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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Heaven, Here, There and Not Far Away

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Susan Allison
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick Reiki Master Teacher/medium author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakenings, spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to go within to discover the infinite potential of your divine nature brought into your physical life, welcomes for a third time on the show, Dr. Susan Allison. Dr. Susan Allison shares her insights into the world of energy and continuous life in her newest book You Don’t Have to Die to Go To Heaven which shares her discovery that there is no death, we are all immortal and our departed loved ones are fine.
Dr. Susan Allison who is a therapist with a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology works with individuals and groups using traditional as well as hypnosis process therapy shamanic journey and energy medicine and today shares her ideas on the afterlife rebirth and the wisdom of the ages. She is the author of 5 books including Empowered Healer Our Spirits Dance and Conscious Divorce.
Susan has an endorsement for her book from Alberto Villoldo author of A Shamans Miraculous Tools for Healing and he states…. “We can map our destiny consciously in this lifetime and the next!” Sheryl and Susan who in meditation and deep self investigation have transcended time and space at times to travel and visit this higher world of energy and light, let us know that by bringing back information and wisdom from this Higher Conscious View of Life we enhance our values and create or manifest our best life and version of ourselves which will allow us to design our next reality.
There were events that led Susan to write her newest book You Don’t Have to Die to Go to Heaven such as the loss of her partner and beloved friend …This book is dedicated to Susan’s husband Thomas Hansen Hickenbottom who inspired her when they spent nineteen years together and who inspires her now. It is also dedicated to her children and grandchildren, ancestors and all the loving spirit beings that have supported her.
Sheryl shares with Susan the beauty of being able to receive information for her clients in a spiritual reading and says, “It is always my great pleasure to share a reading with my clients and a great gift to feel the connection and love they share with their loved ones in Spirit.…one of the joys of reaching up to that higher level of Consciousness and life is to walk in the peace and wisdom that can be experienced when free of the body and physical limitations. These readings often validate and reinforce a person’s sense of interconnectedness to their relatives, knowing nothing is lost, and to help them live life more fully while still on the Earth Plane. As we are in a remarkable spiritual evolution right now, more and more people will experience being close to loved ones who have transitioned and know, whether in a body or not, they are alive. We are not our bodies, but an infinite force of creative energy, experiencing life in many arena’s for soul development.”
Through Shamanic Trance, dreams, deep Meditation, experiences with gurus, guides, divine teachers and loved ones—in essence our Soul Group we begin to be able to explore these realms of energy and life beyond a physical manifestation of life.
Sheryl wonders if Susan was aware of the Spirit World or our true nature as Spiritual Beings having a physical life before the loss of her husband Thomas. While Susan was always connected to the Spiritual field even as a child, she tells us, “Writing this book has been part of my recovery and going into trance and shamanic journeying to receive help from my spirit guides actually allows me to spend time with my husband in a level of heaven. The energy between us is alive and our infinite spirits can commune in a heavenly world. He is immortal. I am immortal and so are you…Unlike ancient times when only the shaman of a tribe journeyed to spirit worlds and went into an altered state by listening to a drum or rattle and where the shaman was the spiritual leader of the tribe connecting or bridging the worlds of Spirit and Earth now many are able to take this amazing journey. Shamanism was the forerunner of all religions dating back 60,000 years. Shaman practices and traditions still exist in Siberia, Lapland Africa Australia Peru Chile Mexico Alaska Hawaii and right here in people who have studied the old ways to forge the new ways for all to find out the truth about life death and our miraculous Spirit. Susan says she has met her grandmother doing trance work whom she had never met in this life and visits her parents and husband…also human and animal guides and teachers such as Lao Tzu, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Rama, St Francis and four Angels and others. Because Susan has visited three Spirit worlds and connected with many loving beings, she is eventually looking forward to her afterlife when it is her time.
Susan describes how to begin a meditative journey. Going into a relaxing trance that allows you to disassociate from your physical reality and travel to other dimensions is facilitated by drums, rattle of a bit like meditation, mantras that can take you into a brain wave called “theta” and achieve a higher state of consciousness to facilitate a visionary experience . You will not be visioning through your conscious mind but through the subconscious where you effortlessly engage all your senses to capture the experience. It is not through the rational mind but through the heart or soul essence. All wisdom from Spirit beings comes in first through the heart.
