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Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.

Special Guest: Yuki Oikawa

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick, intuitive energy practitioner, medium and author of The Living Spirit which share stories of spiritual communication healing energies and miracles so we may discover the possibilities for living a peaceful prosperous and purposeful life experience, welcomes back a former guest on the show, Yuki Oikawa, US Spokesperson for the Laws of Justice written by Master Ryoho Okawa. Yuki Oikawa is a longtime observer and commentator of Japanese politics and Japanese-American relations who has a diverse background in the financial religious and political arena and is presently running for political office in Japan.

We focus in this discussion on how we can understand and resolve conflicts in the world and how to build the world we can believe in. We will discuss the volatile nature of the 2016 American presidential election and conflicts in both parties, and how it is all being viewed in Asia. We will also discuss the Iran Nuclear deal President Obama’s actions and how the expansion of China and their ongoing economic meltdown along with Nuclear development and threats by North Korea affect the world.

Ryuho Okawa is a renowned spiritual thinker leader and an author in Japan with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. To date, Okawa has published over 2,000 books which have sold over 100 million copies worldwide and been translated into 28 languages. His books cover essential teachings as to how our thoughts influence reality, the nature of love and the path to enlightenment. In 1986 Okawa founded Happy Science as a spiritual movement dedicated to bringing happiness to humankind by uniting religions and cultures to live in harmony. Happy Science has grown to a worldwide organization with 12 million members. Okawa is dedicated to improving society and creating a better world.

Therefore, seen from his personal level, any movement that deprives people of awareness as a child of God or a child of Buddha is a hindrance in realizing justice. The right action is to create a social system that allows people to be aware that they are spiritual beings endowed with souls while living in physical bodies, that there are high spirits, God and Buddha in the heavenly world and that we are all children of God and Buddha. Sheryl concurs with this viewpoint and his book The Living Spirit writes, “Spiritual transformation is the key to manifesting a better physical experience, period. It is also necessary to attain life achievements that are not only materially advantageous but are a real reflection of your true Divine self.” Therefore as more people realize their soul importance in living in a physical reality we may begin to live fairly and in harmony with all races religions cultures and political structures.

This book is the latest volume of the author’s core teachings which has become known internationally as the ‘Law Series.” The book is being published amidst a chaotic period in history where there are an unprecedented number of world conflicts including international terrorism, the rise of ISIS, the Syrian Civil War and tragic refugee crisis, the Iranian nuclear deal, the military expansion in China and nuclear development and threats by North Korea. During the eight years of the Obama Administration the world order has begun to fluctuate greatly as the American government has abdicated its role as the world’s policeman. The volatile nature of the 2016 American election many further complicate the international business economic and diplomatic climate including critical international trade……This book considered both a religious book and one based in political philosophy combines six of the authors lectures in Japan between 2013 and 2015 giving insight on how this global upheaval can be managed including metaphysical idealistic and abstract arguments.

The true opponent Happy Science is fighting against is actually materialism around the world. Materialism is a huge problem, and if we do nothing about it, its proponents will only keep on multiplying. If we look at the current education system and job development, we can see that we are heading for an increase in the number of materialists. Therefore, we must fight against this.

Kant’s philosophy contains concepts that come under the category of ideas of justice. The German philosopher rejected the Manichaean dualism of good and evil, and advocated “maxims,” subjective principles of action based on reason. He put forth the “categorical imperative,” a concept which suggests that one should choose to live, of one’s own will, in a way which one believes will accord with morality. In other words, his suggestion was this: “Set aside the concept of good and evil determined by God and, regarding actions you take based on reason, carry them out in a way that would be acceptable if other people did the same thing. This is the new way of determining justice.”

