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Thriving Entrepreneur – The Power of Your Inner Being with Cassandra and Marie

We’re joined today by two amazing authors who talks about discovering your purpose by reclaiming your gifts and connecting to your inner self.
1st Getting To Know Me: How I Deepened My Inner Self Within 66 Days by Cassandra Clarke-Williams
Cassandra shares the 8 M’s that helped her deepen her inner self within 66 days that transformed her life. Get to know yourself better by following the system she created to strengthen and deepen your relationship with your soul-self. Are you ready for this 66-day challenge?
2nd Reclaiming Your Gifts: A Guide To Awakening Your Purpose by Marie Mbouni
Your soul mission in life is to live your purpose. To do that, you must be able to recognize your gifts. Marie created her latest book to serve as a guide to help people find their purpose in life. The first step is to recognize your gifts and accept that you do have a purpose. You need to believe that you possess something unique that only you can offer the world.
Join Steve in this inspiring interview with two remarkable authors on Thriving Entrepreneur.