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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The Art of Conscious Dying

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Diane Goble
In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Diane Goble, author of Beyond The Veil. Diane is a near death survivor who shares the art of conscious dying that can help people live a more peaceful and joyful life. She will share how the patients and their caregivers are able to learn more about themselves and life during the end of life process and increase their awareness of death as a spiritual process of rebirth We will also share more about palliative and hospice care dealing with death with dignity, the process of transition, life review questions, communicating with the dying, letting go and grief and mourning.
Diane thinks back on her childhood… “As a child I remember having an intense fear of death and no idea of what death really meant…We all know we’re going to die—someday ..We just don’t want to talk about the monster, “The Grim Reaper” who is coming to take our loved one or us away..I began to fear my parents would suddenly disappear and my sister Bobbie and I would be orphaned I was born during World War 11…my father was in the Navy..there was talk about the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, and the atomic bomb…then just before my 11th birthday my sister Bobbie died when hit by another 8 year old who swung a club…it was my first funeral and I had nightmares about being buried alive and put in a coffin like my sister.. Nobody talked about death or Bobbie again. It was as if she never existed.We moved to another house in another city and didn’t bring anything with us from the past…My parents had 2 more children I found some solace in Catholicism, got married, had 3 children and then left the church after a disagreement over the birth control issue when after the 3rd child my doctor told me not to get pregnant again because I had fibroid tumors…..I became more of an agnostic, a secular humanist, not believing in anything….until I drowned on July 18, 1971….almost before my 30th birthday.”
At the beginning of the book, Diane a poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye…
“Do not stand by grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sun on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush, I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight
I am the soft star-shine at night.
Do not stand by my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die.”
Sheryl tells Diane a story. “My sister recently left the earth plane and the last time I saw her I asked her to give me a sign that she would use to let me know she understood what I had been trying to share with her for years but which she was resistant to believing…. that we are spiritual beings having a physical life…. nothing is random…. and we are guided by those above throughout our life… She told me the message was her very sweet faced white fluffy dog a Bijon and every time I saw that type of dog I was to think of her….I got many messages but the one that moved me the most was an Amazon commercial with that little white dog with a blue cast on his leg who couldn’t run like the other dogs so his thoughtful and otherworldly kind young owner ordered a baby carrier and carried him and then he was happy. At the end of the commercial I thought it odd that there was music and the words….”I was born among the stars”….and I started to cry…for that is the truth I was trying to share with my sister…the nature of our immortal life force or soul energy coming from a divine source.”
Diane tells us about her near death experience and how it changed her life. “A group of eight of people took two rafts out on the Chattooga River and we made a little mistake that trapped our raft in a hydraulic at the bottom of a waterfall surrounded by large boulders….I found myself in the water stuck between a rock and hard place..a keeper hole. I was thinking quite logically about which would be the better way to die and chose drowning over being pummeled to death into the rocks…then something quite remarkable happened…I simply closed my eyes and instead of being under the water was floating high above the forest and river looking down at the raft and all the people gathered around the scene at the river’s edge…I could see streams of lights rushing past me as I moved forward at the speed of light…I sensed the presence of a Being of Light traveling beside me…we communicated telepathically without sound or words. Everything suddenly made complete sense…I remembered that we are not human beings who have a soul. We are souls who incarnate as human beings so we can experience life and relationships in the physical world. When our body dies the veil drops and we can see the reality that lies beyond our human senses.”
We are eternal Beings of Light Energy who come and go from the spiritual world to physical worlds as the experiential part of our soul’s eternal journey evolves. Our soul consciousness returns to Source to integrate new learning and knowledge to the Collective Consciousness which contributes to the evolution of human consciousness and the raising of our individual vibration to a higher frequency of light. We are learning to balance our humanity with our divinity, not to become more powerful humans but to become more powerful expressions of Unconditional Love,not to become domineering and controlling and to accumulate only wealth and property and other attachments to material things, but to practice kindness and compassion toward our fellow humans and all life on the planet. Of course if having wealth is about learning to deal with it in the most effective way and not just by being successful, it could be a soul experience without karma.
Diane says there is a difference between nearly dying and having a near death experience and mention that Dr. Ken Ring, Dr.Bruce Greyson, Melvin Morse and Dr Raymond Moody all describe similar descriptions reported by Near Death survivors.
