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Thriving Entrepreneur – What Does Being a Bestselling Author Mean to You? – Leslie, Stephanie, Joan, & Rodney

What is the best way to share your message with the world than by writing a book? Do not underestimate the message that you can give to the world. Something easy for you may be difficult for other people. Something you’ve always had may be something that other people have been looking for all their life.
Your story is not for you but for the people that you were meant to serve. Let us help you share your unique brilliance with the world by helping you write your book and making it a bestseller. Join our community at
So what does it mean to be a bestselling author? Join Steve and hear what our bestselling authors have to say on Thriving Entrepreneur.
Leslie Cottrell-Simonds, author of I Want You To Know
Stephanie Elli, author of All I Ever Had Was Hope
Rodney Lawson, author of Broken, Inspired, and Driven