Perhaps the major shift we are experiencing has come because of Obama’s actions over the last 8 years. The problems in America and the world are concerned with some people’s mistaken views on the need to purge certain thoughts about religion and democracy. Obama and Clinton and ultra liberal left radical ideologies have assisted in creating a division or imbalance in our world and a loss in our Constitution direction. Unfortunately, America has faced changes as President Obama revised these certain basic American values in his inaugural address saying, “We are a nation of Christians, and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers.” In this way, democracy is being shaken now, but we should be aiming for true prosperity of democracy from the right religious value because this would be the way to realize the happiness of all people, not the happiness of the greatest number as often claimed in democracy,

Okawa said, “People say there are world conflicts due to religion, but the religion they are referring to is a monotheistic religion. Monotheistic religions are fighting each other.” To help resolve conflicts among monotheistic religions and integrate different beliefs, Okawa has launched a religious revolution or a world transformation through activities at his organization, Happy Science. As part of this movement, he has published Spiritual Interview Series, books that contain messages from the spirits or guardian spirits of people who have a great deal of influence in the world. These include a variety of spirits from historical figures such as Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and Shakyamuni Buddha to recent people such as Franklin Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Steve Jobs. These spiritual messages are proof that there are many gods or divine spirits in the Spirit World. In some manner, these books prove that many levels exist in Heaven and that there is diversity among gods or heavenly spirits.

If there are diversities in heaven as there probably are for each soul is so unique creative and separate while still united to eternal energy, then why would we not expect this same principle to be at work here in physical life

The Islamic State, on the other hand, has its own particular logic and reasoning for its action.* Ever since the Iraq War and the Arab Spring,† there has been a reversal of power; those who had been in advantageous positions previously now face very difficult situations. On January 31, 2015, we conducted a spiritual research on the true intention of al-Baghdadi, who calls himself a caliph and the leader of the Islamic State. Refer to Ryuho Okawa, A Spiritual Interview with the Leader of ISIL, al-Baghdadi: Including a Spiritual Investigation into the Truth of the Japanese Hostage Taking (Tokyo: HS Press, 2015). † The Arab Spring was the wave of large-scale demonstrations and protests against governments that began from civil resistance in Tunisia (Jasmine Revolution) in 2010, then spread throughout the Arab world. and have nowhere else to go. In these circumstances, the Islamic State emerged in an attempt to create a new authority. What is more, the Islamic State is aiming to bring together and unite the Muslim world, so that it can create a vast domain with a power that extends as far as Northern Africa and Southern Europe. Their thinking is typical of the ideas held during eras of war. We are not sure how our American government has not seen the full goal and intent of the Arab states they have supported and embraced and an Iranian deal which will not address the growing aggression of Iran and its push to conquer the Middle East.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for the military withdrawal in the Middle East, but this resulted in confusion there, creating many sources of instability in the area. Actually, there are two facets of military affairs; one is that it serves the role of police, and the other is that it functions as a brutal force such as the massacre of people. We need to be aware that ever since the American military abandoned its role of policeman, chaos, disorder and the number of deaths have increased around the world. America is only conducting air strikes now. President Obama is unwilling to commit ground troops because that would endanger the lives of many Americans. That is why he only permits air strikes. However, from the point of view of the Islamic State, they probably see this as unfair because America is unilaterally attacking it using weapons that it does not possess. Thus, we can say that America’s Middle East policies have contributed to the development of the Islamic State.

Okawa wrote… “The battle against materialism is still continuing. In China, religious activities are still kept under surveillance despite the liberalization of its economy. Even so, the number of underground Christians is now said to have increased to around 100 million. Therefore, we can assume that their political system will break down in the near future.” It seems religious or spiritual awareness is a necessary force for maintaining fairness in our political actions and without it a totalitarian state often emerges. I believe as people embrace a multitude of ideas and awareness of the best ideas in various religions and develop a more mature view of their soul and energy presence we will move past the limitations of religion materialism and limited thinking to a more open world view of possibilities for peace.

