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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Did Ancient Alien Civilizations Almost Destroy Earth

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Nick Redfern

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In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, Universal Healing energies and the mysteries beyond, welcomes Nick Redfern author of Bloodline of the Gods and is a former guest of Healing From Within Today I am delighted to discuss with him his new book Weapons of the Gods.

Nick Redfern is the author of more than 30 books on UFO’s cryptology and the world of the paranormal and discusses the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japanese cities, the first and last victims of the atom bomb in modern times and whether they were just the latest in a long line of Armageddon-level events. Nick will take us back in time to discover that many ancient civilizations may have cracked the secrets of the atom, only to become the victims of its terrifying power. Others may have been destroyed by hostile aliens with their own nuclear arsenals.As we examine these thoughts let us look to evolution and present times for the peaceful solutions.

Weapons of the Gods takes an open-minded look at the theory that wars of an utterly devastating kind were fought thousands of years ago. In that sense the possibility of Atomic wars is not new. Was that technology created and unleashed by hostile extraterrestrials and shared with elite humans? Were their atomic confrontations involving aliens and humans. These are the controversial and thought provoking questions at the heart of this book.

Looking back in history, some events that may show destruction by nuclear weapons may even be evidenced from the biblical accounts of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the ancient Pakistani culture of Mohenjo-daro to the Lonar Crater in India, and the revelations in the Ramayana and Mahabharata, two ancient Sanskrit texts that may describe nuclear warfare thousands of years ago.

The discovery in the early 1950’s of a buried layer of what appeared to be a form of green glass in the deserts of Israel which closely resembles trinitite a substance found at the site of the first atomic bomb test in 1945: at the so called Trinity Site Alamogordo New Mexico. Similar sheets of glass have been found in parts of Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula. High temperatures exceeding 3,000 degrees F are needed and ancient atomic war is at the top of the list for these findings.

A study of not only those Middle Eastern sites where trinitite was found but also tales of ancient battles, warring factions and powerful warlords, who may have turned portions of Israel and Iraq into radioactive deserts.

Immanuel Velikovsky in his book Worlds In Collision noted endless numbers of black stones fused by high temperatures in the Middle absence of lava speaks against a volcanic origin for the stones.

A careful analysis of the curious Lonar Crater 250 miles from the Indian city of Bombay is huge with a diameter in excess of 2,000 meters which displays evidence of massive heat having played a critical and key factor in the creation of the crater as is clear from the trinitite style fused glass within its depths and estimated to be in excess of 50,000 years old.

The revelations of Richard B Firestone and William Topping whose research focuses on what they term a nuclear catastrophe in Paleo-Indian times that is between 18,000 and 8,000BC is the Great Lakes of the United States from where mysteriously high levels of radiocarbon data has been obtained.

Philip Coppens suggested evidence for ancient nuclear war in the Indus River Valley where the city of Harappa Pakistan once stood. It was mysteriously abandoned in times long ago. Localized atomic skirmishes may be the reason and an extensive layer of radioactive ash has been discovered at Rajasthan India

The biblical stories of the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Those of a religious persuasion suggest that the fiery inferno that engulfed the cities and their people were the work of an angry God. Yet consider the following extracted from the Old Testament, which describes and event that provokes imagery of the attacks on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945: Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah from the Lord out of the Heavens. Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain destroying all those living in the cities—and also the vegetation in the land. But Lots wife looked back and she became a pillar of salt. The next day Abraham looked back towards the city and saw dense smoke rising from the land like smoke from a furnace. This might suggest nuclear war by highly advanced visiting extraterrestrials who had little or no regard for us beyond using us as a slave race.

There is also evidence of a large crater in the state of Maharashtra in western India which has become known as the Lonar Crater which is now filled with salt water and is the third largest lake on the planet. Is the Lonar Crater the result of a strike by a massive meteorite of the outcome of an atomic confrontation between what were perceived as angry and frightened gods and a power-crazed Annunakian gone wild and rogue in ancient India

Much like the story of Indian mystic Pandit Subbaraya Sastry…. channeler who claimed to receive realms of material on technologically advanced vimanas or space crafts from supernatural forces or spiritual gudies the Saga of the Wedge of Aiud could be presented as evidence of those vimanas that is in the ancient astronaut research field. Aluminium which was not discovered until 1777 by Hans Christian Orsted may have been used by ancient people and introduced to the world by extraterrestrials. The question is how could an object of aluminum have existed 11,000 years ago. Could this Wedge of Aiud represent part of the landing gear of an ancient vimana possibly one equipped with atomic weapons.

Thus far we have focused on claims of atomic warfare in the Middle East India and Pakistan.. There is no doubt that North America was the site of a widespread catastrophic event or events in the distant past Tens of thousands of years ago much of the lands were populated by herds of camels mammoths and mastodons. Wild horses and savage saber tooth tigers but by roughly 8,000 BC all of these animals were gone and the human population too. Maybe the Clovis People of New Mexico hunted them to extinction.

In March 2001 an article titled Terrestrial Evidence of a Nuclear Catastrophe in Paleoindian Times focused on the Great Lakes area covering 8 US states Michigan Penn. Indiana Ohio Illinois Wisconsin New York and Minnesota. Firestone and Topping stated Our research indicates that the entire Great Lakes region and beyond was subjected to particle bombardment and a catastrophic nuclear irradiation that produced secondary thermal neutrons from cosmic ray interactions. The enormous energy released by the event around 12,500 BP could have heated the atmosphere to over 1000degrees C Radiation effects on plants and animals would have been lethal.

