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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Invitation to Happiness

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Mia Tomikawa

In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host, Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to recognize your true human and spiritual potential to achieve a purposeful life journey. Sheryl welcomes Mia Tomikawa who is a United States spokesperson for Invitation to Happiness written by spiritual leader and author Ryuho Okawa founder of a world-wide organization “Happy Science” for personal development One purpose of this philosophy is to awaken participants to find joy and love for life by connecting with that inner voice, spirit, soul or higher self.

Mia and Sheryl will discover a new sense of Self and discuss practical tools for creating new habits for a more carefree grounded and spiritual life through 7 inspirations or themes which will guide you to “the angel within”, the force that supports everyone to become courageous inspired and true to themselves.

Ryuho Okawa is a spiritual leader and author in Japan with a simple goal.. “To help people find true happiness and create a better world”. His books have sold over 100 million worldwide and been translated into 27 languages and address vital issues such as how our thoughts influence reality, the nature of love and the path to enlightenment.

In regard to happiness or suffering, each person of course makes their own choice. Many choose to blame circumstances or other people for any setback or challenge but it is our perceptions and realization that our thoughts and actions direct and encourage many events that happen in our lives. Sheryl feels very much like Ryuho Okawa in regard to the personal power we all possess and how we can align to our higher self to support a healthy happy life.

In reference to this, in her book, The Living Spirit, Sheryl expressed happiness this way, “Since I receive intuitive messages for my clients, many people ask me, How can I find peace and happiness in my life. This is the answer I give: Before there can be peace and happiness in a person’s life, and in the world, every person must be responsible to do their own work acknowledging what may need to change within their attitudes or actions so they may better relate to the outer world. Finding true happiness and joy is the natural outcome of self-investigation. There are no short cuts and no one can make you happy or unhappy unless you give them the power to do that by surrendering or giving away your personal power.”

Mia tells us that each one of us has an inner angel who is our guide to happiness. “There are rare moments in life when just the right answer or idea comes to us from out of nowhere at just the right time. Your inner angel is not a completely separate being but actually a part of your soul. You can also call this spiritual existence your subconscious. The consciousness of your physical self does not represent all of your soul but only a part of it. The rest of your soul remains in the other world as the subconscious. Just as a flower is made up of several petals, your soul is made up of six individual energies. You, the person living on earth now, are like one petal of a flower. Your inner angel guides and protects you from heaven as another petal of the flower that makes up your soul.”

Ryuho Okawa writes, “Life in this world is every soul’s opportunity for development, and each one of us is responsible for learning from our experiences. This is why heavenly spirits are not allowed to take complete control over our lives and live them on our behalf, as if we were only puppets. We all have to lead our own lives, but our angels also do whatever they can to influence things to our advantage. Your guardian angel helps you by sending inspiration at important turning points in your life. Say there is an opening for a managerial position in a company, and two qualified people are competing against each other for this position. Their guardian angels will both do everything they can to help them get the position. They will, for example, send inspiration to convince the personnel director that the person they are guiding is suitable for the position. Or if you fall in love with someone that you think is your ideal marriage partner, your guardian angel will work very hard to attract that person and bring the two of you together.

Your inner angel guides and protects you throughout your life. Knowing this will increase your awareness of the help you receive from heaven. Your inner angel may protect you by getting someone to block your way to keep you from taking the wrong path in life and to push you toward your right path. The most important thing is to always believe. Believe that your angel will guide you to the right path and open up a way for you to pursue it.”

“Invitation to Happiness” speaks about a calm mind. By balancing our minds with the sensations of heaven, we can connect with our real selves and remember what it is like to have spiritual freedom. We all send and receive various vibrational frequencies throughout our days and these thoughts influence the type of energy we receive from others as well as the energies we send to others. “These feelings are like magnets whose coarse vibrations attract more of the same types of emotions. A calm mind boosts the serenity of our vibrations, inviting that same peaceful energy to be reflected back to us from those around us. The first step toward achieving serenity within is to practice detachment. Practicing letting go of all of your distracting thoughts calms your mind and allows your vibration to resonate with the vibration of the higher world. A repeated practice of cutting off the worldly vibrations that distract you from a calm mind and looking within will help you achieve a deeper tranquility and reach your most spiritual self.” Quiet and calm breathing can relax one’s body and help free distraction of the world’s vibrations, and attune to the infinite world beyond.

Introspective contemplation offers a precious opportunity to connect to your truest self and experience a glimpse of an even higher spiritual world which is the Light… With this inner connection, you will be able to transform the receivable light into a source of vitality and energy you can use to live a more significant and optimistic life. By calming your mind and looking within yourself, you’ll find your right path and an appetite for living. Your zest for life will be an ever-flowing source of spiritual energy you will draw on to spread happiness in the world.” Without knowing these thoughts many people fight negative emotions and reside in a state of pain and confusion which is not their normal state of being.

The true you is your soul and connection to Eternal Light and life. The false self is anything that lessens that truth, usually your ego, personality and fears.

