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Doc Holliday

Rock Splitting Politics – Even Trump’s Inauguration Spills into Left-wing Controversy

Are you going to the Presidential inauguration?  American left-wingers want to make that even controversial.  Have you heard about the band from the historically black college in Talladega, Alabama?  Controversy has struck by left-wing extremists who do not want young Americans to participate in a peaceful transition of power.  Doc Holliday covers that in this week’s show and also has political comments from a CNN clip about the inauguration from Trump senior adviser Katrina Pierson.  And not only will you hear from Katrina Pierson‘s comments now but Doc Holliday will play you an exclusive clip from when Katrina was on his show several years ago about why she got involved in politics.  On the second half of the show Doc speaks with political reporter Chad Groening about what we may see going forward into 2017.  Great show to get you ready for the presidential inauguration and Rock Splitting Politics  in 2017!  Remember that Doc will be going to the inauguration and will give you first hand accounts when he gets back.