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The Brain Broad Builds A Brain

The Brain Broad

The Brain Broad Builds A Brain – The Brain Geek, The Brain Broad, Psychophysiology and OCD

John LeMay is an up and coming expert in Psychophysiology. Just as scouts search for talent in the minor leagues Brain Broad, Lynette, searches for talent amongst her student peers.

(PS Lynette just finished all her course work and is one exam away from PhD ABD YAYYYYY).

John LeMay has been working in the field of mental health for many years. His Masters is in Marriage and Family Therapy and he is presently one of the star- data focused- students in Clinical Psychology. Learning from this Brain Geek is especially fun because he and Lynette are equal yet differently so in the world of Brain Shaping.

The brain is an organ that creates and recreates itself both structurally and functionally on a daily basis. Learning to work with it requires a respect for all the different approaches because it is too intricate and vast for one theory to encompass the all of its abilities. Lynette and John discuss some of the connected cascades within the brain and body and how looking at just one piece of the story can lead to the wrong approach for healing.

OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) has at its base both a helping habit and a dysfunctional possibility. This is a great show for conceptual learning that leads to better patient awareness.

The Brain Broad invites John to give the neurofeedback advice via some information gathered with a stress profile.

Todays ‘Brain Broad, Google Gods’ Search Engine Brain Lesson Attention is the tool to make anything grow bigger, both what you want and what you don’t want.

Today’s question “Does religion influence mental illness?”

Today’s answer: “In some ways.”