What is experienced by All Near Death Survivors is:
1 An overwhelming feeling of peace and well being including freedom from pain.
2 The impression of being located outside one’s body
3 An experience of universal or total knowledge
4 Awareness of a welcoming bright golden light
5 Encountering and perhaps communicating with a presence or “being of Light”
6 A rapid succession of visual images of one’s past: a life review
7 Experiencing another world of much beauty brilliant colors beautiful music
8 Meeting religious figures or deceased relatives and acquaintances
9 Reaching a point of no return, being given a choice to stay or return
As a result of Diane’s near death experience, her definition of God is Unconditional Love and as a prism separates white light into a spectrum of colors, everything is projected from this Clear Light. God is Pure Consciousness without human qualities or desires, constantly creating the Ground of Being. God is not a big guy with a long white beard sitting on a throne surrounded by a choir of angels being worshipped by hoards of disembodied souls waiting to be judged. There is no God that demands sacrifice or chooses one side over another, in human battles for wealth or territory, nor promises rewards to those who kill others in God’s name. Religious zealots, oligarchs and kings make all of that up to control populations by fear and intimidation.
Diane tells us what she saw beyond the Veil..the healing centers and halls of learning and the message she brought back with you. “I saw incredible scenes and living beings of light going about their daily life..the healing centers and halls of learning welcomed newly arriving souls being acclimated to these surroundings before they were ready to return to their families? They were attended to by spiritual healers who were using light and energy to ease their fears and help them remember who they really are and how the Universe works to clear any misunderstandings they acquired during their human lives.”
In another area, souls preparing to reincarnate to new physical bodies were being helped by their soul family to make decisions about the circumstances of their lives, relationships and families. Decisions that would help them work through the Karma of past lives. I was told in the Hall of Knowledge that if I chose to return to Diane’s body I would be given information to bring back with me. My mission was to be a messenger and share this information with others to help human beings grasp the important but misunderstood concept that we don’t die….Our physical body dies but who we were before we were born and while our bodies functioned, survives bodily death. This information would accelerate others along their spiritual path accelerate the evolution of consciousness of humanity, which is the path to peace on earth.”
Diane tells us about the Training Course she developed in 2007 to introduce professional and paraprofessional healers, hospice caregivers nursing educators and ministers to another way of looking at death and dying. As Certified Transition Guides they are trained to teach the process offered in this course and help their clients reconcile their lives well before their deaths and compose their own Personal Transition Guidebook to comfort them. This method of conscious dying is non-religious, nondenominational, but based on spiritual concepts relating to the conscious field of energy Source known to all religions that has created or caused everything in the observable universe to exist. All Myths stories religions and the Bible are attempts to explain the single source labeled for common understanding of God the Divine Universal Energy and Light etc.
Sheryl Says… “Many changes have happened in the Death With Dignity laws and changes concerning end of life care over the past few years. Brittany Maynard became the face of the controversial right to die movement. At 29 years old Brittany was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and ended her own life using medication prescribed for her by her doctor in the Portland, Oregon home she shared with her husband Dan Diaz and Brittany asked him to continue the fight for” life to die legislation” starting with their home state California….On October 5, 2015 California’s right to die bill became Law and 23 more state plus Washington D.C. have introduced similar bills since Maynard’s death.”
Some opponents of the law are afraid that those who are vulnerable, the poor, the elderly will be unable to get good treatment options because their insurance company will decide it’s cheaper to give them a bottle of assisted—suicide pills. “I believe most people will only opt for this way to leave their life if there are no ways to live with the pain and no way to recover a quality of life that makes life worth living. It is not a decision most people would choose, unless there was no other way to survive.”
During Diane’s near death experience, Diane received information about transitioning. She tells us how to make the transitioning period the best experience possible for both the patient and the caregivers and family. Have members have conversations that are so difficult such as Advance healthcare directions, organ donation and funeral arrangements. Palliative and hospice options and the current Death with Dignity Laws. Transitioning discusses end of life in terms of consciousness surviving the death of the body which makes life an ongoing journey…It is wise to reconcile one’s life at this time through forgiveness and gratitude work purifying one’s energy field and practicing letting go of earthly attachments. There is also a purification script which helps accumulated toxins and traumas so the soul may exit the body through the top of the head directly into the Light. Guided meditations can be used to facilitate reconciliation and help the person get in touch with her spiritual self.
