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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – An Awakened Life of Love

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Master Charles Cannon

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication healing miracles and ways to know your human and divine potential, welcomes Master Charles Cannon who has been a guest on the show previously and rejoins us today to discuss his newest book Living an Awakened Life: The Lessons of Love.

Master Charles Cannon, who is a modern spiritual teacher and the founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern spirituality will discuss his high-tech meditation and holistic lifestyle experience.

Master Cannon, says American philosopher David Abram wrote.. “The ecological crisis may be the result of a recent and collective perceptual disorder in our species, a unique form of myopia which it now forces us to correct. And a traditional Native American prayer…Give us the wisdom to teach our children in love to respect and be kind to one another so that we may grow with peace in mind. Learning to love is the answer that has eluded us. This is what develops peace in the mind, which leads to a fundamentally different attitude towards the earth… To begin a new more noble chapter in human history we begin with a respect for life. In fact that’s a clue about love’s true nature; its accepting and inclusive…God loves indiscriminately and one of his most courageous prophets said…”whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me…that’s worth remembering next time we withhold our love from someone we’ve judged unworthy.

In Sheryl’s book, The Living Spirit she addresses the need for people to truly discover who they are as spiritual beings having a physical life and write….. “We all can walk in the world of Spirit and at the same time have a foot touching the ground of this world. This can be done by recognizing the gifts and blessings of life itself and your life in particular. All great masters—St Francis of Assisi, Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and others have learned to quiet the drives and cravings of the physical body long enough to free the mind. In doing so, they were able to awaken to inner peace and to messages being given to them from Spirit. Through this connection they learned how to improve the quality of their daily lives, as well as how to engage others with empathy, love, compassion and kindness.”

Master Charles Cannon poses a question in regard to life in these modern times and also addresses the differences from past eras. He says, “They are many offered to address everything from curing physical diseases to fighting terrorism. But when it comes to personal stress management we are told simply to unplug. Take a break from computer, texting and retreat from busyness into silence…That used to work back when life was simple and the earth was sparsely populated…but fast forward to the 21st century, 7 billion people endless expanses of concrete and steel and electromagnetic pollution and it becomes difficult…Unplugging from technology is now impossible. We’ve learned to filter out nature and that world of Spirit or magnificent creating. SO PLUG INTO THIS WORLD WE’VE NEGLECTED THAT LIVES AROUND AND WITHIN US TO DISTANT STARS..THE UNIVERSAL ONENESS OF BEING- Be connected not separate from your true nature and source.”

Living an Awakened Life is set up with a series of 52 explorations providing a focus of inspiration and motivation week by week throughout the year and is also segmented into the four seasons, framed with the solstice and equinox which are particularly significant pivot dates in the annual calendar.

Master Charles Cannon is about to discover a fundamentally different definition and articulation of love. True love is more than emotion, more than romance. It is the truth of who you innately are. Love is another word for God, for source intelligence, for consciousness for whatever you name the truth of life in the universe. Love is the language of this book.

The seasons have their place in our awakening process…

Winter—This is the season to let go of our busyness…to allow time for gestation, meditation, connecting with source and nurturing the seed of love in your true nature As light gives way to darkness you have to explore your inner being to find who you really are. Cultivating this is best done by quiet meditation. Through this you begin to understand what it means to love yourself and this opens you up to the energy that empowers ….the loving energy of who you are already,

Master Charles Cannon wrote “Winter heralds the coming triumph of truth over illusion and is a time for self-love. It’s all here in the dark; an abused childhood, growing up with demons; being shamed for our bodies and for not living up to our potential in work and in life; and memories of failures and dashed dreams..We are not alone in our self-negation. Everyone has their own unique issues about self-worth, self-acceptance, self-love. Our first step into freedom is to rise above that quagmire into the causative level of love… …..You are alive. Loving this, the experience of life itself makes it possible to open to Source.”

Spring—The sprouting of seeds, growth in the world, blossoming of love for yourself. This is how you are able to increasingly love others. You have nothing without this life force. Celebrate the coming spring of your expanding awareness, simply being alive and loving the experience of life you have. Rise from your hibernation!

Summer—With Summer comes the full expression of who you truly are…an individual an wholly unique manifestation of the love that includes and permeates all of life everywhere in the universe. Summer is the time of flowering, the flourishing, that brings life fully into expression. Summer holds the promise of the coming harvest and renewal

Fall—It’s harvest time and the abundance of life is peaking. Fall gives us the revelation of the seed in its fullness and also produces new seeds for gestation in the winter. Harvest is both a time of reaping and sowing. The end is also the beginning and the cycle of life continues.