Susan tells us about the spirit realms which are actually parallel Universes.
The spirit realms are actually parallel universes that also have been called the other worlds and the dreamtime. These places are not in our heads or imagination; they are alternate dimensions of reality. Indigenous peoples and shamanic teachers agree that these worlds are organized into a Middle World, a Lower World, and an Upper World with more than one level in each realm. The Middle World is important as a central place to journey to the other realms like a launching pad to the Upper World and a subway station to the Lower World.
The Middle World is like a refuge a place where you feel at peace and when meeting with loving spirit are supported, everything communicates with you and the messages just come into your Mind. The Lower World is often described as pure nature and feels ancient and primeval. These journeys describe caves, deep valleys, cliffs mountains rivers jungles forests and deserts. This world seems not to be affected by not confuse it with hell…It is simply nature itself. The Upper World may seem similar to descriptions of Mt. Olympus or heaven and there are similarities. The Upper Worlds are more ethereal and luminous and are reached by passing through clouds mist the sun or another substance. Here you may find avatars, gurus guides teachers ancestors angelic beings places temples and crystal cities. You can meet your soul family divine teachers or experience a past life. Sue meets her husband parents as well as Jesus Mary Magdalene and Socrates. The higher realm is perhaps one part of Heaven.
“At the time of death, the person may be less confused and frightened knowing there is a familiar place to go or place of power they have come to know while alive”…People who do meditation and learn grounding skills may use visualizations to begin to achieve a state of relaxation and begin to feel at home and then let their inner heart essence create what they see and sense in this beautiful still place. Susan gives an example of a seriously ill client who shared the place of power they experienced……”A white gate to an amazing garden that looks like my grandmother’s but even more lush. As I enter I see my mom and dad and two favorite uncles and they are so happy to see me. The garden is filled with lilacs and roses and has a gazebo and a hammock. I lie down in the hammock and let the warm wind rock me. For many months he journeyed to this place and according to his wife died peacefully without fear.”
Sheryl tells Susan, “I did hospice volunteer work each Tuesday for 8 years as I was discovering and honing the skills to work energetically and travel to higher realms of reality and dimensions. As I sat with a mother one day whose daughter was dying from cancer she relayed the dream and place her mom visited during a near death experience and in my book The Living Spirit I wrote….. “Upon my mother’s awakening she told me that a well-dressed man in a wheelchair had come to her hospital room and invited her to take a plane ride to California (this was during the near death experience.) He had shown her a field of tall grass that swayed in the soft breeze. There was one large red flower in the distance. He told her she could come and live by that beautiful spot when she was ready. It seemed that Anne’s mother had had an encounter with a Spirit guide…” This guide had set up a place of power which her soul could find during her ascent into the spiritual world.
It would be wonderful if everyone could have a chance to develop a place of sanctuary and love so they could journey there while alive and see another side of life and could at the right time transition to beyond without fear.
Susan tells us of an encounter she has with her Grandmother Sara who she had never met before and how she prepared to be in a state to receive a spirit ally. The way in begins by sitting or lying down comfortably making sure you won’t be disturbed…it should be a dim lit room..take several deep yoga belly breaths breathing in positive energy health vitality love harmony and breathing out anything limiting..old thoughts or beliefs or fears. Listen to the drumming or soft recorded spa music and imagine yourself on a path letting go of thoughts and use all your senses to envision hear smell sense feelings and take in this beautiful place you are setting up your personal place of power… In this Middle World everything can communicate with you and you might hear a message in your mind. When it is time to leave you might sense a faster drumming or sense to awaken..Move back into ordinary reality..It helps to drink water as the water grounds you as does food.