In Diane’s thirty seven years of study and meditation into the Nature of Reality-both scientifically and in higher states of Consciousness and having received a masters degree in Community Psychology studying the great philosophers, yogis and Ancient Mystery Schools, Diane found this helped in revealing ideas about the Divine in reliable and unbiased terms…
Diane wrote…. “It doesn’t seem to be important on the other side which religion we followed during our life or whether we believed in God or Allah or Buddha or were an atheist. We are all welcomed home. But whatever our inner beliefs are, that is what we will experience at least during the early part of our transition. Some Near Death Experiencers report this as comforting others as frightening depending on their thought patterns and state of mind at the time. It does seem to be that we carry our baggage unresolved karma emotional attachments lessons not learned or unfinished business. We get to experience the mistakes we made and the kindness we showed to other to help us with our life lessons. The implication is that we need to forgive and ask for forgiveness, resolve anger and bitterness and express gratitude where necessary during our lives. Even our last thoughts before we die follow us and influence our journey…Being filled with fear or anger or love is a choice we can make.”
Diane mentions Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross a pioneer in the field of death and dying who recorded the stories of hundreds of patients including children as she sat with them as they were dying and wrote about her findings in On Death and Dying: What the Dying teach Doctors Nurses and Clergy and their own families. People who are dying appear to be able to see and communicate with entities that can’t be seen by people in the same room who are not dying (Unless there is a medium present)
Dr Kubler–Ross wrote… “Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly coming out of a cocoon. It is a transition into a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh, to be able to grow, and the only thing you lose is something you don’t need any more—your physical body. It’s like putting away your winter coat when spring comes.”
Many people have suffered because of a family member or friend committing suicide In the case of suicide, the pre-birth plan may have included this option for the person to grapple with in order to make a choice. We may all have wrestled with it in more than one lifetime depending on the decisions of our humanness. People who have survived a suicide attempt and had an NDE often report they now understand why suicide doesn’t solve anything and is a waste of a life opportunity and a setback in soul growth. They may experience a life review that shows the people the affects of their suicide on their family or a future scenario showing what they might have learned in this life time if they had not attempted to end it. We who are left behind grieve the loss of our loved one and its difficult to see the graduation ceremony which from the soul’s perspective is what happened when it leaves the body
Diane tells us that one of the most important aspects of Nearing Death Awareness is the need for reconciliation. Dying people develop an awareness that they need to be at peace. As death nears people often realize some things feel finished or incomplete and the person may even delay or prolong dying in an attempt to affect a reconciliatory meeting.
Diane and Sheryl have shared the vision of that dimension beyond the Earth plane where all souls reside together in the Oneness of peace and life that continues to evolve grow and to become greater expressions of Unconditional Love both in the physical and spiritual worlds. It is in the beauty of knowing the truth that we are spiritual beings having many life experiences before returning to that place of our beginning and in eliminating many negative emotions and fears so we may ground ourselves in states of peace harmony and balance that we receive the ultimate reward for knowing who we are and how wonderful life is.
Sheryl says she loved two quotes Diane shared in her book. The first was by PMH Atwater researcher author and three-time ND survivor, from his book We Live Forever: The Truth about Death…“It’s not quite what we’ve been told. You have to go further. There is no life after life of life before life; there is only life…..always life no matter what form you are in.”
The other quote was from Dr Peter Fenwick a British neuro-psychiatrist and Elizabeth Fenwick in their book The Art of Dying. “You should be ready to die at a moment’s notice. Those with a clear conscience die well. Those who are angry or frustrated have a much more difficult death.”
In each moment of your life, Diane and Sheryl ask you to make the effort to “take the high road”, discourage negativity- fear, anger, hatred and greed…Make your perceptions thoughts of possibilities for happiness sharing and doing the right thing for the right reason simply because it makes you feel good and makes the world a better place. Feel all emotions deeply and with sensitivity but focus mainly on the best and let the rest go… create the best version of yourself so you may take all these positive and purposeful experiences and memories with you on the next part of your continuous life journey knowing All is well.