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Rock Splitting Politics

Doc Holliday

Rock Splitting Politics – Welcome President Donald J. Trump!

This week is the first week of a new era for America. Doc Holliday went to the inauguration and will have first hand details in next week’s show.  But this week includes what a seventy year cycle in American politics means for this nation right now.  Do you want to know more about that seventy year cycle, then better listen to this week’s show?  Also, Doc Holliday uses clips from Fox News with our friend the Rev. William Owen to better understand the comments made by Congressman John Lewis about President Trump.  Rev. Owen marched with Congressman Lewis back in the 60’s and now has something to say to black America and all Americans.  Doc also plays a clip from a former Black Panther.  Another great show in an era where political rocks are being split wide open everyday.  Doc Holliday also has a picture on his Facebook page with one of the performers at the inauguration that you can see here.  Click on for a rock splitting experience right now and discover how Rev. Owen uses the word “pimp.”