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The Brain Broad Builds A Brain – Cerebral Palsy and Downs Syndrome Make for Family Fun

Catalina Roel is a mom from Mexico. She has three children. Her first child was diagnosed with Downs syndrome. Her second child was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and her last child was never diagnosed with anything. Catalina is blessed, with a resilient life-loving attitude. Her children are blessed with her.

So many people think it is hard to raise a child. They are right, because they believe it so. Catalina just raises her children and lets the hard part fall away.

Lynette and Catalina know each other. Lynette is one of the family therapists. The prognosis of die by the age of four for her first born and never walk or see for second both proved to be false. Catalina bought books and did body exercises with her children. She helped to heal the brain through the body. Healing continues.

Her children are in their thirties. They are alive and well. The strive and achieve. The are a house full of fun. This is the perfect family show with Holiday Season stepping into full swing.

The Brain Broad shares the story of how Catalina’s daughter was being incorrectly helped with Neurofeedback. If you use neurofeedback, this is an important story to listen to, don’t forget to take notes.

Todays ‘Brain Broad, Google Gods’ Search Engine Brain Lesson Be careful what you ask for You get the answer you want.”

Today’s question “Does being a sibling of those with special needs hurt or help?”

Today’s answer: “It helps, if you let it!”