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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – From Corporate Law to Metaphysical Laws of the Soul Journey

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Garnet Schulhauser

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Garnet Schulhauser author of his newest book Dancing Forever With Spirit who shares startling new revelations about our soul journey on Earth and the Afterlife that awaits us.

Garnet, who lives near Victoria on Vancouver Island with his family, recounts his personal encounter with Albert who appeared to be a homeless man but turned out to be something else. Albert offered Garnet a new view of life and life beyond this physical plane. Garnet believes he was asked to participate in an opening of his vision and perceptions to a level of higher consciousness and awareness as it was necessary for him to answer the many questions he had since childhood and to begin an inner journey to discover the real values and truths of Man God and Nature so he could continue to evolve thrive and explore life in all its many layers and dynamics.

Garnet thinks back to childhood and the memories or thoughts that were important to him and shares how that is now reflected in his life work and attitudes. Garnet says, “I was raised in a very religious Roman Catholic family. I remembered the answers to my many concerns as a child like Why am I here..Did God select this life for me and is all the stuff I learned in Sunday school about God and the afterlife the real truth..Does God really exist. The Catholic Church’s explanation for all this did not sit well with me. When held up to the light and examined with a critical eye it did not make sense. At the other end of the spectrum I knew many atheists denied the existence of God and believed our lives were random and death would be the end for us and we would not continue to exist in any afterlife. As a lawyer I sought to explore life in terms of right and wrong and human rights and fairness to all.” Garnet was in his adult life and as a result of his communications with Albert able to put the pieces of these many concerns of life and death and right and wrong into proper perspective and alignment to Universal Laws and to find answers to his deepest question.

Garnet’s first book Dancing On a Stamp describes his first encounter with his spirit guide Albert. Garnet tells us about that first contact and that he then eca was aware of a higher power or energy overseeing his life journey and asked for an experience. Garnet writes, “One sunny afternoon in May of 2007 at a mall near my office a homeless man stepped out of the shadows and offered to answer all my vexing questions Had God put me into this life to serve his purpose according to the rules of the Catholic church whose dogma I had swallowed as a child but upon deeper investigation later on did not make much sense..It seemed illogical to me that God the all powerful knowing Supreme Being who had everything and lacked nothing would display many of the negative emotions that are common to humans such as vanity jealousy and anger. Why did he need to be worshipped and why would God give humans free will to live their lives on Earth when it was obvious that this would enable them to breach the rules he expected them to follow And how do we know that all of God’s Rules dictated to us by religious holy men who claimed to be speaking for God actually came from God.”

Garnet writes, “Albert, I discovered, was not really a homeless man but was my Spirit Guide in disguise and his amazing blue eyes penetrated my whole being down to the depths of my soul..he told me much to my surprise that he and I were old friends although I had no recollection of our previous association. Perhaps Albert had come because lately life was making me tired. Although I had everything I had ever hoped for ..a devoted wife 2 wonderful sons, a successful career as a corporate lawyer and financial prosperity something was missing. I silently asked myself Why am I here? Did God select this life for me or did the Universe assign it by chance? When I die will I go to heaven or hell or merely cease to exist…disappearing into nothingness? Is all the stuff I learned in Sunday school the real truth or what?. Albert realized I had many questions and told me he had come to help me. Appearances can be deceiving he said…In your case you look like a successful lawyer who has everything under control but really you are struggling to find meaning in your life… Albert told me he was a Soul just like me and like all other souls having a physical incarnation on Earth came to experience what can be felt and learned with the emotions this place offered so the soul could evolve and grow…The decision to come was yours alone and not God’s. The Creator did not prepare your script and does not manipulate the events in your life.”

Sheryl says “People often ask me why I became interested in metaphysical studies when previously I was so grounded in a physical evaluation of life and was somewhat of a skeptic and I often say “Either a great love or a great loss opens the heart and soul to remember its true nature and that happened to me. As a result I had a deep need to understand life more completely and to experience my spiritual and soul growth in a profound and positive way”…In The Living Spirit I wrote…We are not alone of course. Each of us has scores of loving friends, relatives angels and guides on the other side, as well as here on the Earth plane, reaching out to us even as we are reaching for them. Patient and loving, they are there to assist us with our every need and desire. ….As human beings our first instinct is to share this new awareness with others especially those we hold dear. But to our dismay we often find that those around us are not nearly as enthusiastic about our transformation as we are: they may even react negatively to it. As we change, our relationships with friends spouses parents—even our children—begin to change as well, and in ways that range from uncomfortable to downright painful. This is why many of us even in the midst of our greatest connection, feel so utterly alone.”

