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Rocksplitting Politics -Trump and Clinton Clash in First Presidential Debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed in the long awaited first presidential debate last week.  Doc Holliday gives his take on what the debate means to this election and shares some clips from both Trump and Clinton.  Is the mainstream media biased?  Doc gives you his take about that too, along with the news that so many Americans seem to be tuning out about the FBI investigation of Clinton and her emails.  You must hear what Doc Holliday says about the congressional testimony of FBI director Comey.  What America is in the midst of is a truly amazing and dangerous time as the next 40 days will determine the path of America for probably the next 40 years.  Exciting times or desperate times?  Listen to this week’s show and better understand the times in which we are now living!  Click on and share with your friends! Check out and like our Facebook page. Rock Splitting Politics more relevant now than ever before!