“In the end it comes down to this You are the love you have been seeking. You can look at your reflection in the mirror and say, “I am living love.” The authentic measure then is realness.”

Sheryl says “In a reading I did with my sister Rodelle who passed last year, she expressed what she became aware of when in spirit and I wrote in my next book New Life Awaits what she told me….Rodelle’s first impression to me expressed that that she hadn’t known how to pull all the compassionate threads of Life together with enough appreciation. Like many of us, she always thought she had more time.” For Sheryl the message was to live each day with more love and put that out in the world so when it is time to leave this life it will be easier to transcend the physical realm and arrive at the next level of consciousness.

Inspired by the Divine Feminine archetype, Charles’ primary teacher has been the Blessed Mother who began appearing to him in his early childhood and whose apparitional manifestation continues into the present time. In 1970 while still in his early twenties, Master Charles became one of the closest Western disciples of Paramahansa Muktananda among the most well-known Eastern mystics of the modern era. From 1970-1982 Master Charles was trained in orthodox Vedic/tantric philosophical contexts and was ordained a monk of the Vedic Order of Sannyasins, the oldest existing monastic order in the world today.

Master Charles Cannon’s compelling vision of Modern Spirituality and his progressively enlightening experience validate his monotheistic philosophy of life as expressed in all time-honored holistic models of reality. He teaches that One Source Consciousness is the substratum of multi-dimensional reality and presents the mechanics of its actualization through holistic lifestyle in human experience.

As he writes, “We seem to be busier than ever even though technology should be making us freer and more aware of the important connections of our lives…We seem to live bound to our mobile devices and receiving a barrage of constant information..more background noise than ever before. The question is how might we use technology in more constructive ways…Technology doesn’t have to be an enemy.”

Perhaps technology returns us to Universal Mind: past personal mind or the ego, which is forever swinging from pleasure to pain and back again, and helps us to process events in our everyday lives in a more proactive way…for example Someone disrespects or slights you…an oversight at work, to an undeserved, unkind word from your spouse, or a newscast with disturbing revelations of corruption in high places…Do you react unconsciously adding to the abuse in subtle or overt ways?, or do you pause and make a different choice: You might forgive, comfort even offer kindness instead. We are not born with this ability, but it Is born in us as potential. We can actualize this potential usually with the help of inspiring mentors and rise up above ego restrictions and be authentic. Then we live in Universal Mind not personal mind…..

Master Charles Cannon talks about homelessness reaching epidemic proportions in our modern world. According to a report from the United Nations Commission on Human rights, there were 100 million homeless people worldwide in 2005 which must be higher now- perhaps 200 million..In America 13 percent of homeless people have jobs, but still can’t afford housing….1.3 million are children under 18. Shocking! ACTUALLY THIS IS A SPIRITUAL PROBLEM..If we are not living in harmony with life in the Universe, if we are not building our individual house of Being according to the organic synergistic, ever fluctuating blueprint alive in the universe no wonder homelessness increases. We are not at home, we are alienated. The statistics are a reflection of this inner state. All the wonders of our modern world and yes millions of our children have no home. HOME RESIDES INSIDE US. The sense of belonging exists within…its energy really….its emotion. All of us live in a field of invisible energy and it’s as unique as our signature. The destination is not a geographical location…it’s a state of Being.

Master Charles Cannon has through a series of exploring our inner world given us a look at the really important questions that when addressed and given consideration offer us a view of our inner soul life and the means to improving and enriching our personal physical and spiritual life.

We have discussed meditation which many busy people see as a luxury that they just can’t afford but we do have a choice as to what we engage or move away from and as part of our awakening process, meditation is not a chore, but a gift we give ourselves. Master Cannon said it this way..”While it may have become habitual to feel overwhelmed by the busyness of 21st century life, we do have a choice about where we direct our attention and how we spend our time…..We all make time for pleasure for activities we desire. If meditation is a duty you won’t do it for long. If meditation is something you should want to do and try it you will fail….Real meditation is the fulfillment of an internal process satisfying a hunger for connection with source that compels a person to interrupt their involvement with the world and go within. Why” To be fed.

So this is the real point of meditation to strip away the distractions and go to the source and find love. You learn that love is your very nature and open to the loving energy that already empowers you, the love you already are.

Master Charles Cannon and Sheryl would have you discover the greatest truth of your being… we are born to remember the magnificence and power of our divine connection to eternal life and creation and to know the Universe is within us and we are within the Universe: so all things are possible under heaven and earth, and Life is but a dream if we move past the fear and restriction of our illusions and expand our awareness of what love really is.