Okawa speaks on how the nuclear development and threats by North Korea affect China Japan and indeed the entire world. “On the other hand, looking at the Pacific region, Japan, a nation that is constantly apologizing, is at the core. Countries in Asia and Oceania are trembling in fear of the current Chinese hegemony, so they are relying on Japan. They are hoping that Japan can serve as some sort of shield against China. For this reason, Prime Minister Abe has decided to support islands in the Pacific Ocean with a total of 55 billion yen [approx. 450 million dollars] to maintain friendly alliances. Put bluntly, he is moving in the direction of enabling self-defense. That is to say, he is setting up a way of countering China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative with “island based self-protection.” This may appear similar to the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere idea that Japan set up before the Greater East Asia War, but he is doing so because he senses the danger.”

Okawa says, “Another point I want to add is the matter of justice. We have to think about justice, or what is right and what is wrong. With regard to justice, there are roughly two different ways of thinking in the world. One is that justice is in the hands of God. That is to say, people believe that only God can decide whether something is in accordance with justice; the decision is in God’s hands, so humans cannot make the determination. This way of thinking is firmly rooted in religious countries. Another way of thinking is that justice is determined by humans through a democratic process. People put God aside and believe that justice is determined by the law, which was created by representatives elected through a vote, in the legislature. Anything that goes against those laws, decided by the majority, is wrong, while anything in accordance with them is in line with justice. There is this kind of thinking. Then, there is also a stance in between. Some democratic nations decide justice based on their assumption of what the Will of God would be.”

There are two kinds of righteousness: one which is politically right and one which is economically right. American political philosopher John Rawls [1921–2002] is famous for writing, A Theory of Justice. In this book he basically argues that justice means to eliminate disparity. In current terms, he says it is unforgivable that a mere one percent or so of the world’s population possesses half of the world’s wealth, and therefore it is essential to transfer the wealth of this one percent to other people.

However, there are no such rules in the Islamic teachings. There are no teachings such as, “Women must wear a headscarf” or “Women must not receive education.” Actually, these are set by paternalism or the patriarchal system. Put simply, the father has all the authority within a family, similar to how things used to be in many countries, including Japan.

In the lecture he gave in December 2015, Okawa also said, “The reason why I preach ‘The Laws of Justice’ is to build the world we can believe in. We have the right to live in a world that we can believe in more.” It is a common mission between humans in the past, present and future to build the world we can believe in by establishing the Justice of God. This is why we need to fight against atheism and materialism. At the same time, we should be tolerant to and understanding one another in order to create world peace together, no matter what religion we believe in. As for aspects in older religions that are no longer appropriate to the people in this era, we need to learn new teachings that suit us today. The Laws of Justice depicts how justice should be in this world from a higher perspective that surpasses differences between religion, race, and culture. By believing in the author’s messages in this book, we can accept many gods (divine spirits), recognize that each and every person has dignity as a child of God, and love and forgive one another.

What’s happening: The religious conflict in this case was between Christianity and Islam. Because they were founded a long time ago in different places, their ideas and belief systems differ. These differences were passed down unchanged to the present day, an era of cultural exchanges and interactions. This is why these inconsistencies have now become the roots of conflict, causing hatred and conflict between the two. This made me think, “Now is the time when Heaven’s intentions must be made clear and innovations be made in religions. The time has come when a new religion is needed.” Thus, the same disastrous event can produce different reactions depending on the individual.

In truth, if you look at the life forms of this world, you will find that there is a purpose for all existence. All life have traces of the purpose for which they were created. Life was created according to some kind of blueprint. So, who drew up the blueprint? Who made it possible for humans to move and live as such, based on a blueprint? Can it be explained? Certainly, it does not just happen accidentally by the accumulation of dust or the blowing of wind.

The Truth is very simple. In short, it is as simple as this: “When people die, they return to the other world and resume their life as a soul. While the world after death is the “Real World,” people sometimes come back to this world again,” or “People undergo soul training in this world on earth, then they shed their physical body and, after their funeral, return to the original world that is the “Real World.” And those in the Real World are watching the people in this world.”

