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The Brain Broad Builds A Brain

The Brain Broad

The Brain Broad Builds A Brain – Building A Brain With Hamburger Fat and Magnesium!

This is a special episode as The Brain Broad is the soul guest sharing a personal experience and a learning. If you have ever heard that oils can help regulate mood, you heard right. Today The Brain Broad explains how she found this out, forgot it, and found it out again.

Her challenged son was ramping up in anxiety and trying to communicate that he needed fats. He was stealing butter and oil and so the family was hiding, butter and oil, the very thing he knew he needed. The absense of the oil made him to anxious to speak so he couldn’t communicate what he needed. He tried harder to steal it and the family controlled the butter more. His anxiety grew until it reached a peak at a public event. The event led to the breakdown which led to the rediscover. And that is what Lynette is sharing, a rediscovery.

Neurofeedback helped him get his typing back, his typing helped him talk, and the fat helped him calm.

The Brain Broad shares some Brain Wave Based Neurofeedback advice. Sweet simple and to the point: T3-T4 @12-15 until he can talk again.

Todays ‘Brain Broad, Google Gods’ Search Engine Brain Lesson how do I fix him? Remember what you already know.

Today’s question “Does your brain need fat to feel happy?”

Today’s answer: “Absolutely!”