real. Sheryl has found that many people who experience an afterlife healing circle already have a deep interest in knowing more about energy the soul and how to use this knowledge to improve the quality of life in the physical realm. While in the environment of this Universal Energy one is able to feel and see or hear expressions from other souls and know more about their own life plan and what comes next.
Sheryl says…. “I may have sensed as a child that a higher force or energy was always present but never thought much about help from this higher realm, or that souls were energy and as such science tells us energy can never be destroyed only transmuted so Consciousness must survive physical death. When I had my own synchronistic and dream events I was propelled rather abruptly from a state of non-belief and skepticism into discovering not only is the Afterlife real!! but that the possibilities for happiness and success in this life are dependent on that knowledge. So I decided I had to share the truth with everyone who would listen. So I wrote my first book Life Is No Coincidence The Life and Afterlife Connection and then in my next book The Living Spirit I wrote…” There can be no spiritual development without as the above quote says “true self remembering” for the two concepts are actually one and the same. We are eternal beings already perfect in our divinity; therefore there is nothing to develop, only to remember.”
Jana became interested in contacting the dead in the early 1980’s after one of those so-called dead souls contacted her in a rather dramatic way. Jana was at her wits end…the restaurant she owned was failing and she owed the IRS money and her long term partner had split…Alone in her empty house she cried out in despair. There has to be something more….Are you asking a voice clearly outside her head said….I guess I am responded Jana…Are you God? No followed by laughter…I am a friend who has been with you since the beginning of your time…you have many more friends…The room filled with a yellow white light…(yellow was the color Jana had always associated with unconditional love) Jana then asked Is God displeased with me….Oh no my child…Then why is he doing this to me and why is my life such a mess? He is not doing this to you..This was the only way you could bring yourself to ask for help? Jana realized she had never asked anyone for help Even as a child she used babysitting money for her school needs instead of expecting her parents to pay….
Candace loosely defines the other side as any existence or dimension that does not involve consciousness inhabiting a body like we on earth would regard as physical. As for what the other side is like: What is life on earth like? There are an infinite number of ways that souls not in physical bodies live, just as there is the same unlimited range of options for living on earth. Life after life is far more varied than perhaps many of us can imagine.
The slightest research uncovers many studies documenting the survival of something after the physical body. Even so people will believe what they want to believe, and we must respect everyone’s right to believe as they see fit. We are not out to change people’s beliefs but we believe the experience of the Afterlife Healing Circle might just change beliefs…or at least broaden perspectives.
Sheryl feels as does Candace That the best way to learn is to experience anything first hand…by reading about other peoples experiences we can validate our own but most change is only possible individually after a person has an epiphany or new awareness. Being in an Unfoldment group for Sheryl and an Afterlife Healing Circle for Candace shifted them past not believing in an Afterlife to understanding it was real and then developing their own ability to receive messages from Spirit as a result of my fascination with the world of spirit: higher thinking and more loving values emanating from Universal Source which is our true spiritual nature. After years of dedication and practice and being part of a group lead by an amazing Reiki Healer and medium Sheryl began her own group. It was however only through personal experience that a skeptic or non-believer might begin to understand this enormous world of energy and continuous existence.
Many of my esteemed guests on this show including Dr. Raymond Moody author of Life after Life and his newest book Glimpses of Beyond who has spent over 40 years researching and interviewing people who have had near death experiences and many of the leaders in the field profess…. “Consciousness survives physical death”…I have also interviewed Dr Eben Alexander a neurosurgeon who had his own near death experience and wrote “Proof Of Heaven” and as a medium my new book “The Living Spirit” through the stories of my clients and my readings try to prove this truth. There is a new TV show now in the states on TNT cable network called “Proof”…the story of a surgeon who has lost a teenage son, then has her own near death experience and is trying to move past her skepticism to understand how an afterlife is possible. So it seems there are more and more people embracing these ideas who may have been unable to before so much documentation was presented
Candace explains that, “Experience engages the emotions and we live out of the emotional part of our being while in a physical world, not the intellect. Research and data speak to the mind but that alone does not drive our belief..Only when something touches our hearts or inner soul essence does it become real for us. The afterlife healing circle is an emotional-spiritual experience. It engages participants at the deepest levels of being taking them for a time out of the concerns of their everyday lives to travel in a world of creation and unlimited potential for growth and healing.”
Sheryl says over 20 years ago, she had a spiritual visit which she thought at the time was merely a dream and her grandfather said to her “Write something for your father”. The next day Sheryl received a call from her mother that her dad had passed and Sheryl wrote his eulogy… “That experience which she could not forget or discount as the feeling and reality were so powerful lead her to the world of energy medicine, spiritual communication and to knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are spiritual beings having a physical life and the Afterlife or Consciousness beyond the physical body is real.”
