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Thriving Entrepreneur – Living Life as a Warrior & Impacting Lives Through Music with Nacole and Mark

How do you make decisions and manage difficult situations? Nacole Ali proved that she is a warrior built to last after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Her journey was an emotional roller coaster but she didn’t allow those negative feelings to take over her life. “Take every obstacle as a challenge and not a defeat. We should not procrastinate, and we should not just take action but live in the moment,” Nacole said.
We all know that music is an effective medium to inspire people to action. Mark Pogue is a Classic Christian Rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. The lyrics of his songs are so impactful because most of them were inspired by his life-changing experiences. Singing/writing a song is just like writing a diary. You pour out all your emotions to it to create something good which is music. Mark shares with us the story behind some of his songs and the 25-year silence that he had in his musical career since his last album.
Listen in and be inspired to live your best life as a warrior built to last and how you too can impact other people’s lives through music just like Mark here on Thriving Entrepreneur.