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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Ghosts Aliens and Holes in Space and Time

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: William J. Hall

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of Life Is No Coincidence and her newest book The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to go within to find your True Self, welcomes William J Hall author of The Haunted House Diaries who shares a profound investigation into the Unknown.

William J. Hall is the author of the paranormal best seller The World’s Most Haunted House and is professionally equipped to recognize trickery after 25 years as a performing magician who knows how to create and recognize illusions. William is also an experienced researcher from folklore and urban legend to fortune telling… the pyramids… and other mysteries worth exploring, and will discuss a paranormal crossroads in the heart of Connecticut: a house with great paranormal happenings based on a five decade series of journals and research ,interviews and photos, in and around the town of Litchfield Hills.

William tells us how he came to investigate the house on Lindley Street in Bridgeport Connecticut and about the lives of the extended family which for generations had occupied the house which sat at the vortex of a paranormal flap. Litchfield Hills and its surrounding towns contain a crossroad or paranormal flap. Located in Torrington and Goshen, Connecticut lies one of the most fascinating and unusual flaps ever discovered. My friend and mentor Paul Eno began said it was one of the most interesting and varied cases they had investigated and the study was ongoing from 2005. Paul felt it was right down my alley and we decided to meet there at the house- a 1700”s farmhouse at the very center of this paranormal flap. The family was cordial and open and a relationship built easily. This one house in particular located at the epicenter of this activity is the subject of The Haunted Diaries and is the focus for identifying the broad scope of phenomena that transverses this rural area. At my first meeting with Donna Randall Fillie the keeper of the diary that is central to the investigation document unworldly of perhaps multi-worldly events that she has witnessed in her life while living in the historic farmhouse. More than ghost stories they do not conform to the more typical single entity encounter. Six generations of the family have lived in the house owned now by Donna and Bob.

William says, “The story is very similar in concept to those people that have seen Carrie. That movie kind of captures the typical kind of poltergeist experience. But in a little tiny bungalow in Bridgeport, Connecticut—in 1974, when it really broke out to the public—was a family that started experiencing all kinds of things happening in the house. Things moving, dishes flying and a variety of things. Didn’t know what to do. Had lived with it for one day already. And in a panic, called on their neighbor, who was a police officer, and also their neighbor up the street, who in turn, called the police.”

When William asked them why they continue to stay in this house, “Donna simply shrugged her shoulders and said, I honestly don’t know! Understand that I am not afraid: this is my home. It’s all I know. Throughout everything we’ve seen and heard in our house, our ties remain strong and unwavering. The extraordinary old New England farmhouse was built in 1793 and has been the home to 6 generations of the Randall family…Donna and her family have been there for more than 60 years. It is extraordinary in size and stark simplicity in service and security….Here in this paranormal flap time and dimensions, life forms and realms, flow together seamlessly where visitation between and among them occurs more by chance than plan, more as unexpected bumps in the night than the meeting of well-defined visions. It is less a haunted house than a path side inn where entities from across time and space and multiple dimensions converge and lodge on the ways toward their individual unique destinations.”

Donna’s family has engaged these essences witnessed their endless forms, become familiar with their obsessions and patterns their persistence and their capricious nature. Donna kept written notes and their reactions to “them” which range from delight to irritation to exasperation but rarely fear. Some they recognize ….some they do not.

Since they have always been co-inhabitants Donna learned to be pleased and proud to share. THERE ARE VISITORS. She has seen them, been touched by them, been sung to by them. She has seen unsupported orbs in the house with the naked eye, objects move with nothing propelling them and time slips. She has photographed them and recorded the novices and voices of invisible entities.

Sheryl Says “In my beginning awareness or awakening to Universal Energy I first took notice of the many coincidences and synchronistic events that were happening and realized it was not random but part of a larger Universal plan and life force. I met people who guided and directed me to develop my sensitivities to energy and learned Reiki energy healing and began in meditation to receive messages from Spirit for my clients and those who needed validation for their own spiritual path. I was honored and proud to do this job so others could move through their fear and limited view of life and realize their divine potential and that that lies beyond this physical world.”

