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Rock Splitting Politics – President Obama Punches Israel to Kick Off 2017!

President Obama could not go quietly into retirement.  To make his leftist agenda notorious and echo throughout time, President Obama slammed the nation of Israel against the advice of congressional democrats and republicans.  The Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu soundly rejected what President Obama did in the United Nations.  President-Elect Trump will not be able to undo what President Obama just did to Israel on the international stage.  Doc Holliday pushed his prediction prone new years’ show till next week to take a better look at what just happened to Israel.  But Doc Holliday still takes the time to play a clip of an impromptu press conference with Donald Trump and Don King by his side.  You will remember that Don King spoke well of Trump and asked blacks to support Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton on an exclusive interview played here on Rock Splitting Politics.  Doc mentions some famous peoples’ deaths and mentions Franklin Graham who will be a part of Trump’s inauguration.  Doc also plays sound bites from Secretary of State John Kerry and Prime Minister of Israel  Bibi Netanyahu and speaks of what Alan Dershowitz thinks about what was done to Israel. . Rocks are still splitting in 2017 and you can hear about it starting now.  Click on to kick off your 2017 year of Rock Splitting Politics!