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Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers Circle – Finding Life’s “Sweet Spots”

Most of the time when I speak to my friends, family or colleagues and ask them how they are doing, there is a standard and quick “Good, thanks.”  But when we take a moment to really talk about life, I hear about the challenges of finding balance with work, family, caregiving, health, and many other aspects of our day to day experience.  But every once and awhile, I hear stories of passion and excitement for new projects at work or at home, a sport or an activity that brings pleasure, or a connection with a loved one that is filled with meaning.  Truthfully I think many of us have things or people in our life that bring us happiness but due to the day to day grind of life stressors our blessings and gratitude can blur and be difficult to find.

For me, there are many things that bring me pure joy, and what I consider, as my guest says, my “sweet spots” in life.  We hear that term used in sports, like for example in baseball, when we hit the ball on the sweet spot,  that precise moment when the bat and ball connect in perfect harmony and the ball sails over the fence.   But what does finding the sweet spot in life mean?  That moment when you and your external or internal experiences bring you bliss and pleasure?  Today’s guest on Caregivers’ Circle, Sue Kelly, author of the upcoming book Still Sexy at 60 plus will help us define and find our own sweet spots.