Okawa answers this “There are two major trends opposing each other in the world today. One centers around the United States. This force is comprised of countries that want it to support and spread the ideologies of democracy, liberalism, fundamental human rights and market economies. The Other is a force comprised of countries that will suffer if these ideologies spread across the world, because their ways of thinking and methods differ. There is a battle between these two forces.”

This is because what is accepted as “common knowledge” at the beginning of this 21st century is quite far apart from God’s Truths. When it comes to education, especially in higher education, it is becoming the norm that religious matters such as faith, God and Truth are being expelled, and anything that does not fit under the name of science should not be taught. This kind of thinking may be a great blessing for Muslim girls who are terrified of the Taliban. If those girls could escape a world where they have to cover their faces and feel terrified while studying, they would certainly embrace this thinking as a blessing. However, I believe that removing and dismissing faith from education also results in a loss of something great.

In modern-day politics, too, through the invention of various political techniques and principles, people are now able to make decisions on their own, as if living in a Godless age. That may be wisdom of some sort. Certainly, there have been ages where kings ruled in the name of God. It is also true that, as a result, countless people have suffered under evil kings. Historically, there may have been more evil kings than good ones. To avoid such unhappiness, a system called “democracy” was established. However, unless we are careful, through the use of human ideas we could move in the direction of destroying the world that God created and even the Truth that God created—the rules of the universe. In the 18th century, known as the age of enlightenment, God and many of His embodiments were “killed,” either literally or in philosophy.

Thus, Bill Gates has now realized that there are people who cannot be saved solely by computers. In this way, he has been developing a religious mindset. Steve Jobs previously criticized him for not having this mindset, but now he is doing this charitable work with sincerity. So, he is trying to use the huge amount of money he amassed to contribute to society. Thus, wealth can be a power to save the world, so I do not deny wealth altogether.

Live and let live as the old saying goes….but separate in our development while not violent in our actions.

Recently, there was a general election in Japan and one politician used the slogan, “This is the only way”* and went on to great victory. Indeed, this was one political tactic. However, only God can say, “This is the only way.” People who make such remarks are, after all, truly arrogant. What we can do as human beings is to choose a way that we believe is best from a variety of options. If God indicates a different path than one chosen by humans, then the statement, “This is the only way,” would be wrong .

In recent years, Happy Science was confronted with two major issues: one concerned education, where we had to prove what academics is and what a university is in the truest sense, while the other concerned politics, where we were tested to see whether religion and faith can open a path in the field of politics. These issues are still far from being resolved.

ALL NATIONS WHO HAVE THEIR PEOPLE AS HOSTAGES SHOULD SAY…. “ Should you execute the Japanese hostages, Japan shall regard the Islamic State as an enemy and take action accordingly while strengthening our ties with other countries.” In other words, he should have said that executing the hostages would be taken as a declaration of war.”

Sheryl wonders what Yuki believes what happens if Hillary Clinton is elected and what does he see happening if Donald Trump is elected. Yuki says, “ I believe there is a plan for each of us and for the evolution of the world community and whoever is the president will give us the experience necessary at this time…..In fact, in the world that we live, nothing exists as a perfect ideal; everything has complete and incomplete aspects. We live in such a world”

Okawa says in Chapter 2 of this book, “When people die, they return to the other world and resume their life as a soul. While the world after death is the Real World, people sometimes come back to this world again.” In short, people are born into the world, over and over again, sometimes not in just one particular country but in many countries, and believe in many religions. If you are a Christian now, you could’ve been a Muslim in a past life. The opposite could be true, too. As such, you can conclude that there’s no meaning to religious and ethnic conflicts.