Recently Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton during an interview said If she became president she would open up all the documents concerning UFO investigations to the public. Asked if she believed there was any credence to these findings she answered something like….. too many people reporting events for it to be made up…Obviously she knows more than has been reported to the public.

Within the domain of so-called ancient astronaut research the Anunnaki have taken on near legendary status. In an effort to know who the Gods may have been that visited the earth untold centuries ago include advanced numerous theories: the denizens of the Pleaides known as the Seven Sisters: the people of a planet orbiting Sirius, located in the Canis Major constellation and the long tried and tested Martians but none have captured the attention of the ancient astronaut community quite like the ANUNNAKI The ancient Sumerians were sincere about the existence of the Anunnaki They were patrons and founders teachers and justices technologists and kingmakers but not venerated as masters not idols of religious fact the word worship simply means to work..

They were extraterrestrials and much was written by Zechariah Sitchin a Russian writer show died in 2010 at the age of 90. Sitchin wrote that they were an old race of exterrestrials and had merely been interpreted as gods by people who had no comprehension of the concept of alien life…they were giants who had incredibly long life spans and whose technology was superior to ours. Sitchin believes they came to Earth as their own planet Nibiru was going through turbulent times…its atmosphere was degrading..they came on am emergency mission to save themselves by making use of us and our resources most especially gold.

It might be that huge fleets of Anunnaki arrived in Africa and the Middle east and through genetic manipulation and mating with the primitive people of Earth the development of an early human known as Homo sapiens evolved…

According to Sitchin about 12,500 years ago, Nibiru made a very close path to Earth and the gravitational pull caused massive destrucition and flooding of the earth. The Anunnaki returned and made a new base of operations in Sumer southern Mesopotamia now southern Iraq. He believes they began to fight among themselves and at the end of the third millennium BC the great Sumerian civilization came to an abrupt end…..a deadly cloud that caused excruciating death to all living things people animals land and water….deadly radiation.

Sodom and Gomorrah may be a scenario that that substituted God with equally supernatural powers of highly advanced entities from another world that used tools of mass destruction…atomic bombs causing deadly radiation and night firestorms. In 2008, a planisphere …actually an ancient cuneiform tablet of clay told the story of those cities suggesting in June 3123BC an object in the sky either a large asteroid slammed into the Australian Alps…or could have been a comet but remember in the bible Lot was visited by 2 mysterious angels…who told him of the planned destruction…they could have been aliens….

Sheryl wonders if the US Governments has evidence that an atomic war was fought thousands of years ago. Nick tells us that there is the Arizona Meteor Crater as for its age 50,000 years ago. The crater contains 2 specific minerals stishovite and coesite both silica, which is found at the sites of meteorite impacts. THERE IS ANOTHER WAY FOR THESE MINERALS TO BE PRESENT: MAN MADE ATOMIC EXPLOSIONS.

An examination of the theory that the father of the atomic bomb Dr Robert Oppenheimer knew of or suspected something of our disastrous past is evidenced by the fact he had a full blown obsession with the Pamayana and the Mahabharata, as well as with the Hindu Bhagavad-Gita One line haunted him “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of Worlds.”

We have only to look at what is happening worldwide now with terrorist attacks and an imploding Middle East, North Korea working frantically for nuclear weapons, Iran Russia China and their agendas for advancement in world leadership and power, and the civil race issues now erupting in the United States due to a less than dynamic leadership and economic weakness, terrorists and immigration problems?

It seems life history and our humanity follow similar processes of self-investigation and discovery leading to the repetition of man using his spiritual gifts to create and then his ego or mind thoughts that generate fear deception and negativity leading ultimately to confrontation and destruction. Was the technology for atomic warfare created by hostile extraterrestrials and shared with certain ancient elite humans: might the residual effects of that warring mindset be at play in these modern times? We must learn from these ancient wars that caused damage to both the Earth and its people because now the stakes are too high…. worldwide annihilation! By being aware of the long line of catastrophic events which destroyed civilizations and cultures where a slow torturous process of recovery began… we Must… realize that now the threat of an all out worldwide atomic war which subsided during the 1980’s and 1990’s is rising again. Post 9/11 events show us the world is a dangerous place Chinese hacker’s infiltrate and steal files on millions of Americans. The Russsians flex their muscles putting their sights on Europe and North Korea continues to be a big problem on the nuclear front. Terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, San Bernadino, Orlando, Istanbul, Bangladash, and race protests in the US are escalating…our political systems are undeniably dishonest fractured and ineffective: their concerns and agendas are resistant to moderation and balance favoring many benefits to the underdogs and elite, with loss of concern for the ordinary citizen. This is called out of control liberalism and political correctness. We must begin to remember the values of a higher force of love cooperation and strive for working cooperatively together in families, in states, nations, countries, and between the world populations before we end up like those in the past, destroyed by our own greed and negativity…It is never too late to remember we are spiritual beings having a physical life and must bring higher values and consciousness into our thinking processes and into all actions we take.

Nick and Sheryl would have you remember It doesn’t matter if there is injustice and intolerance out there in the world, because within you is a nuclear force of energy: Universal connection to Source, and we must draw upon our sense of righteousness, personal power and strength to combat the forces that lead us into past use of nuclear power for destruction and not allow it any longer…even one person may make the difference.