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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – How, When and Why we may talk to Aliens?

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Nancy Du Tertre

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to go within to discover and develop your highest sense of Intuition is most delighted to welcome Nancy Du Tertre author of How to Talk to An Alien. Nancy is a psychic/spiritual medium, a trained remote viewer and urology expert and her predictions and research into connecting with ET’s have emerged from her own UFO/alien experiences resulting in a new field of extraterrestrial communication.

Nancy and Sheryl will discuss how we must learn to respect all life forms and work cooperatively with all life forms. In 2013 Nancy says one poll showed that nearly half of all Americans believe UFO’s may be a sign of extraterrestrial visitation: another 10 percent of Americans claim to have actually witnessed an actual UFO, while yet 2.9 million Americans believe they had actually been abducted by aliens. Nancy Du Tertre a securities litigation attorney and trained psychic detective and remote viewer has the skills to open up an important discussion on how we will receive and communicate with intelligent life forms when the time arrives. Nancy were apprenticed to a well known psychic detective for a decade and worked with law enforcement and victim’s family to insure justice. Her education and training are exceptional.

Nancy describes an alien encounter she had while with her daughter when they both saw a large circular ship with orange lights above them on the roadway which piqued her curiosity and began her extensive research into alien events. Many years later she describes another quite unusual event and wrote… “While in my red Honda 5 blocks from home parked and waiting for a friend a large fierce somewhat Reptilian alien hopped in my car. The alien looked with a deep and penetrating gaze and it was clear he had locked on to my brain waves. I panicked but then had a different thought..I’m a trained psychic and concentrated in creating a giant electrical ball of plasma and shot this through our mutually locked brain waves…this burst of energy broke the connection. Whether this was a dream or some other level of reality in which I met an alien I am not sure but one thing was clear. WE humans can successfully take the power back… in fact we can help to develop our telepathic and intuitive skills to control our environment handle intruders and definitely improve health and yes, become more specially attuned to energy and Universal Laws which is necessary for our evolution and success.”

Sheryl Says…… “As a medium and Reiki energy practitioner I find that often our abilities or interests evolve over time and we are guided into many different roles and situations according to a fine tuned plan by Universal Source or Universe for our personal and collective growth and so we learn to say “Yes” to new opportunities as we forge forward to develop magnificent useful new spiritual gifts and evolve.”

It is relevant to learn how to talk to an alien as Nancy tells us for many reasons. It would indeed be wise to be polite as either they’ve never been here before and you are a diplomat to show the best of hospitality, or they have been here since the dawn of mankind and we might want to show them we are not still as primitive while also assuring them there is hope for us to learn to master our emotional landscape, change negative emotions and violent behaviors as humans have been known to display throughout time. If aliens can shut down our nuclear missile defense systems and power plants as described by Robert Salas author of The UFO Phenomenon and violate our commercial and military airspace and abduct people from their bedrooms, we need to know their intentions and learn if possible to work with them as we must with all the nations of this planet.

In her book Nancy goes on to describe how looking at scientific data from NASA launched Kepler space observatory to survey part of the Milky Way to discover Earth sized extra solar planets which lead us to know that in the many billions of stars in our galaxy there are planets where life may exist. In order to communicate with potential intelligent species we began to broadcast the equivalent of a radio Morse Code …a message by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan was broadcasted from the Arecibo Observatory in 1974 aimed at a star cluster 25,000 light years away offering 7 layers of information. In a film by award winning film maker Steven Spielberg Encounters of the Third Kind a great deal of the equipment and methods for communication were realistically shown and perhaps included information from the Roswell incident where a UFO ship was retrieved in 1947.

1 Establishes our language is being transmitted using a binary code system based on numbers 1 through 10.
2 The atomic numbers of the five basic elements comprising DNA.
3 The formulas for sugars and bases in the nucleotides of DNA.
4 Have there been any official attempts to communicate with extraterrestrials?
5 An image of a human showing the average physical height and human population.
6 A graphic of the solar system and location of Earth.
7 A graphic of the Arecibo radio telescopes transmitting antenna dish.

The alien presence on Earth is undisputed by many and the field of communicating with them is called Exolinguistics meaning outside or external and linguistics meaning the study of language. Estimates from military sources suggest from 4 to 82 alien species known to be interacting with humans thought there are likely thousands of different species out there.US Army Sergeant Clifford Stone spent 22 years as a military psychic brought in to communicate with ET’s…In the world of ufology it is commonly accepted that there are roughly 6 types of aliens interacting with humans…Greys, Reptilians, Humanoids, Hybrids and Light Beings.

