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Thriving Entrepreneur – Healthy Love – Healthy Life with Vanessa and Carolyn

We are joined today by two remarkable bestselling authors that will talk about two important things that all of us desires to have in life: LOVE and good HEALTH.

1st “Enduring Love” by Dr. Venessa Marie Perry
No matter how successful we are in life, at the end of the day, we’re all seeking for the same thing – to love and be loved. We believe the social norms that society has laid out for us that there are no rules when it comes to love. It’s because no one’s there to tell you that you’re doing it wrong or right. People often say, “Just do what makes you happy.” You see, it’s one thing to find love, but it’s another thing to keep it alive. The key to a healthy relationship is friendship. If you have that, everything else will follow.

Love is not just a feeling – it’s an action. It’s something that you need to work on every day.” -Venessa

2nd “Heal-thy LiFE Heal-thy Land” by Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson

Get rid of the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward. We can only create change in the world if we first start with our individual healing. Everything in life exists in these four areas: Health, Finances, Faith, and Relationship

Regardless of how despondent or unfulfilled we think our lives are, we can take a pause and disconnect from everything. Take time to look at the journey and how beautiful it is along the way. Just live in the moment!