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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Play the Energy Game and Achieve Your Dreams

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Phyllis King

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, a story of people’s encounters with Universal Energy, Spiritual communication and healing principles which can help develop and use intuition to create a fulfilling life journey. Sheryl is delighted to welcome Phyllis King, author of The Energy of Abundance: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom to Achieve Anything You Want In Life.

Phyllis King, a common sense psychic and psychic comedienne who has mentored and advised individuals businesses and audiences will help you find ways to achieve abundance in every aspect of life, from relationships to income, peace of mind, and emotional health as we master the Universal Laws of Energy and play the Energy Game for success and well being.
Phyllis says she was born with a heightened awareness of a kind..Sheryl like Phyllis usually describes her earlier life as being sensitive and aware of what others were not and was described as a sensitive child who felt and responded deeply to the emotions of others and situations where she could not be moved from her own sense of knowing what was best for herself and others…Phyllis says “It could not be superseded by any philosophy or dogma that was suggested to me as truth or a path. It over-rided my need for tribal connection. Phyllis and Sheryl are of course not the only ones to share a perspective about the intangible existence or the world of Spirit energy or dimensions of life beyond the earth plane.”

As Phyllis tells us in her book, “Energy is synonymous with life.: This includes tangible matter, intangible matter emotions thoughts and anything the mind can consider or anything we can speak about. Energy is moving around in all places at all times. The world is fluid and changing all the time on all levels…Our relationship to life is “The Energy Game.” As Albert Einstein said, “ Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.” Hard to define what energy is….The Dave Watson definition says, “Energy is a property or characteristic (or traits or aspect?) of matter that makes things happen or has the potential to make things happen”… Yahoo reveals “Capacity for work or vigorous activity: vitality or intensity of expression.” A consciousness itself is what creates energy and this produces the tangible outcomes we experience as a natural sequence. What we put into consciousness will determine the content of our outcomes in life. If we master the inside game of our perceptions, quiet ourselves internally and listen we can find our balance and choices become clear. Then we can put out energy to pull in energy Our dreams require a certain level of energy. We have to create that energy and put it into consciousness…It’s all about that exchange.

In Phyllis’ view of the energy game there is a spectrum…On one end you may have apathy, boredom, and depression….these are low level, slow moving frequencies….they are compacted in nature without space in them. Life created from a compacted position will take you to a place of limited vibrations and outcomes…without space or expansion or growth. On the other side of the spectrum we find happiness, generosity enthusiasm and joy and are working with high level frequencies.. fast moving and filled with space When we create from this energy we are going to like what we create.

This book suggests that everyone can have everything: Can people really have it all? Sheryl thinks if our intentions and needs are in alignment with our life plan and our soul reasons for having this life then Yes we can have what we need though not always what we think we want. “If we want to allow abundance to drive our experience we have to have a way to get in the flow of divine wisdom. That is an open position of listening and responding to the inner voice while behaving in life in an open position…we have to discover ways around the maze of earlier conditioning and our childhood patterns of behavior to allow divine abundance to flow into our lives. Our ability to go with the flow of life rather than resist it or get in the way of it is half the battle of creating the life of our dreams…It is when we allow high frequencies to govern our consciousness that we watch miracles and synchronicities occur all around us.
Because our identifications in the human experience is so strong we cannot remove ourselves from a perceived security that the “ego mind” convinces us to have. Then there is a fear to even try to move away from our beliefs about what reality really is…We might say “If science can’t prove it then there is no value to it.” Our American culture was built upon puritanical belief systems and we have been a society of rule-makers and rule followers especially when it comes to God and the intangible. People often choose to accept the old patterns and perceptions to blend in and fulfill their need for tribal connection. The rigidity and structure of rules limit our awareness of what God is or isn’t, and precludes us from accessing an abundance of Universal information available through listening with an open heart.

This book works to help people with their money, love or career and the everyday concerns most of us have. Phyllis wrote… “Destiny as we may think of it even the one we create for ourselves is fluid. We can create, adjust, and re-create circumstances based upon new information just like in the human experience. This represents how free will always remains constant. We may hold a position or point of views about some subject and then we learn something new and change our position. We can do that spiritually as well. We have permission to do what feels right….More than any other idea related to birth, the concept of continuum brings more of an expanded perspective than any other. When we recognize we are in a collaborative process with a consciousness that is a constant loving support toward the greater good of the individual and the collective, we don’t have to take the human experience quite so seriously. This enables us to enjoy life more, trust life more, and allow a greater flow of divine consciousness. This understanding can help us develop a greater awareness of how we respond to people and deal with money love and our career.”

We each have an individual purpose and a collective purpose Our nature and mission is always to expand, to heal, and to become our best, happiest and most loving selves. If we can understand the soul is driving the human experience we reconnect to our power and the infinite wisdom of the greater consciousness. This allows life to become a benevolent experience no matter what we are doing.

Two common mistakes people make when it comes to abundance or having enough to satisfy and delight them are:
1 Giving up on what you want because you think it has to happen in a specific period of time and if it doesn’t happen immediately we feel it won’t happen at all…Actually the skills that we develop are what are really important and what allows for personal growth and happiness. Our sincere efforts consistency and flow in life should make us feel successful rather than merely looking at the outcome. Rather than adjust internally or to change our thoughts and to heal the impediment blocking our way forward we must sometimes cultivate a different strategy to get us to our desired goal.