In Dancing Forever with Spirit, Garnet describes a series of astral adventures he took with Albert. Garnet says, “Albert took my hand and took me to explore this planet other parts of the Universe and the Spirit Side to see how I and the rest of humanity fit into the whole picture. As I rose up I saw my body still lying in bed sound asleep and my astral or energy form floated through the ceiling and into the night sky. Soon I saw a doorway with bright shimmering light but only a velvety blackness without any stars beyond…we moved through the door to a gorgeous meadow with lush green grass and dazzling iridescent hues….majestic redwood trees and warm sunlight..we climbed up a gentle slope and I sensed an intoxicating perfume…soon. I saw a group of people gathered near the bottom and a city with white buildings and spires that shimmered in the light…I recognized my mother and father, brother Brian and grandmother and a little black puppy Oscar who had passed away previously. They all appeared healthy and happy like when they were in the prime of their lives….although they did not look like how I last remembered them on Earth..The Spirit side is a wonderful place without the negatives found on Earth.”

All souls come from the Spirit Side and return to the Spirit Side when we die and leave the body behind. The Spirit Side is all around us although it exists at a higher vibration level than the Earth plane and cannot normally be felt or observed by the majority of humans. The Spirit Side is a beautiful place full of love and happiness and is without any disease pain or crime. Everyone lives in peace and harmony. The Creator is the totality of everything in the Universe and the originator and the essence of everything that exists. In order to experience all facets of the Universe with different perspectives He created souls as individual aspects of Himself and so all things in the Universe are connected to God and each other and everything experienced by Souls is experienced by God. God does not need you to accomplish anything in life, only to use your free will to create what you wish to explore, learn and share, and he will not punish you for anything you do in life.
Albert ushered me to a city known as Aglaia where the streets were filled with people who wore stunning clothing of vivid colors designs and styles…like a glamorous costume ball..Albert explained that souls on the Spirit Side do not have a specific gender and can choose to appear as male or female based on the sex they identified with most often during their incarnations on Earth..or they can discard their earthly appearance and manifest themselves as globes of light.

Another planet we explored was the planet Proteus which orbits a sun in Earth’s galaxy a few hundred light years from Earth. The entire planet is covered with the ocean and there are no landmasses above the water. All life on Proteus is aquatic and most of its species are similar to those found on Earth. We were greeted by Aldine and Horace who looked like a dolphin and humpback whale. Sea life on earth were actually from this planet and as a result of what is known as The Galactic Council, a the body of beings that oversees the entire galaxy and seeds life throughout Earth was developed.

The message from these highly evolved life forms on Proteus who do not have the technology humans have but who are able to telepathically communicate with life forms very far away as a result of having conquered negative emotions to raise their vibrations and resonate in a loving empathic and compassionate energy is ….”Humans need to realize that all life forms in the Universe form part of the Source. We are not separate entities but part of the whole… We want humans to know it is wrong and abusive to hurt trap or kill our kin on the planet…we call out to stop this carnage ….And to add to the perils these aquatic beings face other perils when humans dump untreated sewage, toxic chemical and other waste into your oceans lakes and rivers…Humans also have to learn that animals like sharks and elephants and others being hunted and killed for their horns and other exotic animal parts not essential to their existence must stop. All Creatures have an equal right to live and humans do not have a special status in the animal kingdom..they just think they do.

Albert took Garnet to visit an ascended civilization in the New Earth. Humans are in the process of expanding their consciousness and transitioning to a higher vibrational frequency but still need a lot of help to achieve this and if it does not occur consequences could be tragic for all of Earth’s inhabitants. This shift will allow those who have increased their vibratory rates to a place called the New Earth where the negative aspects of life on Earth don’t exist. The New Earth is a place where all of its creatures including humans live in peace and harmony, without conflicts or war, and without killing and maiming …a planet filled with love compassion and forgiveness. In the New Earth humans do not pollute the atmosphere the water or soil and do not abuse other creatures and the negative emotions that have been prevalent throughout human history, like fear, anger hate jealousy and greed are non-existent.
The New Earth is not a future event…It exists simultaneously in several different dimensions each with different vibrations. The New Earth is not the same as Spirit Side…Humans on New Earth still have physical bodies although they have shed all of their negative emotions and live in a world of love peace and harmony and because they are able to easily manipulate matter and manifest whatever they desire there are no shortages of material goods and no need for humans to fight one another.