Candace speaks about grass roots spirituality. Call it spirituality for the rest of us. The afterlife healing circle conducted properly is as profoundly a spiritual practice as anything within organized religion. Grassroots spirituality is non-dogmatic and non-hierarchical ( not based on scripture tradition or division of people and gender as many religions are) and appeals to that growing segment of the population who describe themselves as spiritual (interested in personal growth and connection to Universal Energy or life) but not religious. They want to define their own spiritual traditions and meanings for how to appreciate themselves and the world without the beliefs of the past.
Is love real? Neither the soul nor love can be measured but we acknowledge the presence and influence of love on our lives and in the world. The soul and love are intimately connected… heart based… and a way to connect to all that is with extreme feelings of love, as are energy and consciousness. Candace outlines the connection between all four in the book by expanding and redefining E=MC2 Soul energy as we believe is eternal precisely because it is an energy that not only survives the material body but exists quite apart from any material reality including earth. Therefore if soul energy consciousness survives the physical body’s death can it not also exist before birth. Greek philosopher Plato argued for the existence of the soul before birth as well as its survival after the physical body’s demise.
Candace and Sheryl advocate contacting the dead only for healing resolution. It’s not a parlor game and we believe that all of us have the same intuitive psychic abilities as mediums and can learn from a medium or psychic how to open up and use the channels of non-physical energy to contact the dead and the not yet born.
Sheryl says “I was told years ago by one of my teachers International Medium Robert Brown that I was a different type of medium…as an energy healer I receive messages that help my clients understand their life purpose develop their own spiritual gifts and resolve karma and emotional issues with both living and dead relations. In a reading I receive positive and empowering messages some from departed relatives and perhaps from guides and teachers but the result is my clients release negative ideas and physical issues and become more aware of who they are and how they wish to handle any challenges they have. All mediums are as each individual unique and bring their sensitivities and talents to the work and I believe we are directed by Spirit to find a healer spiritual teacher or medium who is right for our development.”
For the purposes of the afterlife healing circle, we can boil down the method to 3 simple principles.
1 Love means we know how to send and receive unconditional love
2 Connection means simply that we always keep the flow of love open among us, our clients, the invisible healers who are supporting us and the divine.
3 Trust is really about self trust…that we trust the information..the information doesn’t have to be logical or rational or make sense to us: it’s for the client.
Candace as does Sheryl have a great love for and hope for more conscious parenting of today’s children and suggest kids aren’t born with instruction manuals. They often bewilder their parents, while first time parents invariably have anxieties. Contacting a child soul before the child is born is a great way to connect intimately with that child and to understand at some level why it chose you as a parent and the soul’s purpose for the lifetime. Once parents know this, they are better prepared to support that child as she matures and they can come to understand that they are the STEWARDS of the physical childhood of a soul that is as old as they are. That is a tremendous weight off their shoulders. This practice has profound and positive potentials in the field of child development. It is the ultimate in conscious parenting.
As all parents are concerned and have questions about their parenting abilities one of the best ways to find answers is to go to the source….meaning the soul of the child to be born. Children do not come into this life with minds that are clean slates…This notion of the mind as tabula rasa was first spoken of by 17th century English philosopher John Locke, one of the most influential Enlightenment thinkers.
While modern biology’s focus on genetics has layered the concept of inherited traits the belief that kids’ minds are empty and just waiting to be molded still influences most education systems and parenting theories worldwide this is a limited view of the reality of that child’s spiritual and physical life journey.
Assume the souls have chosen a life purpose, lessons and spirit guides…Parents still have no clue about their child’s life plan and soul needs so they struggle to bring up a total stranger. Today’s parents with new understanding of metaphysics and tools to assist them..However remember much advice comes from research and theory that may or may not apply to their child or from the experience of other parents raising different children…Indeed we are all unique and our needs and goals are unique and following other peoples guide manuals may not be best for us.
Candace writes….”The Afterlife healing circle address other issues beyond resolving grief or conscious parenting. The purpose would be for resolution not voyeurism. The Afterlife healing circle can be useful for many issues of family distress personal karma even in instances of such hurtful situations like crib death or before an abortion…depending on the openness of those involved to this kind of process.”
Candace and Sheryl have shown through their own lifetime experiences their own spiritual growth and how being part of a group such as an afterlife healing circle may serve people who are in a state of grief and who have gone from one expert to another without relief to find some new sense of connection to Spiritual energy and eternal life and may find comfort even positive effects even though science has not yet successfully proven that consciousness survives physical death.
According to Raymond Moody MD author of Life After Life a former guest of Healing From Within and who wrote the foreword of The Afterlife Healing Circle… has studied Near Death Experiences for over 44 years in the hopes of answering this ultimate query of Is there life after Death? Dr Moody wrote his own belief on NDEs which can be summed up with the following quote from his interview with Jeffrey Mishlove:
“I don’t mind saying that after talking with over a thousand people who have had these experiences, and having experienced many times some of the really baffling and unusual features of these experiences, it has given me great confidence that there is a life after death. As a matter of fact, I must confess to you in all honesty, I have absolutely no doubt, on the basis of what my patients have told me, that they did get a glimpse of the beyond.”