There is one thing that stands out for me during this period. That is the 2014 acceptance speech made by the Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai, a 17-year-old Muslim girl. In Islamic countries, extremists destroyed about 400 schools, declaring that it is unforgivable for young girls to go to school by bus without covering their faces, because they should live conservatively and in line with the traditional precepts of Islam. That was the reason why, in her Nobel acceptance speech, she delivered the message, “Why is it that giving guns is so easy, but giving books is so hard? Why is it that making tanks is so easy, but building schools is so hard?” Thus, some people who belong to certain religions are now working hard to secure their right to receive a more liberal education and the freedom to choose their occupation. This is certainly one path to make things better and a much needed one. On the other hand, in developed countries, such as Japan and America, a fundamental question is being raised: is this “education” that people have a right to, an ideal one?

Thus, some people who belong to certain religions are now working hard to secure their right to receive a more liberal education and the freedom to choose their occupation. This is certainly one path to make things better and a much needed one. On the other hand, in developed countries, such as Japan and America, a fundamental question is being raised: is this “education” that people have a right to, an ideal one?

Sheryl Says , “No, the ultra liberal approach takes people away from their true soul or spiritual awareness and lives a void in the heart essence…forgetting or minimizing who we are as spiritual beings is partially the reason religions as they have been in the past, are no longer adequate to address our future evolution…It is only when we realize our real nature: that we are more than our physical body and the limited laws of our religions that we can truly be at peace and live in harmony with life and everyone….Education from simply a political national or cultural viewpoint forgets the essence of life and the connection to Source Spirit or God that is a Constant…”

Okawa writes… “The Truth must be strong. In this world, people with faith and believers of a religion are often considered to be so weak and fragile that they would clutch at a straw. Some may believe such people are unable to think rationally or logically, are incapable of scientific thought, possess low intellect, or are ignorant and illiterate people who need to be guided by people with “proper” academic knowledge. But in this modern age, those who sought God’s Truth and have grasped it must become strong. “

Truth is not determined by the number of people on this earth, by how many people agree on something, support it and approve it. Truth is already decided in Heaven. The question is whether the people on earth can accept it. In this world, at times more than a billion people can be held under the sway of a single devil or inappropriate leader. There are even cases where a group of powerless students stand up to the nation controlled by that devil. As a result, their fight for freedom could be crushed and swept aside because there is no way of winning against the coercive power of organized and systemized violence. However, the fact that they fought does not go to waste. I believe that their fight becomes a historic act that brings evil to light and leaves many lessons for other countries.

That’s just what happened in Turkey recently when the military and educators tried to stop the leader, Erogan, from becoming more radicalized taking the country away from the many democratic gains achieved to align to a more terrorist totalitarian leadership, hey lost, but they tried hard.

We have addressed the many hot spots of the world and the reasons there is such a big divide between the philosophies of Democracy liberalism and other cultural political and religious ideologies which diametrically oppose each other. Perhaps in looking carefully at each, we can discover the way we may find more balance and appreciation for each soul’s journey. Perhaps we may discover the reason for having selected why we live in these 2 diametrically opposed ways of viewing life. Perhaps it is the way forward so we may heal the divide, find the commonality and recognize that as energy beings having a physical live we are no more than the spark of the creative divine life force where there is not a divide but a merging of love and compassion. We must begin to remember and focus on our eternal energetic soul presence and needs if we are to live in this world survive and thrive…the time it seems is now for the balance is precarious and whether we live in peace and harmony respecting allowing accepting and surrendering to each countries needs to pursue their own evolution and political system is indeed what will determine if we can survive at all….In Past times long ago it is believed that there was a great advanced society known as Atlantis and there developed 2 distinct political ideologies and members on either side were not willing to make sacrifices or compromises. The story is that they destroyed their beautiful world by war and nuclear explosions.

Ryuho Okawa, Yuki Oikawa and Sheryl Glick would have you remember that love is greater than hate and peace more desirable than war and cooperation out trumps excessive out- of- control other words look for the middle road that allows us to move forward remembering our true nature as spiritual beings having a physical life. Without flexibility and spiritual awareness we may face unnecessary frictions….Find the heart and soul of life and we will succeed.