Ways to Know Your True Self

“If you discover thoughts within yourself that shine with the light of your true self, let go of the thoughts that oppose them. For example, if you discover the characteristic of love within yourself, then let go of your feelings of hatred. If you visualize yourself blessing other people, remove jealousy from your mind. If gratitude wells up from within, get rid of sarcastic and malicious thoughts. If you can feel peace in your mind, get rid of impatience and irritation. If you visualize a healthy romantic relationship, you should refrain from purely physical relationships. If you feel a pure, tranquil mind that is free from uncontrollable desires, let go of negative, troubled thoughts. This is how we can keep polishing and shining our inner angel or part of our soul being.”

“We have the power to receive heavenly inspirations and the more we let them in, the more connected we become with our true selves and the more we will have to offer the world. Visualization and contemplation are simple, practical tools that anyone can practice daily to grow spiritually.”

Here is one beginning meditation and way to connect to your inner spirit.

1. Begin by closing your eyes and sitting in stillness.
2. Visualize your true self within you, sparkling as splendidlyas a diamond.
3. See your body being filled with golden light from heaven.
4. Watch the light fill your heart, making the darkness vanish
5. as it grows and grows.
6. Feel the warmth from the light.
7. Continue this visualization until your heart feels warmer, lighter, and renewed and you can see yourself as a wonderful person,
shining with kindness.

Thinking about your strengths is powerful in times of failure. They are opportunities for us to get rid of our false sense of self.


Examples: Love, consideration, kindness, courage, wisdom, honesty, diligence, a peaceful mind, a blessing heart, gratitude, cheerfulness, effort, faith, prayer, affluence, generosity, a mind free from attachments, a habit of speak positively, sympathy, justice, high aspirations, personal growth, success at creating a healthy relationship or harmony within the family, patience, an unshakable mind, a strong will, hope, benevolence.

Mia goes on to discuss the conception of perfection as opposed to imperfection and says, “There are more than seven billion people in the world today, and not one lives a perfect life. Everyone has flaws and regrets. We’re all imperfect. We all make mistakes and experience failure at some point in life. But these experiences lead to discoveries and spiritual growth. Understanding this helps us cultivate compassion toward others who are going through the same process as they try to open up a new path in life. We all wish to overcome the challenges we face in life, but sometimes we find ourselves fighting a losing battle and enduring loss. When we find ourselves failing despite all our best efforts and wisdom, what we need above all is the courage to forgive ourselves.”

1 us tolerate imperfections and forgive
In order to understand forgiveness, we come to see that there is nothing to forgive: only to accept each person as they are, and love them. We should maintain an open, loving and non-judgmental mind. We misunderstand others when we see them only from a limited perspective and our own side of the story and then we feel misunderstood as well. To develop an accepting and forgiving heart, we must let go of our judgments.

Ryuho Okawa’s book Invitation to Happiness is also a workbook including many exercises such as; Deep Breathing, Freeing your Mind From Worries, Visualization of Your True Self, Finding Your True Strengths and Unique Gifts, Becoming One with The Will of the Universe (Music), Inner Angel Memories, (Remembering the turning points in your Life), Understanding circumstance, loss hardships failures and how to face obstacles, Discovering Your Mission and the Life Purpose you were born with. Giving love unconditionally, Forgiving Yourself, Improving Relationships, Taking Responsibility for your own happiness and for others and making the world a happier place. Simple Pleasures, Creating moments of joy, Finding One Good Thing Every Day, Sharing Good Things, and Visualizing Your Dreams.

Happiness Now is learning that we can only change our future, not our past. “When we find happiness in the present, we see our past in a different and more positive light.”
When we are happy, we recognize that everyone we’ve ever met was meant to move us toward happiness. Even those who hurt or wronged us become an integral part of our path of happiness. Each serves as a stepping stone to lift us beyond past restricted thinking and allows us to refine our soul. Each one along the way whether perceived as good or bad, at the time, helped us become who we are today.”

“All of us have both the right and the responsibility to be happy. Taking responsibility for our happiness allows us to cultivate compassion and acknowledge one another. It’s by understanding others’ perspectives and lifestyles that we come to see their strengths and brilliance. When we truly honor our own life plan strengths and failures we allow ourselves and everyone else to assume their own responsibility for happiness. It is this realization that allows us a chance to create the kind of world we’d all like to see.”

Mia Tomikawa has shared the ideas and fundamental goals of “Happy Science” a worldwide foundation for shedding light on the human and spiritual practices of life, by founder Master Ryoho Okawa and believes the goal of spiritual seekers is always to find a clearer view of ourselves while finding the inner being or angel within that reminds us to forge a stronger connection to Universal Energy. to

Master Ryoho Okawa, Mia and Sheryl would have you remember your true nature and be guided to the angel within—the force that supports life on both a physical and energetic level and which if we allow it inspires us to be courageous bold compassionate and to begin to flow in a peaceful accepting way of Life, no matter what realities challenges or situations we experience.Guest: Mia Tomikawa