According to the Ancient Seers millions of years ago Mars had oceans and rivers and an atmosphere similar to Earth and many different life forms and plants. It was the first home for humans. Albert let it be known to me that a race of extraterrestrials ET’s from Orion seeded life on Mars long before humans arrived on Earth. Human civilization on Mars began at a primitive stage with humans sustaining themselves as hunter gathers. The ET’s helped humans build large structures to harness the power of the crystals and taught them how to heal injuries and prevent disease. However the ET’s failed when it came to human emotions..all the negative emotions like fear anger and greed were very prevalent and led to disastrous consequences. Our earth was seeded with the humans that survived the destruction of the civilization on Mars. We would hope we can learn to feel and master our emotions and become more vigilant of how we respond to each other opting for more human and kind responses so there will not be a replay of the events described by Albert.

Albert wrote “Life on Earth is a way for Souls to learn and evolve without any concern about retribution or punishment. Murderers do not go to the Spirit Side as a reward for their crimes: they go to the Spirit Side because there is no other place to go All souls start out from the Spirit Side and return there when they die regardless of what kind of life they lived. Murderers and terrorists will have a difficult time conducting their life reviews as they will then fully understand the pain and suffering they inflicted on others for which they will be very remorseful. Other souls will not criticize or shun murderers as God does not judge the souls all part of God do not judge and will forgive them unconditionally…After a while the murderers will be eager to return to Earth in another life so they can make amends and live a better life the next time around.”

Sheryl says “So everything in life is but an experience to develop greater love and compassion and interact with others in a more divine and also human way…a growth process of the soul or spirit and a way to get back to Oneness with the Creative Force or energy of all Life.”

We might begin to integrate the messages shared by Albert and all guides seek to encourage awareness of our divine nature and abilities recognizing- All of life is an opportunity for growth and to conquer the undesirable reactions or actions of the Human condition..For example as Garnet wrote, “Bullying has been an age old problem with can be in the form of children bullying other children or adults bullying other adults at work or even one nation bullying another nation. It’s root cause stems from fear or anger and the negative spin off is someone who is bullied will be inclined to bully another person to vent their own frustration. The best way to stop bullying and to enrich soul development for all begins at home. Parents should strive to avoid negative responses to events and demonstrate to their children that it is important to show love compassion forgiveness to all other people. Children should be taught at an early age that all humans have a soul and that all souls are connected to the Source or God and to one another. They should be encouraged to listen to messages from their higher self or soul and not allow negative thoughts or emotions to take them over to the dark side…Seek for humor and joy and happiness.”

Gary Schulhauser author of Dancing Forever with Spirit has shared his amazing insights from heaven for infusing into the human experience the divine hope for offering human evolution a clear concise valued perspective of the possibilities for moving into a state of Higher Consciousness Unity and Oneness of Life instead of living in Separation fostered by many old belief systems and societal mores which have forgotten over time the valued and treasured connection we all have to each other to Spirit and to Eternal Life.

Garnet and Sheryl have journeyed to the realms of other realities and feel blessed and honored to have opened these channels of communication to the life forms and intelligence of Universal Wisdom which offer us a clear remembrance of our spiritual soul presence that defines and directs our physical life journey. Our thoughts actions and behaviors when distanced from the fears and limitations of a mind or ego based reality, allow us to remember we have the potential to build a life of joy happiness and purpose for the improvement of the planet as well as to remember our friends family guides and spiritual teachers above who assist us and learn with us as we evolve into compassionate and loving beings. There is a shift now and many humans are in the process of expanding their consciousness and transitioning to a higher vibration frequency and in the process shedding many negative emotional states so we can live in peace and harmony, without war and conflict …a planet filled with love compassion and forgiveness. Most adults and even advanced children are beginning to ask deep intimate questions in order to discern the true nature of existence as they have not been able to find adequate answers through the normal channels of religion family and work life.…Some have been fortunate to make a connection to a higher being or guide as Gary did when Albert stepped out of the shadows and his wisdom flew in the face of everything that Christian holy men had been preaching for hundreds of years and provided new insights in the journey of the soul or as Sheryl did when she observed coincidences synchronicity noticed it was not happening randomly and allowed herself to be guided to develop her intuitive healing and mediumship work to access the higher realms. A few centuries ago people were burnt as the stake for espousing these eternal truths and now many of us are being made aware and exposed to our own divine gifts for connecting to higher energy personally and without the structures of ancient philosophies or fear based political or religious restrictions. The way to find this connection is through the heart based soul in alignment to Universal Source and it is for everyone .

Garnet and Sheryl would ask you to meditate, dream, walk in nature, ask Spirit to visit and share their love and beauty. Love more and act with kindness and it is quite possible that you will met up with your spirit guide who will embrace you with the truth of life and eternal love and you will know All is well.