In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, Sheryl shares her awe of the Unseen world in this way….. “Whether you realize it or not, everyone receives messages from Spirit. These messages can take several forms: visual olfactory or auditory. Mediums are no different—each receives messages in ways that are unique to him or her. Some mediums know about their gifts from a young age. Many, however, are not aware of their gifts for most of their lives. They go about their daily business paying bills, raising their kids praying for help all without realizing that their friends family and guides on the Other Side are feeding them a constant stream of information…For the earlier part of my life I was simply concerned with the physical world and allowed myself to be indoctrinated with the third-dimensional thinking—the worries, the fears and the negativity. It wasn’t until the eve of my father’s death that my grandfather materialized before me foretelling of the coming sorrow and opening up a miraculous new path.”

Not everyone in a paranormal energy area will experience phenomena..far from it. Some will go their whole lives without an incident. Others however will experience a small piece of phenomena. They will see a UFO of hear the cry of an unknown animal and then see a new species with their own eyes. Or perhaps a few odd things are happening in their house and have been for years.

To the Casual observer passing by on his way through the lush green meadows of rural Connecticut, the large old house is one of the finest examples of authentic Americana that New England has to offer. Listed in the National Archives is adheres to the stark lack of detail which is the hallmark of most structures built in 1793. First serving as a general store it was added onto in the 1880’s. It still sits proudly on a low knoll, protected by the mountains at the rear and overlooking the fields and meadows of the valley below.Looking beyond the casual this very house is host to the encounters with its own ancestors and strangers…human and non-human who seemingly occupy the same physical space in our world while remaining in their own parallel worlds.

Sheryl says “For me as an energy healer and medium who receives information from that higher dimension of eternal energy and life I would like to have our listeners remember what CS Lewis novelist and broadcaster….WE do not have a Soul We are Souls…We have a body…”

Sheryl reads an excerpt from Donna’s diary entry #137 (Winter 1990). “Someone came down the bathroom stairs. The hall light was one so the form could be seen. I thought it was my daughter Michelle so I call out but there was no answer. I sat up in bed and saw an elongated figure standing by the wall. It was so bizarre.. I sat there looked at it, made sure I was fully awake…and I certainly was. It was very tall and also very thin. Its head almost touched the ceiling. What was even stranger was that it was standing exactly where the vanity is….occupying the very same space. My first reaction was it can’t be there because the vanity is there. I tried to make out a face but it was just a dark, solid looking shadow. It had a very long head, narrow shoulders and a very long body. I wasn’t afraid because it just kind of stood there, not moving. It appeared to have very long hair and long arms. There was one present but sometimes they have been seen in groups and move in a straight line. This was the first encounter inside the house. These figures were the same ones we observed passing outside between the trees many years later. I don’t know why I didn’t get scared…….”

Perhaps paranormal is normal and normal is missing out on the possibilities for expansion and exploration of the inner and outer world. The first quote in William’s introduction says it well…. “Mysteries once thought to be supernatural or paranormal happenings such as astronomical or meteorological events—are incorporated into science once their causes are understood”…Michael Shermer.

William has shown us what appears to be similar in nature to the theme of this show which is to realize our dual life force and to explore the Unseen and Seen World perhaps concluding that we are spiritual beings having a physical life and have talents and abilities that echo the vastness of the Universe for continuing creation and for the evolution of all life forms who ultimately are connected to each other. With this understanding we can find greater self-awareness and Higher Consciousness. As William wrote in the epilogue of his book “ When it comes right down to it this is no story—it is a glimpse at life, and therefore, it never ends. The book may stop but this very special land and its phenomena remains. The nature of the activities discernible in the paranormal flap may vary from time to time and even come and go, but that is also a continuance of a kind—eternal, perhaps.”

William wrote “My big takeaway is that this shows that no matter how much proof, no matter how many witnesses, that none of this will come to a definitive “Yes this exists or no it doesn’t.” It won’t come to that unless it happens to that person, or they have an open mind. In other words, the only people who are going to look at evidence and be open to it and accept it are people that really don’t need that degree of evidence unless it hits the world.”

In essence it is difficult to summarize a subject like the paranormal or Unseen World that is far less understood than most. Perhaps a good approach in this area might be not to focus on the answers already discovered but to raise more questions and maintain an open mind and heart so we can continue to explore this subject without fear or bias always in a positive vein hoping to learn the truth.

William and Sheryl would ask those who wish to explore “beyond” what is already written and believed about the paranormal, and to sense their own experiences with inner eyes of soul wisdom, eliminating fear and allowing for the possibilities of loving All that is……