According to alien abduction author Dr David Jacobs from Temple University most aliens do not appear to have the necessary physiological equipment to engage in audible human style speech. Abductees bolster the idea that telepathy is the main communication mode consistent with mental rather than spoken communication…the insect like aliens have no noticeable mouths or noses and the small and tall gray aliens appear to have mouth like structures with no tongues or teeth. And their mouths are almost always closed. Facial musculature which would allow for expressiveness is not reported. Finally abductees do not report anything resembling a respiratory system, nor do they describe any apparent larynx, esophagus, lung capacity or aspiration essential for sound formation for either the gray aliens or the insect like beings.

HOWEVER Humanoids do communicate as we do. They contain several categories of aliens who are similar or identical to humans..some include the Nordics described as beautiful Scandinavian with blonde hair and blue eyes: the Giants exceptionally tall 7 to ten feet: the Hybrids described as humanoids with large eyes and sparse hair and who live freely among us and are indistinguishable from us. Also Angelic Beings usually described as etheric, translucent and often surrounded by intense celestial white light… It is only partially true that aliens speak in mental telepathy; It’s great to receive their telepathic signals, but what about sending them? To have a real dialogue with aliens we must learn their languages. We must keep in mind that alien technologies and alien mindsets do not include the same set of fundamental values or techniques. We cannot expect aliens to talk as we do just as we not expect a dolphin to talk as we do.

Let’s pay attention to the possible ways in which aliens may be communicating with us on non-verbal levels. While the Reptilians Mantis and Insectoids may not have ears these may not be the only way for hearing…sound waves can be picked up by skin lungs or other internal organs. Messages might come in the form of crop circles or pixilated designs or geometric forms viewed from the air (Nancy shares pictures of the Humanoid alien group and says that the late geologist and explosive expert Philio Schneider who built secret underground military facilities for the government said at the 1995 Preparedness Expos that our government has worked with humanoid aliens for decades. He had met an alien from Venus named Valient Val Thors and President Nixon and Eisenhower had also met them along with Senator Robert F. Kennedy before his assassination in 1968. Valient was described as 6 feet 185 pounds with 6 fingers on both hands one giant lung blood made of copper oxide brown wavy hair and brown eyes and his life expectancy was 490 years. His IQ was an estimated 1200 and he had the ability to speak 100 languages including alien languages.

Some aliens speak with an accent and when we hear an accent we can usually identify their native language, place of origin training and exposure to our culture. If aliens speak with an accent we know they aren’t native residents of our country or residents of earth.

Nancy presents cases where distinct and different alien dialects were heard and encounters with aliens documented. She tells of Cynthia Appleton from Aston, Birmingham England had an encounter with 4 aliens on November 18, 1957 and described the man who communicated with her telepathically as tall fair complexion and blonde hair angular elongated features. He told her he was from a world like ours governed by the Sun and needed to obtain something of which they were running short of..It was at the bottom of the sea…titanium it seems which is something one of the most common requirements for planet formation and the 9th most common element on planet Earth.

THE MESSAGE HE GAVE: He told her his people never fought and lived in peace and harmony and this is a recurring theme among alien messages to contactees. A year later these aliens returned and spoke to her in a foreign sounding style of English with careful articulation.

She also tells an interesting story of Castillo, a UFO investigator who met a man while waiting for a movie in Spain. His name was Cyril Weiss…over time Castillo noticed some unusual qualities of his friend and after his friend left about 4 years later Castillo had a contactee situation aboard a ship in Bogota Columbia and once again saw his old friend Cyril Weiss who told him he was indeed an aliene Humanoid. Cyril spoke Spanish without an accent and told his friend that many Pleiadians from his planet were already among the human population and were trying to create contact groups for alien-human cooperation.

Sheryl shares a story of her own …. “When I was at a Healing Conference in Phoenix Arizona staying at a Marriot hotel I went into a Sound Bowl healing workshop and I was the last one to come rushing in as I couldn’t find the right room,…there was only one seat left and I immediately sat down. Suddenly, I felt a pull to my right side and started to glance at the women with long blonde hair sitting next to me..I was aware of some vibration…Later after the workshop I spoke to her. She told me her name was Victoria and quite freely without hesitation said she was from another star system here to help us…Victoria worked with musical vibrations for improving health and higher consciousness….I asked her if there were others like her and she said “Yes.” I then asked, “What do they look like? To which she responded, “ Mostly like me.”… She was blonde pleasant looking calm and helpful.”

In Nancy’s book, she wrote…. “According to many contactees military officers, and researchers, aliens and hybrids are living in our midst and have mixed with the human population without being identified…According to reports a friend warned that there are many bio-androids . These bio-androids are aware that their only foes on Earth are psychics.” (who can sense their energy or different vibration.

In terms of languages from the documented stories of Filberto Cardenas and Heinonen, we can confirm that Aliens speak Alien languages as well as our bird sounds perhaps and the different types of aliens sound different from each other. Wolski another contactee, heard an alien language that sounded like staccato and monosyllabic-sounding. Cardenas’s alien language sounded like Arabic which usually has a guttural multisyllabic sound. The existence of different alien languages suggests the existence of different species or races of aliens.