2 The second common mistake in the abundance equation is that of attaching to our outcome. We have to consent to allow life to give us what is best for us on a soul level and follow the process for what it offers in terms of learning but not necessarily only the outcome. If you know you can not be given a learning experience you do not need, you will conquer the ego aspect of thinking that you must be perfect and will know that the soul motivates the human experience, not the other way around as the ego would have you believe…So if we attach ourselves to the outcome we may judge it as good or not good for us, and have immediately projected energy into our outcome…We want to recognize what is attractive to us but not attach to whether or not it will come to pass. We want to cultivate a perspective that says this or something more suited to my needs or my highest good will be lovely.

People become aware of a life purpose and connect to their own destiny by their ability to understand their purpose and this gives life context.. Phyllis believes that life purpose correlates to finding love and connects us to everything: relationships, career, and to personal growth. If we do not take the time or show interest to know our purpose abundance in all forms will elude us.

Phyllis wrote… “At the core of what I offer, I have always wanted to be of service to others. It has always mattered to me to show up in an authentic manner and to be an interesting and safe place for others to land, regardless of my profession. All the roles I held in my diverse professional background helped me to fulfill my need to serve and prepared me to serve even more in the role I have now. Even at the time when I was filling the other roles, I knew they weren’t forever. What was lacking for me was spirituality…”

Sheryl says she very much concurs with Phyllis’ need and search for spirituality as Sheryl followed a similar path as she began to question,” Who are we ?” and “What is life all about?” Sheryl often tells people she has had six careers and loved them all…. teaching, her own tag sale business, interior design sales and management, a Reiki energy healing practice, the author of several books, and hosting an internet radio show. Each she feels was an opportunity for her soul development and for finding a greater interconnectedness to the world of Spirit and a physical existence. Along the way as she was finding joy in building relationships, helping others and herself to grow and evolve and learn more about life, Sheryl was playing the energy game and discovering her intuitive healing work and mediumship abilities as time and events presented themselves, though she may not have been aware at the time that was her life purpose from the beginning.

In The Living Spirit, Sheryl wrote in relation to our thoughts on life purpose “Faith allowance and acceptance for our life plan as well as that of others are necessary if we are to improve both our everyday lives and continue our path of spiritual ascension….there is a pattern and meaning to all things in Heaven and on earth and for each human, there are people and events designed to guide us to face fears and negative thoughts so that we can fully realize our most loving selves or the Divine Spark of God within.”

Being a psychic or intuitive helped Phyllis with these discoveries and she wrote, “As a psychic or intuitive I wanted to share with people the answer to their questions from all energetic angles. And to do this it was necessary to develop the language that could be understood in everyday language. Learning to ask questions that expand or thinking from superficial questions like “Does he love me? to Why don’t I feel lovable?” helps us move past our fears into a higher state of love and being. Most people come to psychics for validation of what their instincts are already telling them..As a psychic I offer an idea or perspective that perhaps they never considered and which may help them move closer to their own truths where they can balance and center themselves to make better choices.”

Phyllis tells us, “When I specifically looked for life purpose or more accurately soul purpose, I became aware of what I call a blueprint….like an architectural print…which includes information about what we want to contribute…evolve beyond, heal or experience. Within the blueprint there are life themes or cycles that determine what we will focus on during various periods in our life. There are many variations and no two people are alike…….Life purpose does not have to be career related….it can be about personal development: ex. to learn about leadership, or to learn to follow, or to be a scapegoat for a family..or about being ill or being a bully…We can have multiple purposes in a lifetime…most people have two, some three, and even four. When we have completed the learning expansion of a certain theme we move into the next. We carry forward all learning into the next cycle or experience.”

Some common themes in The Energy of Abundance or Archetypes represented are;

1. Healer (Often takes care of everyone else who serve but self abandon their own needs)
2. Visionary Inventor or innovator like Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein.. but can often feel inadequate or isolated because of their significant intelligence or view of life
3. Creative, Musicians, artists entrepreneurs, and comediennes. Often suffer from depression, change roles and jobs and relationships often…discontent in the body and denseness and seek freedom
4. Victim Expresses itself through creativity and nurturing but is self-sacrificing to an extreme and deals with issues of self-worth and struggles to have a right to live or have an opinion.
5. Leader Leading usually in the business community…Carry out instructions and are achievers who lead through charisma and strength of personality. May suffer from isolation and being inflexible.
6. Scavenger With this essence expresses itself through corruption deception and manipulation. The physical life has been abusive or neglectful on a deep level and the emptiness and feeling of no self value causes them to express without empathy or value towards others.

Phyllis hopes her readers will understand these messages after reading her book, “Death of the body is more accurately a transition from one dimension to another dimension. All dimensions exist at the same time. Some of us have bodies and some of us don’t. Everything in life is amazing and intrinsically connected. Remember all experiences are equal in consciousness..there is no good bad right all wrong. The soul says all is abundant… When we encounter pain, the Divine has given us an opportunity to expand..Reach for Gratitude…Be Kind to Yourself…Do not forget where you come from…Acknowledge the one-ness of all things… Take time to care for yourselves mentally emotionally spiritually and physical …Stay awake and connected to Source.”

Phyllis and Sheryl have shared their awakening process and their belief that an understanding and aligning to Universal Energy as the source of life enables our human potential to grow and thrive through the many challenges encountered during a physical life experience. We may master the art of receiving and giving love, release beliefs which no longer serve us find and realize our life purpose and connect to soul mate relationships… As Phyllis wrote “Life is really a continuum. There is no beginning and end, just moments that help us define who we are to ourselves and continue to bring us closer to our truth. As you begin this journey of truth know there is no end game, just an acceptance of learning to be in the now with peace.”
Phyllis and Sheryl would have you share in the positive and fulfilling aspects of your daily life by remembering to appreciate the people opportunities and events that show you that we are connected to each other and to a force of continuous energy that truly has our best interests at heart and at the end of the day know you are never alone.