Susan described meeting her grandmother Sara… She writes, “I cross a bridge and open the gate where fragrant flowers are blooming. Ferns are bright green and light streams from golden sun. I climb down to a lower level and sit by a stream and waterfall. Looking up I see the waterfall part and a woman steps though. She is veiled yet I sense it is my father’s mother who I have never met. She throws off her veil and her long auburn hair falls in curls down her back. I feel an immediate connection, realizing how alike we are and how grateful I am to finally meet her.”
Sheryl says to Susan…Now we have a coincidence besides being Reiki practitioners and mediums ….Both of our grandmothers are Sarah. We have teachers in our place of power. Susan tells us about one of her teachers and how she was introduced to him. Susan says, “One day I see my grandmother and next to her is a man with shoulder length grey hair brown skin and when he turns I see he is Asian. Who are you I ask? and he says softly My name is Lao Tzu and I am your gardener.” In doing research I find that Lao Tzu means Old Sage and was the keeper of the archives in Chinese court and that he left when he was around 80 years old disillusioned with Humanity…before he departed he left his inspiring text, The Tao Te Ching…..
In Susan’s place of power, she dove into a deep pool and was able to breathe easily underwater…If you have a river lake ocean or pool in your sacred place you can dive in and swim to another level in the Middle or Lower world..if no water is in your sacred space just ask for it and it will appear.
The usual way to travel to the Lower World is through a hole in a tree a cave a pool of water or opening in the earth. You can also create this if you wish by thought.
To travel to the Upper Worlds, use a tree plateau or mountaintop in your place of power…
Sheryl says, “Once in a dream there was a ladder in the ocean and I was asked to go up but I felt bad because there were other friends in other locations below and I didn’t know how to reach them and I didn’t want to leave them behind.” Now I know everyone moves to the level of their own vibration in their own time and we will be reunited at the place and time beyond here. Another experience that Sheryl is reminded of by what she shared today with Susan is a remembrance of when she was in a workshop with Ruth Rendely author of The Seraphim Blueprint who shares a healing energy known as Blue Seraphim and while in meditation with Ruth’s group saw and felt herself swimming towards an island with large glass buildings with golden roofs. She was under water with no breathing apparatus and couldn’t understand how that was possible other than it was not my physical but soul body making that swim. That is the eternal part of us that moves between the dimensions of life and death.
Remember the Lower World is not a place of less or torment but a place that is NATURE in all its raw beauty. The practice of shamanism including the ability of the shaman to travel to spirit worlds pre-dates the establishment of religion by thousands of years. In the Lower World we also work with Power Animals in order to honor them and try to embody some of their qualities.
Susan Allison author of You Don’t have to Die to Go to Heaven has shared her focus on how to move freely through the alternate dimensions or parallel universes also called “the other worlds” of Higher Conscious in an effort to truly understand our magnificence as souls experiencing both a physical and energetic reality and has introduced us to the Middle Lower and Upper Worlds in a way that can help us navigate our personal awakening and transformation processes while finding guidance and healing in the Spiritual Realms… What a fantastic state may be achieved when we realize the complete dynamic and dual nature of our Being.
Susan wrote… “The Spirit Realms are actually parallel universes that have been called ‘the other worlds,’ and the ‘dreamtime.” These places are not in our heads not in our imaginations: they are alternate dimensions of reality. Indigenous peoples and shamanic teachers agree that these worlds are organized into a Middle World, a Lower World and an Upper World. During a shamanic journey, I saw other levels of heaven above the one I can visit. I now agree with passages in religious texts that describe levels, and even cities in heaven. Not until seeing these realms above me did I fully believe in their existence.”
Susan and Sheryl would hope you begin to know these different realms and a different sense of Reality than you presently have by beginning a journey within yourself to your soul essence. If you need assistance in beginning your own investigation please contact either of us via the websites listed below. In the process remember the place beyond time and space, beyond your mind and logical approach to living and begin to transform your views to know the deepest message of the Universe and the truth of your eternal life force. Whether you wish to dispel your fear of death or to ground yourself more fully in the beauty of your physical life… to receive guidance or messages from spiritual souls: to be healed and enriched…. it all begins with trust and the setting up of a sacred place of quiet connection to Spirit through meditation and most helpful to have a teacher or practice that helps you merge mind and heart for your progress.