So our awareness and interest of an alien force has always been in our history and mystical stories… passed down in every culture and mythological stories which may be reflective of interactions with higher beings from other places since the beginning of time.

Nancy has mentioned many authors in her book who have been guests on this show, for example, Robert Salas author of Unidentified The UFO Phenomenon, Betty Andreasson and Bob Luca both survivors of alien abductions.

Nancy discusses her own experiences with Alien phone voices and radio interference which Sheryl has witnessed as well…many times when Sheryl has interviewed a guest usually when they are advanced metaphysicians intuitive/mediums or those who have had their own alien interactions, she has heard the metallic electronic strange voice filter in and out while doing the radio interview and at first thought it to be an electronic glitch and thought to edit it out of the show, but at some point realized that maybe not everyone heard these sounds. In this show Nancy heard this quality of sound while Sheryl was speaking at one point, and Sheryl heard it when Nancy was talking at one point. We might conclude we are not alone and others are listening and perhaps interjecting their own thoughts or wisdom.

Nancy believes we must educate ourselves about how to communicate with aliens in order to better understand their intentions. As you have seen they have subtle ways of transmitting information to us our vocal cords, our minds, dreams or trance like states. Aliens also are adept at using electronic equipment theirs and ours to communicate with us and as we have said some people have heard what seems like computer generated voices or metallic voices while on telephone calls.

Nancy says that Russia, the United States indeed all the countries and political leaders are aware of the presence of these interactive alien forces. Nancy tells of a fascinating interview with late night host Jimmy Kimmel on March 12, 2015 where President Barak Obama joked that Kimmel would never be president because no one is allowed to reveal the government files on UFO’s because the aliens won’t allow it and they exercise strict control over us. When asked by Kimmel if he had investigated the UFO files Obama said on a more serious note…I can’t reveal anything… Former Obama advisor and former Clinton administration chief of staff John Podesta publicly tweeted on February 13, 2015…that his biggest career regret was not achieving “UFO Disclosure”

Sheryl and Nancy try to understand the similarities and differences between communications from deceased souls or humans and aliens from other planets. Some people claim to receive mental downloads of alien conversations and some claim to channel alien conversations like a medium channels the speech of deceased souls. Nancy says that some ET’s create a form of speech that is heard within the brain(telepathy) and without the aid of an electronic technology. It might be mental electromagnetic waves that can pull the switches on our neural networks. Most humans have this underutilized ability to receive telepathy but even the best psychics in the world don’t seem to have this powerful consistent ability to implant sounds into the brain particularly when the recipient is not a good receiver. People who get telepathic communications from ETs will often refer to them as “downloads” or are prompted to record them as channeled writing. Sheryl as a medium says that about the messages or readings she receives for clients who have lost relatives. Nancy and other investigators of alien abilities suggest that aliens can also cause humans to lose consciousness, awareness, or replace certain events with screen memories or false memories. The ability to manipulate the human mind into such total control through various trance states is astonishing and somewhat disturbing. There may be aliens also communicate with us during sleep or dreaming. Sheryl expresses the thought that perhaps receiving information from souls or aliens is related and communication between life forms in a body or in another dimension of life have similar expressions.

It may be the intention of the friendly aliens to want to help us with our global issues and spiritual evolution..The ones not so friendly may want us dead. Sounds like the diversity between humans on the planet..Isis North Korea China and Russia all gearing up for political agendas that benefit only their own interests. However, according to Lyn Buchanan in the Remote Viewing Unit of the US Army, “Humans have a very specific talent. We have long range psychic abilities..we can remote view or send telepathic information in time and space whereas the psychic ability of many alien species appears to be limited.”

Sheryl has been privileged to meet Nancy who has spent her life exploring the world of education, the law and also an inner search for her own spiritual psychic and healing gifts to merge what is the best of heaven and earth: a Universal Wisdom and truth that goes beyond our mind or personalities to know the deepest remembrances of life and evolution eternally. In regard to language history and life Nancy wrote….”We all speak and vibrate to the oscillation of a single language of thought. Matter was created from a single divine sound wave. It has long since been fractured into thousands of languages so we will never fully understand each other or our true potential until our Consciousness has attained a level of purity to touch and merge with God. Only then will we understand that we are all interconnected aliens, humans angels and demons. That as the aliens and angels have told us we are One.”

Nancy and Sheryl ask you to remember the Creative forces of the Divine so we would know that anything and everything is possible on different levels of reality or in different dimensions of life At this time it is in the best interest of both humans and aliens to extend our limited views to evolve and engage the most loving and powerful forces within to help life survive and thrive.