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Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – Transcending Darwin and Creationism

Evolution is the leading theory of biology, if not of science.  The problem is that few people understand how evolution actually works.   According to the orthodox Darwinian model, evolution works through the natural selection of favorable, random mutations.  Those who have a hard time accepting the notion that mindless mutations can create the wonders of the living world often adopt the opposing view, creationism, which holds that, in the end, only the God of the Bible can explain the miracle of life.  In his new book, Evolution 2.0 – Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design, this week’s guest Perry Marshall applies the mind of an electrical engineer to the problem and comes to an original and startling conclusion: the source of life, the DNA molecule, is in fact a digital code; a mathematical language no different from those than run our computers.  We know that only intelligent beings (i.e., humans) write computer codes and that errors in the transmission of the codes, also known as noise, destroys the message; compounding noise does not create a work of art, a new computer model, or for that matter, a new species. Random mutations, even if they exist, cannot be the source of order.  An intelligence must be behind evolution.  Listen in as Philip and Perry Marshall tackle this perennial issue in a forceful and original discussion.